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Where are all the Aliens !?

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In your imagination

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right here

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God told me he didn't add any aliens, sorry, I forgot to tell you guys. Yeah he made the universe and made a billion trillion stars and made a bunch of gas giant planets and he only made one earth. He said it took fuckin ages to make and he got bored and started working on another universe. He's one of those guys that starts projects and never finishes them because he keeps getting ideas for new stuff. He said he kind of fucked up at the start too because he made the heavens and earth before letting there be light so he was fumbling around in the dark and shit for a few days and that's why earth is a bit fucked up and all the stars are so far apart and shit

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we are the only intelligent life in the universe

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I told you.

You know all those people who have identical look-alikes who share no dna living it different parts of the country some other country?

Those are the Ayyys.

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Back at your place doing ur mum

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We are aliens retard

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In section 8 housing down the street

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Living inside us, you didn't really believe humans naturally have skeletons right?

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They don't exist.

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Where are all the garden gnomes???

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There is no gray aliens, it is a fiction. The best theory to explain the absence of extraterrestrial life is the dark forest hypothesis.

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There is approximately one civilization per galaxy. That means there are a few hundred billion alien civilizations but none of them can visit each other since intergalactic travel is pretty much impossible.

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>dark forest hypothesis
Lol, you mean the Rare Earth hypothesis?

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make sure to feed your pet skellington plenty of milk

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By the Copernican Principle, if technological civilizations of the type found on Earth are commonplace then Earth-type planets and solar systems should also be commonplace. Unfortunately, all available data indicates our solar system is extremely rare therefore aliens will also be rare. How rare remains to be seen but it wouldn't be surprising if there were only a few alien civilizations per galaxy. Maybe even less.

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Hard to see, because most of them are not intelligent or technological.
As far as we can tell, only 1 species on earth has ever developed a civilization, out of around 5 billion different animal species in earth's history.
Apply that same rarity to the universe and it becomes extremely unlikely that another technological civilization exists close enough and at the right time for us to detect it

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What if a typical lack of small rocky planets isn't much of an issue because the moons of gas giants can, on average, support life just as easily?
And we're not good at detecting exomoons yet

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Not bothering with humans who haven't even transcended the brain with their consciousness, which is the entire scientific community. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. I am 100% serious btw. They told me they only contact beings who entered into samadhi and had the cognitive capability to understand and notice their presence.

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>They told me
Ok let's assume this psychic contact during pajeet meditation really happened, how did you know they were aliens? What was different about them vs a human mind signal or whatever the fuck?

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Gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn tend to be far out from their star so there's much less solar energy available to support higher life forms. You could have tube worms living around undersea volcanic vents on frozen moons like Europa but that's never going to produce a technological civilization capable of space travel.

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Do you know any humans that make psychic contact with meditators?
But that particular group appeared sort of cloaked like plants, but then appeared as humans who claimed they were a photosynthetic life form.
But that is not the only group of alien beings that have made contact with me while meditating, just the only ones who said their criteria was someone who had been in samadhi.
But they all have only ever utilized psychic contact. But once I figured out how to do it, it wasn't that difficult to find entities willing to interact with me, many of which are sentient beings not of our human civilization.

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I wouldn't worry about it

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>rare earth hypothesis
Lol, you mean the Early Humans hypothesis?

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we soon come talk learn from astro travel human.
feel energy no energy big place bad energy effect like water.

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