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explain me this

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on the eighth day God said, I don't give a fuck

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i thought things loop at 8

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G+o+d = 26 = letters in alphabet
If you want to multiply everything by 1/26, G+o+d = 1
If you want to multiply everything by 360/26, G+o+d = 360

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spooky. Prolly just a coincidence though right guys. Right?

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this is just to complex for the /sci/ence bitches to understand

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New Age pseudo-scientific crap.

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The esoteric religious thinkers responsible for these alphabets took numerology and symbolism and arranged for it to be so.

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took numerology and symbolism very seriously*

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anon this info comes from 350bc Plato
what are you doing on /sci/

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Doesn't work in Spanish doesn't work in German doesn't work in many languages. It's called cherry picking.

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guess Spanish and German aren't Magical languages

it would only be cherry picking if some argument was being made for all languages doing this

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My guess it means Arabs jews and anglos are the closest to god.

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>Doesn't work in Spanish doesn't work in German doesn't work in many languages. It's called cherry picking.

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also connected in there god

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But all three have completely different gods. Jews worship Yaldabaoth, Anglos worship Jeezus, and Arabs worship Satan.

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if only you knew how wrong you are Luke 23:34

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this shits a trip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K09vZE3OX4E

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>using english alphabet
That's your problem.

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τι αλφαβητο χρησιμοποιεις?

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it's funny how even though easterners are a lot more socially integrated, their religions are a lot less hinged on organized religion, like the organizational part of them is more or less optional, while the western ones are totally reliant on mass formation

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I heckin' love schizo charts!

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whats schitzo about math and language
how zog botted out are you kek

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