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Scientifically, is this true??

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everyone are racist except me

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lol crackers btfo
dafuq does the text on the right say tho? can't read it

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No, but high IQ people wouldn't get mad at anyone for successfully recognizing patterns.

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you mean like niggas finna havin bigger dicks?

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>you mean like niggas finna havin bigger dicks?

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are you talking about patterns in all the dicks you've sucked or all the interracial porn you've watched?

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Not true.
Smart people see the pointlessness of squabbling over something arbitrary like race. To them, the difference between a 80IQ nig and a 125IQ jew is negligible. Because it is, compared to a 200+IQ.
They hate everyone pretty equally- If it were an option, they would have all humanity exterminated in a heartbeat to make room for superior artificial beings.

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A 110 IQ post if I've ever seen one.

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The eternal midwit.

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I'll put it another way.
Imagine you encounter two ants. One ant is slightly smarter than the other... Who cares? They're just ants.

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Yup, you're a midwit.

>Because it is, compared to a 200+IQ.
Prove it. Someone with an IQ of 75 would be mostly unable to function in this world. Someone with an IQ of 125 can be able to push the boundaries of human knowledge and even win a Nobel prize. But to someone with an IQ of 200, these two would be practically the same? Yup, you're a midwit. Probably not even that, to be honest.

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>I'll put it another way.
>Imagine you encounter two ants. One ant is slightly smarter than the other... Who cares? They're just ants.

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I don't think it has anything to do with IQ. It could be more to do with just personality. Some people just hate everything so they probably shouldn't be included because they're irrational. Then there's people with a cognitive bias problem that only read a highly curated and often false set of material from a few sources they feel they align with, also irrational. Some people are just misguided. And there's people on the other extreme end that hate the people that hate blacks so much that they end up hating themselves. The people in the middle probably don't care. And the other problem is group identity vs individualism. It's hard to be racist if you agree with individualism

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Why do you have such severe cognitive bias against """racism""" and why is being """racist""" incompatible with """individualism"""?

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>It's hard to be racist if you agree with individualism
Niggers are incompatible with indivdualism. It's hard to truly believe in individualism and not hate niggers for creating an environment where individualism is untenable and self-destructive.

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Scientifically speaking, if I see a person wearing an Adolf Hitler halloween costume, should i be legally obligated to defend the honor of God's chosen people by murdering them.

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>"It's all niggers' faults that I'm in the white supremacist collective"

Oops! I'm sorry for misrepresenting you.

>"It's all niggers' and kikes' faults that I'm in the white supremacist collective"

Sorry about leaving out the Jew bashing.

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No. Murder is never allowed.

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My point stands unchallenged. Your generic, regurgitated quips are irrelevant.

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racism is not hatred so this plot is flawed.

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Ok, I fixed it. :^)

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>>"It's all niggers' faults that I'm in the white supremacist collective"
Yes. Contact with blacks and black behavior causes racism.

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what if i agree with this but really want a black qt gf

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Quoting posts intentionally and not actually responding to them is the most pussiest shit I have ever seen on this board.

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3 posts in 10 minutes what the fuck happened to this board

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/pol/turds have negative iq

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Good goy
Pic rel is you

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Kind of, but not for inherent racial reasons: Most intelligent people hate black culture, not people, since they can plainly see there is nothing of value offered by black culture.

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