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Before we it destroys us.

Science is now stating officially in court proceedings that there are zillions of biological sexes, and therefore nurses who only believe in two must be persecuted.

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Here science is using the scientific method to figure out why lesbians don’t like duck.

Science concludes it’s a grand transphobic conspiracy.

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It's just loud perverts tied to the transhumanism industry attempting to make humans have even less identity.

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There's always been manipulation. The Catholic church funded science and used it as prestige for indoctrinating people into their goofy rituals. Be aware of the bullshit, and try to learn actually useful things as best as you can.

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Why are the pervs alway the loudest in transhumanism? I miss when people like Kurzweil we're the loudest voices in the movement.

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Because troon shit is an excellent lie to autists with hentai brainrot that they can receive sex through becoming the ugu girl they always wanted. It crept into the LGB and feminism movement because muh marginalization and guilt tripping, and then those groups threw them to the forefront. They suddenly became The Next Big Social Thing(TM), and have been trying to force their dicks to be examined by gynecologists, waxed by helpless immigrants, and groom kids ever since. All helped by Big Tech.

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>it's just a few loudmouths maaan
This sounds like republishit cope about wokeists in 2014. "It's just a few tumblr people maan they have no power"

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In reality transhumanism was only supported by perverts. People who have a large soul and find beauty in life don't engage with that sort of degeneracy.

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Initially that's sort of what it was. I guess they seemed a lot less creepy when women thought they were getting their dongers totally chopped off. Not the case though, they keep everything and look like wraiths with multicolored hair and receding hairlines, functional penis and all

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No the scientific method allows for free speech however publications and journals are heavily censored and owned by lib-left PACs.

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Typical poltard who wants to censor free sprech whenever he doesnt agree with it and then cry about how leftists are against free speech

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Sorry chud, but our understanding of gender is evolving at the speed of science. I know it's hard to stay up to date, but at least you should try.

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Free speech is when science gets to blatantly lie in court about biology

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Perjury has never been "free speech".

>a shitty webcomic he drew himself
Are they too retarded to understand the whole "___ posting L's" thing?

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>expert in what?
accumulating student loan debt

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She's totally a scientist guys, she even designed a scale to measure how oppressed you are. It's scientific because there are numbers!

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>imagine using this argument
this is some flat earth level shet

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Stop attacking Science. This is a Science board. We will defend Science.

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>approximately half reported no partnered sex in the past year...In comparison, only 11% of Canadians aged 15–59 reported having no partnered sex in the past year
oh nonono transcelsisters

>For those who need it, undergoing vaginoplasty may facilitate sexual activity by alleviating distress related to gender incongruence and worries about how one’s sexed embodiment will be received by others.
To improve your sex life, sterilize yourself!

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>Science is now stating officially in court proceedings
They've been using "gender" as varying degrees of masculinity and femininity since the 90s at least
>United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia wrote:
>The word 'gender' has acquired the new and useful connotation of cultural or attitudinal characteristics (as opposed to physical characteristics) distinctive to the sexes. That is to say, gender is to sex as feminine is to female and masculine is to male
People often get confused with sex and gender. The person in that tweet sounds like they're using the wrong one. There's two sexes and multiple genders

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Transhumanism isn't all about trannys. Protecting people from catastrophic events is part of transhumanism, so is longevity and AI and things like that. I often watch futurology content and I never see anything about trannys so I don't know where you're getting that from

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>Transhumanism isn't all about trannys.
If transhumanism is not about trannies, how come almost all of its peddlers are trannies?

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nice projection you got going on there. yah we do believe in free speech for our people. That used to include you before you and your cult of freaks show you dont be part of "our people" and you don't want to play by our rules. That means you are no longer included as people we are willing to extend this right too, you are the enemy and as such will be treated as such. You forfeited your right to free speech when you tried to take it away from other people. Twitter, tumblr, hollyjew and MSM lost. Better luck next time

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>free speech for me bu not for thee
Hang yourself Mao Zedong

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this sub has 17 million subscribers and there's only 2 posts ever in over a decade that mention trans people from ,what i can see
the transhumanism sub only has a couple too
like i said i don't know where you heard it's all about "pervert trannys". There's a subset of post-genderism people apparently but I've never seen them talking about longevity or AI

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>i'm a filthy reddit tranny
And you should go back, but my post still stands.

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>but my post still stands.
It doesn't. That anon just called you out on your blatant bullshit lies.

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>I'm a redditor therefore I'm not a tranny
Doesn't work that way.

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you're completely retarded. You ask for evidence and then won't even look at it. And you call me a tranny too. You narcissist retards are the worst kind of retards

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>You ask for evidence
Are you high? I didn't ask you for any evidence. I was simply stating the objective, documented truth that your disgusting "movement" is organized by corporate psychopaths and panders to mentally ill troons.

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if you dont like it build your own platform and talk all you want there. Text on your phone or w/e

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Based schizo. Free speech is reserved only for those worthy of it. :^)

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Go back to your hugbox at teaparty,org or r/conservative.
Your kind more than any other, ban/cancel people for wrong think. Then you project your bullshit onto everyone else, as if you're the real victim of police-brutality/racism/unequal-treatment-under-the-law/genocide/bigotry/censorship/witch-hunts/hate-crimes/bullying.

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Biological sex has to be binary because it's based on the production of sex gametes which are binary. A male is the producer of sperm and a female is the producer of ova

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I love this seethe so much. Cry moar tranny freaks, you lost. You thought it was funny when you had the jews system backing your retarded shit. You dont seem to be laughing much now. we don't forgive or forget and we are just getting started cleaning house. you got a world of pain coming

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I'm not seething. I agree with you. The ideal of free speech is untenable in modern society.

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you asked me right here retard. Statements don't have a question mark at the end
nothing you're saying makes any sense, you're making up your own definitions for something and then arguing with people based on something that you've made up in your head

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>POLITICS is anti reality. It must be destroyed
Science is pure, but since politicians and government have taken most fields over now, it is corrupt and cannot be trusted.

Politicians/politics/government must be ousted from the sciences. No more Uncle Sugar money allowed.

No more big corporate money allowed if the same corporations give any money to political campaigns, causes or foundations.

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How can you make a counter argument against trannies and not know Transhumanism isn't about trannies? Are you retarded? Like I hate trannies as much as the next guy but you're fucking retarded.

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>posts random on twitter saying troonshit
>it means science le bad

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>Court battle over a nurse's right to not believe in 72 genders is twitter

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>polfaggots on /sci/ battle over their right to consume feces directly from twitter's rosebud

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We need to put all the trannies into a particle accelerator so we can study the formation of new genders.

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it bothers me that i find this funny. is it hard for you to buy drugs off the street too?

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It means science is limited by humanity. It is as flawed as society and humans in general

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Gender is irrelevant in a discussion about biological sex, they are two very different distinct things, quit conflating and muddying the waters.

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You just said they aren't allowed to do that because they offended you and you make the rules and your rules decide that they don't count as people if they offend you, dipshit.

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>Science is anti reality
That' not science, it's politicized bullshit.

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>Statements don't have a question mark at the end
here is a question mark there, alright, but have you tried reading the question? The absolute state of your mental decline.

>you're making up your own definitions for something
I wasn't making up any definition. Why are troons so disconnected from reality?

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Tiresome, and that's the point of it. The correct response to this nonsense is to humor it on record but ridicule it off record.

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Doesn't less identity benefit you? If you are male you are treated with less empathy and care than a female. Do you prefer being more likely to die from neglect?

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the proof of the elements is empirical and undeniable
the "proof" of the genders is rational and unfalsifiable

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False analogy, as the definition of a chemical element is concrete while the definition of gender is not (and is nonexistent anyway).

And we're talking about biological sex here. Trans activists confuse everyone by not sticking to one definition for "gender."

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>In the future everyones mind will be directly uploaded into a male body the has undergone an mtf surgery.

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Nope. Gender does not exist. There is only sex and sexuality.

Gender was just a synonym for sex until recent times when gender ideologists started to muddy the waters.

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cant we just gas the jews?

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