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Is it true that some people feel more pleasure studying a book and learning about electromagnetism or statistical mechanics or whatever rather than having sex?

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>it's possible to learn without a learning context, funding for a testing regime, everything required to maintain an academic reputation of an institution, administrative staff to support the student body, &c.
it's worse than the capitalist dystopia meme
learning isn't really learning, it's just a bunch of ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOL BRANDS

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Yes. But now imagine having sex with magnets
Oh gosh

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I don't have to imagine

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Yes, it happens to me, I am married and in my 30s. Sex is a bit of a chore, but I do it just about every day because I love my wife and its only about 20 minutes of work to get her satiated. I enjoy the springer problem book series.

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When I was 14 I got two spherical neodymium magnets clasped on either side of my frenulum.
I wanted to make it look like I had a piercing.

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When you spend lots of time intellectually activating your brain, you think about sex less, because so much other pleasure and excitement are daily flooding your brain, you are captivated and interesting .

If you get bored of that, slow down, over days, get near a naked consenual women, and have sex without a condom, it will feel very good, be over quickly, feeling may fade quick, or you may be happy and cheery in love with a deep profound special connection, or only have that to work and interests

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Sex is like cheesecake. It's great if you didn't have it in 10+ days, but you get nothing out of it if you eat it twice a day. Same with books, really.

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For me it's totally different than satisfying any carnal impulse. It's a much richer longer lasting reward. It's like the difference between a candy bar and a good cigar

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The enjoyment of reading is graet and the knowledge it imparted lasts forever.
Also herpes lasts forever. that is why reading books is better.

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<div class="latex">

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Use the math tag, and in square brackets.

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I recently experience the same feeling as a relationship about the discovery i made.
First my impulse and happiness was huge because i realize what was possible if my theory was true.
And then i realize the consequence of this theory , what could happen for many humans in the futur , and what are our options.
I understand the price of my theory , and yes there is a price to everything , even knowledge.
I was feeling horribly sad because my theory could signify the origin of death for many person.
But i have to do that
At the end , i feel in peace of what happend and what will happen if my theory is true , because it will bring some chaos , and some order.
At the end its just the rules of our universe. The rules of evolution.

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when you have a 7.75 inch penis like me your whole identity surrounds sex. Nothing better then watching yourself struggle to fit your massive schlong inside a girl that wants you.

Science is meaningless in the end love is forever.

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Women are incapable of feeling love and are only important because they have a womb and a vagina, I have more intelligent conversations with my own cock than I have had with any woman, why would I waste my time pretending to love some soulless husk of flesh just to stick my dick in them

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find an asian woman, they're pretty smart and they have the tightest pussies around. I came in under 1 minute flat with asian pussy, i usually last 10 minutes with loose white american pussies.

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>asian woman
I'd rather fuck a dog

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just make sure you pull out and cover your ears when they moan

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Dogs don't moan and I wouldn't pull out either

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if you have a small penis you're less likely to get pregnant at least, i have to worry about getting every woman pregnant with my nearly 8 inch cock

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My dick is almost 8 inches too, but I wouldn't feed it to any subhuman woman

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what is ur girth?

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Lust is incompatible with the scientific method. I recommend you meditate until your lust goes away and you can research with complete neutrality the world around you

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you keep fucking your fleshlight while i fuck all the asian pussy

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yes its true