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If it's not aliens then what is it?

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Govt tech. Aliens don't exist, they're a hoax formulated by the govt to provide cover for downed experimental craft that the media wants to popularize and give free Intel to adversaries (think Roswell).

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non human intelligent life exists, Ezekiel and Pliny the elder both wrote about their flying craft

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Lens flare

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>Ezekiel and Pliny the elder both wrote about their flying craft
Angels and Demons exist, yes.

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That's a separate argument not entirely pertinent to this discussion.

Advanced flying craft existed but who made them and piloted them, where were they built and stored?

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it rotates with the camera and is some sort of camera artifact. There is a distant object there maybe another plane far away.

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aliens are real
deal with it

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But what actually is an alien?

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It's never been properly debunked though

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People always say it's the camera but these things were also detected by other instruments and eye witnesses(pilots).

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It's been debunked harder than any other video

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it's bullshit to distract you

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It's a fucking bird ya twat

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Umm that craft doesn't turn with the camera. His own software indicates that - he is misreading his own experimental results. lol

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The Nazis were secretly developing an “UFO” since 1939. It’s not outlandish to assume the Americans might have completed the project the nazis started 83 years ago

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Are you retarded? Want to explain your post a little more? Include timestamps.

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>Aliens don't exist
This is an insanely arrogant blanket statement to make.
Even if it was true, it would raise difficult questions of why Earth is so special and violates the Copernican principle, that you probably don't want to answer

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It's a bunch of different incidents lumped together, the one In OP is literally just lens flare.

The one with more evidence is the Nimitz incident, where pilots intercepted something and supposedly it was detected both by the ship's radars and the fighter's radars.
However there is a game of telephone going on with this story; as far as we can tell the only time this object was observed displaying hypersonic characteristics was on the ship's radar.
However radar can be spoofed, and positional inaccuracies are characteristic of certain kinds of deception jamming. It also could be the case that there were more than one object in different locations showing up intermittently on the radar.

What the pilots saw was a featureless balloon shaped object that appeared to change position rapidly relative to their aircraft, however this impression could just be a result of disorientation.
1.the pilots do not know the size or distance of the object, they are above a uniform ocean with no reference points and the object has no distinguishing features to determine it's direction.
2. They have been told by the radar operator and potentially also their own sensors (the pilots themselves claim they were under jamming attack) that this object is moving around rapidly, so any ambiguous observations will be interpreted with this bias.

For example, in the FLIR video we see the pilots exclaim that the object is traveling at high speed and close to the surface.
However the telemetry data from the actual video tells us they are completely wrong; it is moving at wind speed thousands of feet up in the air.

Overall I think this might have been a covert operation to test the carrier group using standoff jamming and balloon decoys, likely to have a real world test of the spoofing system.
Back during the cold war the US used a system that combined jamming by electronic warfare aircraft, and submarine launched balloon decoys to test the air defence network of the Cuban military.

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>it' a balloon!

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>it rotates with the camera and is some sort of camera artifact
>camera artifact
>detected by radars
>confirmed visually by pilots

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>Impossible physics is the most likely explanation!

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This debunk has been debunked

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look at the clouds you naive autist

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This is too slow

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we are the aliens you imbeciles. ever heard of panspermia?

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they're clearly not man made and they don't look like natural phenomena, more like artificial solid objects which resemble crafts/probes, so if they're not aliens then they're another species cohabiting earth with us which we have never observed before until now, cohabiting

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someone who identify as an alien

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>le daily weather balloon thread

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maybe they are glitches in the matrix that prove the universe is a simulation. This is why they dont seem to experience gravity or inertia and why they disappear when observed closely.

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>>confirmed visually by pilots

in that particular incident the object was too far away to be observed directly. The pilots are reacting to what they see on the screen.

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Based Chicoms wrestling Uncle Sam for full spectrum dominance

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Gimbaling lens flare of a jet's exhaust

Might be some kind of electronic warfare plane that jams/spoofs radar

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People mix the incidents together. What we have on video was never seen with the naked eye. The other interesting story from these sightings is fravors but only he objectively knows what he saw.

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that's also plausible, albeit a far more radical idea, and in the end it comes full circle to the 'alien' hypothesis given that something must be running said simulation

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Looks like a jpg image to me.

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it's been proven by raytheon engineers that it's not an artifact

OP's pic refers to the gimbal ufo, it's an atflir footage recorded by navy pilots from the uss roosevelt off the east coast in 2015, according to one of them the object we see is only one of the objects on screen, there were actually 5 other smaller objects leading said object in a V formation, and then those object turned around and flew the opposite direction and the 'gimbal' object did so as well, also the pilot said they were seeing these objects daily for months/years, either on radar or visually, one of them said one of these objects flew past two jets just feet away from them and it looked like a dark cube inside of a translucent sphere, this was so common that the navy's standard response was to release notams (notice to airmen) that there were boogies flying around and to be mindful, but now with the congressional briefings and official pentagon uap task force, all military branches service men are encouraged to come forward and report anything unusual in order to be further investigated

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meant to say 'transparent', not 'translucent', as they mean different things

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Why do you think the government is going public with this stuff now?

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What makes his principle a principle?

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They are either a time bending, dimension jumping super species or we are being lied to, hard.

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I'm perfectly fine with answering that, we we created by God.

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If we are the only life in the universe then there can be no such notion of aliens.

And yes, I've heard of panspermia, it's just a baseless materialist cope for them to avoid God. They're just kicking the abiogenesis / evolution problem to another planet.

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>it's been proven by raytheon engineers that it's not an artifact

Where can I find their whole opinion on this?

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>it's been proven by raytheon engineers that it's not an artifact
How do you "prove" it's not an artifcat?

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>it's been proven by raytheon engineers that it's not an artifact

perhaps they meant that it was a real object not that it looked like a rotating bat signal.

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There us an object there, hidden in IR glare. It is almost certainly a jet plane. The only interesting thing it dies is rotate, but the rotations all coincide with rotations of the gimbal camera mount... perhaps that is why the video clip was named Gimbal, huh? There is a real object, the interesting stuff ut seems to do is an artifact.

>lens flare of a jet's exhaust
Not quite. It's glare, the target us very bright in IR. That us not the same thing as lens flare.

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Anyone I can be racist towards

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Fact that it's true. Humans and Earth don't occupy any special vantage point within the universe (or at least we haven't found any scientific evidence for that). We're not at the center of anything, and there's no reason to think Earth is uniquely capable of hosting life and that it's impossible everywhere else.
It's true we haven't discovered any aliens yet. But a simple explanation for this would be that intelligent technological life is very rare (reasonable guess based on how Earth has had only 1 such species that we know of) and we just have very limited ability to detect the rest of it, the simpler life that's not emitting radio signals
fuck off retard

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>there's no reason to think Earth is uniquely capable of hosting life and that it's impossible everywhere else.
You mean except for the fact that there is life here, but not a single shred of evidence for life anywhere else? lol. Your dogma and circular reasoning are not proof of your sci-fi fantasies.

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Ayyyyyy, it's the no-fun-allowed schizo from the Mars microbe thread.
You still have the massive gaping hole of not explaining or even considering the question of ***how/why*** earth has life and, allegedly, nowhere else does.
It's reasonable to think that complex, intelligent technological life could be so insanely rare that we are the only ones in our galaxy right now. But that doesn't mean we're completely alone. If there's a handful of planets with microbes or things resembling algae or fungi out there, they're not going to be beaming TV signals at us and making themselves obvious.

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>You still have the massive gaping hole of not explaining or even considering the question of ***how/why*** earth has life and, allegedly, nowhere else does.
I don't have any massive gaping hole in anything, you filthy troon, because I'm not the one making retarded postulations and then having endless cope threads to explain the "paradox" of observations not aligning with them. LOL

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>earth has had billions of different species but, as far as we know, only 1 with technology that emits signals that would be easy to detect across vast distances of space
>if you apply that to the rest of the galaxy, then sure, why not, we could be the only one
The observations line up with the postulation, no problem.
And I've never brought up Fermi or called it a paradox. You're strawmanning and quoting someone else.

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> No reason to think earth is uniquely capable of hosting life.

Completely reasonable, only under the paradigm of naturalism do you assume it's not.

In fact, operating under naturalism makes life so rare that it's considered mathematically impossible, factoring in abiogenesis, universal constants, etc.

Hence "muh multiverse".

> Only one species

Again, this math only supports your position if you assume naturalism, assuming theism we would expect humans to be the only "intelligent" species by design.

Basically, your entire argument is built upon baseless assumptions.

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>The observations line up with the postulation
They don't.

> I've never brought up Fermi or called it a paradox
That's because you know it immediately exposes you. Unfortunately for you, the rest of your cult brings it up regularly.

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>assuming theism
Earth has only existed for about one third the age of the universe. And life on earth has existed for only about one quarter of it.
So what the fuck was the deity doing before then? If we're completely unique then there would have been a completely lifeless universe for about 10 billion years before anything got started here.

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Disgusting waste of quads.
Reminder that if someone looked at Earth just 110 years ago, or from more than 110 light years away, they could conclude that there is no life here, and call someone else a retarded cultist for suggesting it, and feel smug and dudebro and pat themselves on the back.
But that conclusion would be wrong and in need of revision in the future, despite how smug and "adult in the room" they feel about it.

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aliens exist

but even if there are intelligent aliens out there, they have almost certainly never visited this planet

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• alien life has almost certainly existed at some point prior to now
• given the size of the universe, it's likely there exists primitive life elsewhere in the universe
• there may have been intelligent alien life at some point in the past
• there may be intelligent alien life currently around

but even if there are intelligent aliens out there, they have almost certainly never visited this planet. even if they were looking for other intelligent life, we've been sending out signals for far too short of a time (and they're too weak) to reach any significant distance

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Thank you. Someone not so uptight.
I'd entertain the notion that Earth could be extremely unique, in it's combination of conditions that kick and shove life and force it to adapt and drive it toward complexity.
Could be nowhere else has the exact combination of habitable zone + magnetosphere + moon for tidal forces + solar system arrangement that semi-regularly launches asteroids at it, that we have here
Life could get started elsewhere but it isn't tormented enough and it stays simple and boring

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I do appreciate the idea of this conspiracy, but it requires you to believe that intelligence agencies not only have way more advanced technology than we know, but technology that essentially breaks physics to do something that could much easier be done with less advanced tech. How powerful would such a projector need to be with our current understanding to work that well in daylight?

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I think given the age and size of the universe it is extremely illogical to think that Earth is the only planet with life. Anybody who says that, hasn't studied basic biology/chemistry.

I also think it's likely (but much rarer) that there either are or have been in the past other intelligent life forms, either matching or surpassing us. How high that probability is is probably impossible to tell, since we are looking at n=1 for both planets with life and planets with intelligent life.

However, none of that means aliens have visited us and are hiding from us.

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>. We're not at the center of anything,
Oh boy, time for some cosmic horror.


The "axis of evil" is a name given to the apparent correlation between the plane of the Solar System and aspects of the cosmic microwave background (CMB). The anomaly appears to give the plane of the Solar System and hence the location of Earth a greater significance than might be expected by chance – a result which has been claimed to be evidence of a departure from the Copernican principle as assumed in the concordance model.

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I want to fug Mami-chan

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Oh I see your problem. You think the universe is actually billions of years old, that's cute. The JWST results are probably very confusing for you huh?

Anyways, in regards to the alien argument, it's a lose-lose situation for the theist because...

A) "So God only seeded one planet with life and let the other 99% of the universe go to "waste"? Wow, great design."

B) There is alien life, thus theism is false.

B) There is alien life, thus

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Reminder that UFO doesn't mean alien, it just means unidentified.

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>JWST results indicating a younger universe
Care to elaborate on this? Link something? I'm seeing articles on JWST imaging galaxies that appear to be around 13.5 billion years old. Nothing that upends any previous understanding

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>Aliens don't exist
How do you know?

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It's people who want to believe. No matter how thoroughly it has been debunked, people who want it to be aliens will never change their mind. Those people should go to /x/ though.

>aliens are real
>deal with it
Probably but they're certainly not able to come flying in our sky because they are limited by the same laws oh physics than us. There likely are thousands of inhabited worlds and they're not aware of one another. Nobody in the universe knows we're here.

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they changed it to UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) to make clear it might not be a real solid object.

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i checked

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We have no way of knowing how probable the creation of life is. The great filter could have been many filters of our past. Even with the vastness of the universe, if life forms are unlikely enough to form, we could be pretty lonely.

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Research published just a couple months ago showed that RNA molecules can form spontaneously from non-living fluids interacting with volcanic glass.
A clue that it might not be that hard for life to get started, and it doesn't take much more than volcanic glass, a temperature range allowing for liquid water, and tidal forces or something else to generate motion

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Sure, we are seeing extremely well-structured and mature galaxies assuming the mainstream 13.8 billion year mark, not to mention the contradictory chemical compositions and lack of predicted celestial objects.

All of these factors extend evolutionary models to their absolute limits, breaking many. Creationist (specifically young earth) predicted exactly everything Webb is finding. As usual, creationist predictions are vindicated when we actually acquire empirical and observational evidence regarding the subject.

We witnessed the same thing with ENCODE and all of the evo bios denying 80%+ genomic functionality with their "chemical activity doesn't mean function" cope. Hopefully you don't get sucked into the denialist mantra of "this just meen we needuh modifeye our modools".

Stay tuned brother, it will only get worse for you from here :).

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Also, don't just read the headline and auto accept everything scientist tell you. Those "jwst captures x billion year old galaxy" are just using current CE models. They literally have no other choice than to stick with current big bang cosmology and the ages assigned.

Actually look into the model of cosmic evolution and why JWST is a problem for the "dark epoch" and come to your own conclusions.

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What do you guys reckon aliens pussy would taste like?

I say Raspberry Icecream.
Women like getting their pussy ate, so if evolution is real than it would make sense that they evolve to make their pussies taste like something delicious

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>these things were also detected by other instruments and eye witnesses(pilots).
How do you know it's the same thing? And yes, radar can detect planes.

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stfu its a bird.

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So the answer is no, you can't elaborate or provide a link. Just more vague claims.

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>I'm a special snowflake who interprets things correctly while literally everyone else gets it wrong, to the point that I don't have a single peer on my side who I can cite

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Plenty of sources on this already, literally just look it up. It won't let me post a link (says it's spam), which is why I didn't provide one, figured you could do some research and investigation yourself.

Anyways, just look up Natures "four revelations from webb" article, that should get you started.

Or just type "galactic evolution webb" on YT.

When you have cosmologist saying things like "I find myself lying awake at 3 in the morning, wondering if everything we've done is wrong" it's not good...

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It was extremely advanced technology that was designed to disrupt sensors. The eyewitness accounts were exaggerated due to extraordinary circumstances.
The security footage doesn't show anything as impressive as the eyewitness accounts. I'm not saying it can't be aliens. But other stuff makes more sense than aliens.

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based and ignorant pilled

>> No.14884385

you are not intelligent

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>humans haven't figured out faster than light travel yet therefore no civilization in the history of the universe has

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stop killing threads for balloons

>> No.14885112

>they're clearly not man made
You might find this interesting: https://en.wikipedia%2eorg/wiki/Weather_balloon

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of course its aliens. did you really expect for even a second that humans were the only sentient creatures in the WHOLE universe?

We aren't even the only sentient creatures in our own galaxy.

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>We aren't even the only sentient creatures in our own galaxy.

>> No.14885159

Most probably a duck coupled with bugs in the code. That machine was designed and tested to track airplanes, it does a great job for what was designed but it can fail spectacularly for anything that doesn't fit the expected parameters, like a duck.

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Can we culturally genocide UFOtards? Like, if someone admits to believing in them, putting them in re-education camps/taking their kids?

>> No.14885745

>aren't even the only sentient creatures in our own galaxy
It wouldn't be too surprising if it turned out that yes we are. Or at least we are the only ones around right now.
If earth had evolved more than one intelligent technological species, that would inspire more confidence. But as far as we can tell there has only been one.

>> No.14885747

Oh wait, "sentient" could include dolphins and elephants etc. I get it

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>If it's not aliens then what is it?
Pick whichever ones you're most comfortable with:
>inter-dimensional lifeforms
>inter-dimensional portals
>another intelligent species that evolved on earth
>misidentified aircraft (planes, drones, balloons, blimps, missiles, etc)
>moon nazis
>secret US government tech
>secret foreign tech
>secret tech from private industry
>atmospheric lifeforms
>what people look like when they're astral projecting
>lens flare
>time-travellers from the future
>random blobs of plasma from plate tectonics
>insects, but they're really close to the camera
>swamp gas reflected off the planet Venus
>collective hallucinations
>trickster spirits fucking with us
>people with admin access to the software the universe runs on

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realize the whole video and "pilot" voice commentary could well have been (probably was) completely staged

>> No.14886724

saw one of these in the skies from my house. it hovered in one spot for a while then just zoomed off fast in another direction. had someone with me who saw it, normies are fucking weird, dude was like "huh, thats weird" then goes back to watching tv and forgets about

>> No.14886788

space travel is feasibly impossible for biological lifeforms
so alien drone

>> No.14886851


It's either secret tech or it's actually angels/some other earth lifeforms were unaware of.

Not aliens because abiogensisis is mathematically impossible.

>> No.14886856

this but unironically

>> No.14886913

Yes we were.

>> No.14887826

all cope, there are no aliens and never have been, every single bit of research studying the possibility of aliens comes up empty, the universe is completely devoid of signs that there is life out there, we're about to find out that the copium that is the Trappist system is devoid of life, and so on. We're the only ones.

>> No.14888579

>every single bit of research studying the possibility of aliens comes up empty,
How much of the universe do we have the capability to scan for Human-level life? We wouldn't be able to detect a general, non-directed radio signal from a human-level civilization from our closest star 4.4 light years away. We simply don't have enough information to say what you said.

Nevermind the ability to find primitive life, which we have no way of detecting on planets outside of our solar system.

Or the fact that there are trillions of planets in our galaxy and trillions of galaxies like it. There is a high likelihood there is life out there, but we haven't found it yet.

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>> No.14888598

This. It's like he thinks the only thing that can possibly count as life is a technological civilization that emits signals and makes itself obvious.
Someone more than 110 light years from Earth could observe our solar system and conclude there there is no life here, because they're not detecting signals and maybe their telescopes aren't super advanced. But that conclusion would be wrong.
>n-n-no, that conclusion would be correct, based on the evidence they have!
Says the baby that hasn't learned object permanence

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>every single bit of research studying the possibility of aliens comes up empty


>> No.14888859

Some faggot trying to placate my need for space exploration by putting on a spectacle. Flattering, but really fucking gay.

>> No.14888989

What about them?

>> No.14889007

What is this?

>> No.14889101

>which we have no way of detecting on planets outside of our solar system.
Actually, let me correct that. We don't have the capability to thoroughly scan most of our own solar system for life. This includes close, "easy" planets like Mars and even moreso for harder places like Europa.

>> No.14889233

We do theoretically have ways of detecting non-technological life on exoplanets, by searching for the wavelengths emitted by things like an oxygen buildup. This is still pretty limited though, where a positive reading would merely be a clue that MAYBE there is life there, which would take decades minimum to go and confirm.
Plus our ability to detect exoplanets is still heavily biased in favor of gas giants where life is less likely

>> No.14889234

And this is assuming other life out there plays by our familiar rules, that it's also carbon based and uses liquid water etc etc. If it's a different type of biochemistry then we just don't know what to look for

>> No.14889242

Its either aircrafts from own goverment that belongs to classified projects or russian arcrafts made to make retards belive stuff for militar purposes. I mean if you are russian and you wanna know what do they do in that area 51 place to know more or less what are they working on then what you do is sending hordes of retarded schizos, either they take the photos that you want and upload them to the internet or you cand send your russian agents and hide them very well using the horde of schizos and dont look that sus

>> No.14889251

My understanding of that technology is it's still fairly limited to super large planets, like gas giants, which wouldn't be a good candidate anyway. So it wouldn't be good at finding Earth-like planets, nevermind smaller bodies like Europa which could contain life.

On the topic of Europa, it probably wouldn't do much to find places like that which have little atmosphere but pockets of opportunity for life to exist.

>> No.14889254

i witnessed

>> No.14889305

>Not aliens because abiogensisis is mathematically impossible.
The one example we have proves otherwise.

...and we find red clay with self-replicating RNA trapped in the resulting cells all the time, that could easily be proto-life, if not for the fact that the current bacteria eat that shit up.

>> No.14889376

That's wild anon, I'd never be the same after seeing something like that
I really want to find out what these things actually are

>> No.14889457

That and >>14888607 help it seem more likely

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