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>tfw 120 iq
it's over boys, i'm too dumb for engineering

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120 is perfectly fine for engineering.

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If Hitler had won, the high-IQ nerds would have a harem of beautiful woman

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It’s ok anon I’m just finishing up my bachelors in nuclear engineering and going for a PhD soon with a 110 iq. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you.

>> No.14868189

Not joking? i took the wais-iv at a psychologist and unironically got super demotivated at the result of 120

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Is 120 the worst IQ to be?
Too smart to enjoy the bliss of the truly stupid
Too dumb to enjoy the fruits of true intelligence.
Just smart enough to realize how dumb you are. Torture.

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>tfw 135
>literally just made it past the midwit cutoff
>vci score was higher than pri score
>too smart for most people
>too dumb to have significant insights into the nature of things

>> No.14868203

Most engineers are borderline retarded, anon.

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> +145iq
> practically impossible to form meaningful relations with others
> can learn and discover great things but still not a genius

>> No.14868214

You'll struggle but not to the point where it's literally impossible for you. Average is like 125 for any given engi major, so half of your classmates who will end up graduating will have IQs below 125. My older brother scored in the lower 150s when he was a pre-teen and he still had a shitty time in his undergrad as an engi major. His problem was bad time management, so if that's any indication to you, intelligence does matter but you cannot rely entirely on it. Perseverance and industriousness are just as important if not more.

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Being a genius takes exceptional levels of creativity besides having a very, very high IQ.

>> No.14868292

congrats you have survival pressure, a chip on your shoulder, self awareness and fulfillable potential while being able to relate to a broad spectrum of people while still being superior to most

>> No.14868325

It’s definitely a lot harder for me then most others around me but I think it’ll be worth it in the end. If my dumbass can do it you sure can

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>120 iq
Yeah, it's over. This is literally the worst IQ you can have down to the specific integer.

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