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Anyone ever read this goober's work? Is it any good or just a meme?

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Try reading one of his books

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He's really good when it comes to his field of expertise but he understands nothing of philosophy which he often tried to criticize with, ironically, what ended up being philosophy books.
Alas he has the classic physicists syndrome of thinking they know everything about anything just because they're proficient in physics.

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his "a brief history of time" is one of the books on my parents' bookshelf at home, yet my parents remain popsci faggots, and this fact is, by itself, proof enough to profile a fruitless pit of popsci faggotry, and really, just from this, it is vastly unlikely that any of his writing is worth your time.

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did you even read that shit? the first chapter might be somewhat scientific but after getting to around half of the book its just popsci bullshit. so it seems to fit nicely what you say.

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>yet my parents remain popsci faggots

Ok kid, did your mother stop buying you fortnite bucks?

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How is Hawkins popsci?

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