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Are these valid strategies for US colleges:

IF Arts is less competitive but you want to major in science or med, can you...

- apply to for arts, then switch to science
- apply for science then switch to medical science

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It's not only the college, but the school within the college that is competitive. You can't just walk your way into the engineering school as a history major. You now have to make the cut for the school itself, so this won't work.

If you can't get into a T1 then forget it, you're wasting your time.

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Tier 1 is generally seen as the top 50 colleges, correct?
Seems pointless for Canadians/Brits, to consider anything below the Top 15.
They have universities as good/better in their own countries.

...or am I missing something?

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This isn't true at all and the anon is a fucking moron
Yes you can do this. I applied for engineering but changed major to math my first semester. No one cared or gave me any difficulty.

Undergrad admissions is done on a pretty standardized basis, the department faculty aren't looking over 50000 applications, it's done by roasties with liberal arts degrees. Some colleges will have stricter requirements for engineering and after a semester or 2 they might not let you transfer but generally once you're admitted, you can switch programs with minimal friction.

Also at most schools liberal arts and sciences are the same college so the requirements are the same. Arts programs actually have way tougher standards in terms of an art portfolio that some nerd can't meet. Engineering schools do often have stricter requirements than liberal arts and science though so applying to the liberal arts college and switching to engineering can be an option assuming you meet the basic requirements.

That anon is a fucking retard or from Europe. Any decent sized state university can get you the undergrad you need to get into a serious research program. Just don't fall for the CC trap to save money, you need research experience which you can only get at a major university. It's more important than which college you attend

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Yes, it's a valid strategy depending on the school you go to. At the University of Texas at Austin. a process like that exists for students to internally transfer between departments. It's extremely hard and competitive though, but it's what I did for undergraduate. Generally I would say it's possible for a large number of universities, but for very competitive programs (top 10-ish) expect it to be a very difficult process. For other schools it may be easier or harder. You need to do the research online first and maybe ask the school forums/discord/subreddit if it's possible.

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