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My friend doing his masters in biochem is routinely failing stages of whatever his research paper process is.
He told me he spent 100s of hours on his prelim paper and they failed him because he had NO lab data to back it up. I'm not even an academic and I told him he should just quit writing the paper and do some other shit.
Is he doomed? I interviewed somewhere today and the interviewer said he left biochem because you NEED a big paper to get a job.

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Academia is going to have a very rough "Wake-Up-Call"...
And those """sCiEnTiSt ExPeRtS""" are going to have a Biblical Meltdown.

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>NO lab data
Is he a social outcast?
Theoretical and experimental aren't the same, maybe he was unlucky and missed those classes...

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What's his topic? He should be doing some lab work.

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