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What is the most based element and why is it titanium?

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no you fucking plonker, the element in question is technetium

shit has an atomic number of 43 and is radioactive, while most other radioactive elements have an atomic number of 80+

no wonder you like titanium, probably compensating for your less-than-titanic cock

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>lower density than iron
>yet much stronger
>doesn't give a fuck about oxygen
>did i mention this is a really strong boy?
>doesn't need any other metal to fuck with it (alloycels BTFO)
>can withstand much higher temperatures
>doesn't let electricity or heat pass through it like other cuck metals
Titanium simply mogs all other metals

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>Twink doesn't realize Carbon is stronger and less dense than titanium
>Can bond with hydrogens
>Can bond with oxygens
>Can be heated to create fire
>Can be hardened into diamond to create beautiful refraction patterns
>Self replicates into life
Acknowledge the superior element.

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Its literally plebbit
>transforms into lgbt colors when voltage is applied
Most based element would be helium btw

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Based and carbonpilled

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>IFLS cringe thread
Hello Reddiitiers

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Gadolinium, element 64 2^6 a cube of cubes; atomic symbol G-d; can freeze hydrogen through the magneto-caloric effect.

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>lower density than iron
>yet much stronger

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Iron. Anything else is basedboy "I hecking love science" shit

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where to get one of these cubes?

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Titanium does care about oxygen.

Oxygen is the bassist metal. Literally shits on everything. Hooks up every time you give it a chance. Forces itself on everything. Without it you die.

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Americium. Fuck Europium fags.

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Francium, it doesn't exist in pure form cause it's too reactive

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Uranium because I'm a physicist

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It literally does not exist, and when it does, it can't exist macroscopically due to the heat of its radioactivity instantly vaporizing it.

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>Titanium does care about oxygen.
It forms a very thin oxide layer and stops caring afterwards. Unlike iron.

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>David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia

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>>lower density than iron
>>yet much stronger
Anon, are you retarded?

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pure titanium is stronger than pure iron, while alloys of iron can be stronger

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>complete fucking pain in the ass to work with on any larger scale

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Iron (human civilization)
Coal (human civilization)

Aside from that, there's also oxygen/hydrogen/nitrogen for which we breathe air.

The most based element are those that are ubiquitous and have seen the greatest use in our human species.

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Not an element. Carbon, on the other hand, slaps.

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Carbon is the greatest element and I will never forgive Carl Sagan for coining that bullshit term "carbon chauvinism"

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I'm not a saganfag; I've never heard that term. What did he mean by it?

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Sagan was right about that, though.
Sure, life elsewhere in the universe is probably more likely to be carbon-based than not, but it's foolish to assume all other life must play by the same rules we're familiar with.
Silicon-based life might be more rare, but still very possible.

It disparages the assumption that aliens must be carbon-based, because of how this limits imagination. Similar to how aliens are often assumed to need liquid water and use DNA, when there's no reason for those to be absolute, fundamental requirements

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Lead, or maybe uranium

but uranium turns into lead, so both are pretty cool.

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I'm partial to candy, but fire is cool too.

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For me, it’s sulfur.

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I had multiple spinal fusions with little shits that look like links on a bike chain, cages, and rods over a period of time that put me at a little over a kg in titanium in my body. Can confirm titanium is a bad mufuker

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Composite ceramic armor plates for vehicles made of siliceous materials have lower density than iron, tungsten, and titanium yet have more robust mechanical properties such as better stopping power for vehicle armor than all three. This armor shits all over the density law used to determine shaped charges jet penetrative values.


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That's not Neodymium, but okay.

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From what I gather, Titanium is plentiful, but hard to work with. So it's only used in applications where it is economically viable.

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the most based element is iron because it makes blood taste better

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No, it's the element of surprise

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Well upon reflection I have to say titanium mogs everything but Tungsten

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beautfiul work but for an axe the added weight of steel is a plus

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