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which would a /sci/entist choose?

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Having 130 IQ would be neat so 40 more IQ points

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Can I instead repeatedly reduce my IQ by 40 to gain additional cock length? I'd keep reducing my IQ until I'm a drooling baboon but have an absolute mammoth dong.

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Not using my cock much, so IQ points would be more useful.

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if you get famous for your IQ you get crazy bitches no matter what. look at what happened to stephen hawking he literally got raped

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Why would i want 90cm cock?

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40 IQ easily. I don't need 10cm.

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the fuck is a cm?

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30 cm to my height

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Poppyseed per barleycorn from every fathom divided by chain

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Can I oscillate between max IQ and max cock at ~2Hz?

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yes but people would see your penis increasing and decreasing in size at that frequency inside your pants

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How about 5 cm and 20 IQ points?

>> No.14843579

To fuck OP's mom

>> No.14843580

To make more OP's ?

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That is the least of their concern when my tard form pins them down and rapes them in rage and my hermit form apologize for the assaults, explaining my medical condition, and release them only to be rammed into the wall half a second latter.

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Gimme the brains muh nyka

I'm really out here TRYNA THINK

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what other options do you have? i'm already maxed out in both mentioned categories.

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40 iq for sure. 11 inches is far to big a dick to be useful, and I don't even care about using it. A massive iq and I could learn 10 languages or something. I'd probably think of better things to do if I had 40 more iq points.

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>massive iq and I could learn 10 languages or something.
learning obscure languages only offers you the opportunity to communicate with idiots who are too stupid to learn english, speaking english exclusively protects you from ever having to interact with any of the literal billions of foreign retards who are incapable of progressing to multisyllabic communication.

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>40 iq for sure. 11 inches is far to big a dick to be useful, and I don't even care about using it.
You could suck it yourself

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That's more like sucking a dick than having your dick sucked. 0/10 would not recommend.

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You speak from experience?

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I do. I was really flexible when I was a teenager.

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Reading literature and technical articles in their original language sounds fun, not to mention the possibility of living in another country for an extended period of time.

Yeah I'm alright with that

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>learning obscure languages only offers you the opportunity to communicate with idiots who are too stupid to learn english
You expect people to speak english in all circles? You meet new people and their friends, then you only get 1% of attention because you see that they dont speak english to each other

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40iq and become a tranny = max sucess in academy

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170 iq I could do anything

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>OP says 10 cm
>anons talking about 10 inches
Yeah, you really need that extra 40 IQ points

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180 iq attained "for real" and not just by studying the test and memorizing the questions would certainly make me one of the most intelligent people on the planet, but it would not make me any wiser or more knowledgeable. It would not fix my social issues, it wouldn't fix my attitude or my personality, or my general psychological malaise. It may not even stop me from overthinking, or even aggravate the issue. A 9-10in penis on the other hand would probably get me laid a lot more often, improving my self confidence and by extension my social skills.

A lot of very intelligent people sit around demoralized. I have not yet found the need for more intelligence, though it would be convenient. I have found that a path to... not happiness, but to contentedness, is through the life of a midwit socialite.

Therefore I pick the long cock, knowing, like most of the decisions I'll ever make, I'll regret it later in life.

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Neither. Penis size is a complete meme like clitoris size and I don't take IQ tests so having 40 additional points added to my score would be useless. IQ measures IQ test score, not intelligence. If you meant increasing my total intelligence by 40 points I'm not sure I'd take that either. I'm already very intelligent and pushing my intelligence that much further could increase the chance and/or severity for inadvertent effects as a result of high intelligence like depression, inhibition, and increased difficulty interacting with society. Thus decreasing my chances for success. The more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to be a virgin and for longer too. Plus highly intelligent people aren't as financially successful because they aren't tricked by meaningless monetary systems and pursuing their accumulation mindlessly like a hamster on a wheel, instead deprioritizing money and believing in a post-money world or return to pre-money world.

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>The more intelligent you are, the more likely you are to be a virgin and for longer too.
I know a man of 157 IQ. He had actual feats (internatioanlly recognized author) and had 8 children and 16 grandchildren

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I'd rather have height than cock size honestly

>> No.14843833

If it decreases my iq by 40 then deal

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Ironically, this is the high IQ response

>> No.14843869

worth it

pretty sure i can still penetrate with a 9 cm microdick

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lmao at all of the people who assess themselves as insufficiently gifted.

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High 120s here, so that would give me an iq of 160 ish, i choose the dong
Its just math, 40 more iq points means ~32% increase, while 10 cm extra dong means 100% increase

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Cock. I’m already too smart for my own good and my penis is 2.3”.

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You’re just listing off benefits.

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How many IQ points to get my foreskin back?

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He was just a celebrity famous for being a cripple. He was a second rate researcher but people admired his tenacity.
All he allegedly did was rename Zeldovich radiation to Hawking radiation, not physics because no one has measured it and theres still no quantum gravity

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About 1.18 barley corns.

>> No.14844088

My 19cm cock is big enough. Give me the IQ.

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>My 19cm cock
Pics or I'm calling larp

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i've been dumb and a virgin my whole life
more length is better, intelligence is overrated

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I never took an IQ test but I assume I'm like 110-115, I was valedictorian in my middle school but after then I never tried or concentrated on anything

40 more than that is way better than having a 26.5 cm penis

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doesn't having too high of an IQ literally fuck your brain up?

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weird question XD
WHo would give me more IQ points or make my penis bigger? Fairy godmother? XD

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I already have an IQ to high to be measured, an additional 40 points are meaningless.

Also my dick is already known as the bisector, +10 centimeters would be a detriment.

>> No.14844225

Your fairy dad.

>> No.14844226

I'm smart enough. Gimme the truly beneficial only, please.

>> No.14844232

100th of a m

>> No.14844238

>WHo would give me more IQ points or make my penis bigger? Fairy godmother? XD
The IQ penis fairy

>> No.14844240

I guess I forgot to ask if you would want to be a grower or a shower though

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+ 3 cm to my cock please

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Why would I need a twelve inch dick, seems like more of a liability than anything useful.

>> No.14844317

Length, diameter, or circumference?

>> No.14844323

IQ length points

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I don’t really care, I would never make proper use of either

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I’ve already got a 23cm peen. Having 33cm just seems excessive. Rather add an extra 10 cm to height and be 190cm tall

>> No.14844361

Your middle school had a valedictorian? Lol that’s silly

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I already have an 8 inch dick so I would like a 165 iq. All of the people choosing the 10cm increase just blow me away

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28cm is impractical outside of a porno set
I'd prefer 180 IQ

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Haha this made me laugh so hard it was painful

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Already got a good IQ and good cocksize

>> No.14844752

What if you learn Latin, sanskrit, biblical hebrew old welsh, and ancient greek?

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>22cm and still a virgin
>143iq and still ABD
i'll give back 40 iq and 10 cm just to not be a loser anymore

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Why would I need a 40cm cock?

>> No.14845105

Take the IQ, anon.

>> No.14845121

I'm an incel so gimme the extra IQ.

>> No.14845200

3cm and 28 IQ please.

>> No.14845232

10cm to my girth.

>> No.14845622

+40 TO IQ

>>I'm a fgt dating a top lol

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is it funny because it's a burn "le small penis xd" or because he didn't realize the other person was saying their penis was already 7 inches long?

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How does cock taste like faggot bro?

>> No.14845710

Already 7.5 in, so +10 cm would just make my dick unpractical.

Would take the IQ points and do drugs until I go back to my current level.

>> No.14845726

19 cm is not overly large
I'm 17 cm/7 inches and that's just barely above average (if you exclude the Asian population ofc)

>> No.14845782

The IQ points.
My cock is already big enough, don't need it to be 11 inches. That would be impractical

>> No.14845797

Would I even be "me" with 40 more IQ ?
Seems kinda too radical a change to maintain the personhood

>> No.14845804

No need for my cock to be 3x10^8 m. That would just be impractical.

>> No.14845821

It would just be painful to have the tip of my cock start dragging against the ground when I walk around nudie

>> No.14845840

this is the way
>until I'm a drooling baboon but have an absolute mammoth dong.
fuckin kek'd

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30 cm or 185 IQ, Honestly neither

>> No.14845855

Bro my cock is 9 cm long

>> No.14845856

>which would a /sci/entist choose?
40 iq, it this even a question, wtf?

>> No.14845869

40 iq is an obvious choice, but even more so for me since I'm an autist who can't get Girls, a 30cm cock won't help with that.

>> No.14846314

Can I instead increase the radius ? What is the conversion rate? Scaling factor?

>> No.14846324

If you measure it in cm it's small enough the 10 wouldn't make much difference.

>> No.14846357

square root of each cm

>> No.14846363

Take the IQ and devote myself to penis enlargement research

>> No.14846364

Square root of a cm would be 10 cm you know that right?

>> No.14846405

>Square root of a cm would be 10 cm you know that right?
take the IQ anon

>> No.14846410

No you are the retard if you don't understand what units are

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>the fuck is a cm?

I love being an American!

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my cock is already a girthy >6in

>> No.14846465

An increase in overall appearance would be a better question. Like +2/10 or 40 iq

I'd pick +2/10 easily. stratospheric IQs are not that useful. If it was, they would ALL be rich or major researchers, which isnt the case. I think an iq of 140 is enough to do whatever you want
only asians would chose dick size over iq

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neither, 20cm already and IQ is jew meme

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5 cm to my height

>> No.14848351

An extra 10cm would be too long anyway, +40 iq would be more useful for getting money and pussy

>> No.14848444

Who is he?

>> No.14848463

i already have a huge cock in both length and girth.

I'll take the IQ points instead

>> No.14848544

Would you rather be 5'6" with a 10-inch cock, 6'5" with a 5-inch cock, or 3'0" with a 16-inch cock?

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Olavo de Carvalho

>> No.14848555

>i already have a huge cock in both length and girth
Post it

>> No.14848573

I would repeatedly subtract 10 cms off my cock until it became a pussy representation of Mariana's trench and with that much IQ ill probably be a literal god

>> No.14848584

holy... kek

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>I don't take IQ tests so having 40 additional points added to my score would be useless.

I see why you dont take IQ tests anon.

>> No.14848947

40 extra IQ points would get you more pussy than 10 cm of extra cock, this isn't even close.

>> No.14848978

40 IQ

>> No.14849186

>157 IQ
That’s Ted Kazinsky tier IQ

>> No.14849715

I'd substract 40 IQ for 10cm
>90ish IQ with 26cm
Doesn't get any baser than this.

>> No.14849853

A 23cm cock would render me unable to penetrate fully most women, and would overall be a huge hinderance. 40 more IQ points on the other hand would make me one of the smartest people on earth.

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>> No.14849884

I'll blow them away nyuknyuknyuk. I don't want either, I'll take a /sci/ virgin with high iq and average dick

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my dick is 9 inches long so I'll take the IQ
I'll take an extra 80 IQ points if it means I lose 20cm as well, it's not like I use my dick for anything other than pissing lmao

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I don't need more IQ, just a sense of work ethic.

>> No.14849926

I need 40 IQ to get to 126

>> No.14849933

A classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

>> No.14849945

The volume that would be added to your dick as a result of the lengthening would instead be added in such a way as to increase girth.

>> No.14849972

16.7 cm is small?
26+ would be too huge so I'll go for the iq

>> No.14849985

i would retract my cock and spit it out of my ass for 40 points more of IQ.

>> No.14849987

Being tall nets you more pussy than having a big dick and women do a lot of sunken cost if they get that far with you

>> No.14850004

If repeated deals are allowed, the best course would be to sell penis length until you're smart enough to enlarge it back.

>> No.14850009

again this shit

>> No.14850038

I'd get a vasectomy for free

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>> No.14850448

top kek

>> No.14850532

There needs to be a story on this, where Mr Hyde is just a guy with a massive erection

>> No.14850584

My cock is already 18,5cm. I'm only 95 IQ do I'd gladly take the IQ points

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damn my dick is only 14cm ~5in, how is everyone on the internet 7in+? feels bad

>> No.14850625

mine is 12 cm bro

>> No.14850693

Mine is 13 cm. It works fine, though.

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40 more IQ points, obviously

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My penis is 6.9 inches/17.5 cm which isn't pornstar big but it is allegedly above average (also I get no girls at all, literally), yet I am a high-tier midwit at best so I take the IQ points.

More than either, THOUGH, I would like my fucking hairline back.

>> No.14851131

Most anons who havs a dick that isn't above average aren't going to talk about it so the sizes you see mentioned are going to trend above average.

>> No.14851135

Despite what the internet may suggest girls do not ask you to pull out your dick and measure it first before agreeing to be your girlfriend.

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I know, hence why I would rather have my hairline back than IQ or dick length. I fucking wish girls would measure my dick, then maybe I wouldn't be an incel alcoholic loser that literally looks like a trailer redneck from north Florida.

>> No.14851198

>incel alcoholic loser that literally looks like a trailer redneck from north Florida
ever get the feeling that may be why you don't have a gf? just an idea I'm putting out there.

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>ever get the feeling that may be why you don't have a gf? just an idea I'm putting out there.

>> No.14851211

>ever get the feeling that may be why you don't have a gf?
Nah, I've looked good before. I think it's mostly a combination of the fact that I'm an autistic asshole and all girls around me are academic-type autistic cunts. My plan is to be a musician and meet undergrad girls interested in music or maybe outdoorsy girls, and try to be less of an asshole. Girls doing PhDs/MDs are sort of annoying.

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