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/pol/fag tourist here, how likely is pic related in our lifetimes? Incel meme or feasible?

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just fuck your car tires if you're into retarded toys

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Robot or doll?

A robot? Who cares. A lifeless doll is better just use your imagination, you NPC.

A doll? Already exists.

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See pic related. Your corporate farmers will upgrade to an animatronic sex doll brothel within your lifetime but only if you're a good boy and reduce yourself into a full and official subhuman slave.

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It's not as cool as you think. These things will weigh 50lbs or so, and you need to manually dress them (not to mention purchasing clothes for it) and care for them. They're almost as much effort as a real girl, but I guess you can get decent exercise lugging it around.

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>you need to manually dress them
Now why would I bother with that? If you ask me, real women shouldn't be allowed to wear clothes if they're above a certain level of attractiveness.

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Then it will get dirty more often and you need to clean it.

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Just wrap it in a blanket and put it in the closet (like I do with real women after I'm finished with them).

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>how likely is pic related in our lifetimes?
not sure what you mean. those dolls have been around for two decades at least. basics animatronic versions are out there and still being developed further

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Sex robots, the ones that pol and r9k will think will solve the incel problem. Somewhere around the level of ex machina

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