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on a recent podcast with Kurt Jaimungal, founder of Loop Quantum Gravity Abhay Ashtekar said that string theory was a “great toolbox” and praised work on string theory in connection to applications in other fields of physics

in response, anti-string shills had explosive seething diarrhea and splattered their Sabine posters; Sabine suggested visiting the Sabine Store TM to replace them

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String Theory fans: Retards
Sabine Hossenfelder fans: Even bigger retards.

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So the biggest compliment he could give is that they came up with some nice math? That's damning with faint praise.

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So what do you support? Asymptotic safety?

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You're the only retard here pal

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It's clearer than ever now that hossenfelder is a shill who only went after string theory because of her failed career path and she desperately needed publicity and marketing to improve her book sales. It was all a way for her to become famous as that strong independent female phd who stood up to the cis white male (they're too scared to say jew) dominated Big Stringa. So now she earns cash churning out shitty popsci/armchair philosophy vids for retards and charges $5000 per hour "consulting" for perpetual motion machine makers. She even has the clickbait thumbnails of her smiling. 5 years ago I never would've imagined this dour old bag smiling since she has that perennial scowl on her face like you're wasting her time. But I guess money was all it took. How long before she gets an onlyfans? Whoops don't want to be misogynistic lest she uses her shadow government connections at the WEF to silence me. oh wait this is 4chan not blogspot haha sorry, witch, not this time.

ps If you want to worship a female physicists go worship Lisa Randall, who cares about doing actual research and doesn't like it when interviewers prop her up as some female idol for the next generation of girls who don't care science beyond emulating their Astrophysicist Barbie.

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I don't know ... Actual science? Not the ramblings of faggots who promote untestable and unfalsifiable fever dreams.

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>Lisa Randall
Who was part of the Epstein tribe, also

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>charges $5000 per hour "consulting" for perpetual motion machine makers
Oh wow, what a fraud. But also kind of based for grifting those retards

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Lisa was caught on camera like maybe once with Epstein, at the infamous Epstein conference that many physicists attended. even based Gerard ‘t Hooft was at the same conference but never was snap-shotted

the difference is that there were some people who were actually pets of Epstein. i.e. they lived off funding from epstein. among those Randall was not one. she didn’t get funding from epstein

those who did receive funding from epstein include Lee Smolin for sure. he said so in his book. and not many else in physics had that kind of direct connection. the Smolin crowd is basically the entirety of Epstein funded physics

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I've asked it a hundred bloody times, can anybody tell me how we'd test for the existence of strings. Even if it takes hypothetical technology to test it give me an idea of how it'd work, what energy you'd need or whatever.

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it’s not hard; if you had super high energies to collide strings you’d see a “softer “ spectrum from strings then you would from particles. i.e. if you had a super high energy collider then you’d see more scatters going at small angles but particles would have more going at big angles

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Ok cool, now how much energy are we talking? Ballpark it for me.

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to resolve differences in scattering properties between particles and strings you need an energy that corresponds to the length scale of the string. for modern string theory that implies an absolutely huge energy like 10^20 TeV

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Fucking hell.... where are we going to get that kind of energy??
Build a floating accelerator around the Sun?
I knew the number was huge but not THAT huge.

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nobody actually expects to ever achieve that energy unless humans make a galactic civilization, and on top of that the future galactic civilization would need to be a utopia to get that kind of project doing.

more realistically the way we get better and better at this issue is to develop new technologies that could give us orders of magnitude improvements without an increase in size. or if magnets get better.

these could both save 2-3 orders of magnitude, and if you take a Whig approach then one could imagine additional technological revolutions that put the string scale in reach even with an earth-size collider

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Ok that makes more sense, so sensor technology can advance? That calculation is just based on current technology? Is that right?

Despite my forwardness I'm grateful somebody has finally answered this somewhat. Were the existence of strings proven it would be revolutionary.

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>not many else in physics had that kind of direct connection. the Smolin crowd is basically the entirety of Epstein funded physics
Pergamon press was founded by Robert Maxwell. Which published the entirety of the Landau and Lifschitz series in English. Ghislaine Maxwell despises goyim, and Landau also was disliked in Russia for favouring the Jewish students almost to the complete exclusion of the Russian goyim.

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take your fucking meds holy shit

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>Kurt Jaimungal
>Abhay Ashtekar
Imagine not only taking these shitskins seriously, but listening to some faggy podcast with shitskins. You some kinda pajeet op? Show skin

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>Lisa Randall
You mean the bitch who's part of the RS model which everyone ogles at because it was concocted by a woman? She can take those extra dimensions and cram them up her ass.

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Jamaingul has the best podcast in YouTube

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>t. pajeet

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The string theorists and Hossenfelder are all retarded for the simple reason that there does not exist a discretization of general relativity or a theory of quantum gravity. The universe is governed by two different sets of laws that are not derived from some underlying universal law.
In this sense I'm on the string theorists side because they will falsify themselves when they try to find the strings and see that they're not there. Sabine doesn't have anything herself as far as I know

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Loop Quantum Gravity is just as deranged as String Theory, if not more.

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he has no explanation just like all the anti-string shills; as OP shows even real LQG folks who battle string theory at least have respect for string theory and more subtle points of contention. the anti-string mob just seethe diarreah all over without adding anything, and if they try to add any arguments it’s just embarrassing flawed regurgitation of the already flawed excrement from Sabine et al.

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You have no clue what you're talking about

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But why does he refuse to praise the name of the Lord?

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>why does he refuse to praise the name of the Lord?

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It's like this is one thing, the moratorium on praising the name of the Lord, is the one and only thing that every scientist on Earth will uphold in unanimous consensus, without a single dissenter. This is what I need, to be praised by name, but they all conspire to withhold it.

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Also a pop-sci shill who wrote an entire book about dark matter causing the death of the dinosaurs with basically no evidence on her side.
If you want a woman physicist to actually look towards because of her accomplishments in a male-dominated field, try Chanda Prescod-Weinstein. She's no Feynman but I've met her personally and she does pretty well in covering up that she's smarter than most people in the room when she talks.

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>Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
i fucking hate you anon. but kek anyhow

unironically if i had to think of an actual good female theoretical physicist i’d say Ann Nelson. but wait nope she’s dead. fuck

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do you have a physics or math degree?

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All of that is true

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There's a lot of mediocre female theoretical physicists out there, and I mean that in a good way since to be a mediocre theoretical physicist you still have to be pretty damn smart.

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