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Why does every single living organism in the world make a mad dash for sugar if it’s bad for humans?

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>bad for humans
I think it's just a dosage/moderation issue. And because Americattle are incapable of nuance and portion control, we are simply told "sugar bad".
Also insulin is better for building muscle than protein. I eat a lot of fruit and am jacked.
>inb4 muh fructose muh liver
Drink water nigger

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I see you've never interacted with a ketofag. They'll drone on and on about how carbs are evil and sugar is literally poison.

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>cattle incapable of nuance
Where did I get it wrong?

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Do you eat a lot of stone fruit, melons and berries though? Those are generally pretty low in carbohydrates and don't spike insulin. Moderation is a good point.

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Basically every fruit, but kiwis are the vip (they're a berry)

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Do carnivores go for it too?

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Ripe honeydew mogs kiwi slightly for me. A mix of both is fruit bliss.

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Evolution did not account for widespread use of process sugar.

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You can literally leave raw sugar out and it won't go bad, i.e. bacteria don't even touch it.

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Why isn't your gut full of a lifetime's worth of undigested sugar?

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