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I was told that chinks were super smart and good students? turns out they are 1 standard deviation dumber than american cs majors at random unis, and thats already pretty much bottom of the barrel. chinkbros explain this shit
>American students in average CS programs (as in, non-elite) performed as well as the elite Russian, Indian, and Chinese students.


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Programming is like the only thing the US dominates. That's like comparing the US to Africa in track or China in ping pong.

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No wonder. In India, even the so-called elite CS programs don't select their students based on their aptitude in CS. They typically select their students based _only_ on how they perform in a physics+chemistry+math exam. What memorizing ten trillion organic chemistry reactions has to do with ability in CS, I don't know.

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>That's like comparing the US to Africa in track
But the U.S. is better at track except for long distances.

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Kek that test is fucking hardcore. As much as I dislike pajeet programmers, passing that shit at 18 is worthy of respect especially the advanced test

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Take a look at which countries dominate on Project Euler, for instance. India won't be anywhere near the top because the vast majority of CS students have zero interest in CS or anything programming-related.

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which one? The JEE? Despite what you see on the internet, it's only an incredibly tiny minority of CS students are selected on the basis of the JEE. Most unis have their own entrance exams these days.
>passing that shit at 18 is worthy of respect especially the advanced test
True but they're selecting for the wrong qualities! Like aside from one or two unis, nobody will even care if you're an IMO gold medalist.

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internet, only*

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Yes the jee and the jee advanced.
I agree with you, I'm just saying I have nothing but respect for those kids busting their asses to pass them.

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>Programming is like the only thing the US dominates.

most countries don't build the industrial equipment, cars, machines or trucks America does in large numbers. China tries, but even then they mostly copied Russia and were unable to make a good railroad tunnel motor (which America figured out in the 70s) or automated construction equipment.

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This isn't just programming, its computer science as a whole. I wonder how they would rank in other disciplines such as math and engineering.

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Who said that? Everyone knows that many Chinese students cheat and bribe their way through academics. Even if they don't, they are good at memorizing but shit when it comes to following logical conclusions.

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I stayed at this 2br apartment that only charged half rent on the condition that management could choose ant roommate for the other room. I went 9 months without a roommate until this math major moved in straight off the boat from China. He was legit good at math. That was 11 years ago when diablo 3 came out. He had Chinese gold farm friends that told him about all the exploits. We farmed and sold enough stuff in that game to pay for rent and food that summer.

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If I understand correctly Chinese culture encourages cheating and cutting corners. They come out strong then fail when the pressure rises.

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>ETS administered exam
Saying the CS GRE is a good measure of CS talent is like saying SAT math is a good measure of math talent.
What is even the goal of this NYTimes publication? To promote complacency and eventually outsource CS like we did to pharm or EE?

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Why is this at all surprising? Everyone knows China and India are all about cheating and corruption. They lack the integrity and innovation that made Western civilization so great. Why else are they countries so shit?

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you know that haft of these "American" CS students are Chinese and Indian right?

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>He had Chinese gold farm friends that told him about all the exploits. We farmed and sold enough stuff in that game to pay for rent and food that summer.
so an illegitimate side hustle to pay for basic amenities. almost every black retard in the hood has done this by another name. devante selling stolen shoes out of the trunk of a kia optima in a check cashing parking lot does this too

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It is kinda misleading.
Idk if they are trying to compare the quality of the schools or the quality of the students but the fact that many above average students in these other countries opt to study in the US or Europe will diminish the quality from those countries and possibly add quality to the US.

They should have just stratified by IQ which would tell us if there is some student quality distribution incongruity and also allow us to compare university quality for a fixed IQ.
This might be an auto-fart-huffing study.
The title can be interpreted 2 ways
>Who Trains the Best Computer Scientists?
Do good schools make smart people or do smart people make schools look good?

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Surprised by this desu,I've found Russians to be a bit better than the Americans

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>Do good schools make smart people or do smart people make schools look good?
Good schools are ones that attract many talented people, then put them through their paces with a challenging curriculum. How do you make your school good? Filter the bad ones mercilessly, fail them, they will just transfer to another major, no big loss, word will spread. The process takes decades tho, and you need the professors to be on board with it desu

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There is a difference between illegal activity that helps people, and illegal activity that hurts them.

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no its more like
>Normal school with lax environment exists
>Stars align, and a small group of exceptional talents meet in Normal school and use their time to creatively build and bounce novel ideas
>Recognition is given which makes school seem exceptional
>School decides to use selectivity and challenging curriculum as an attempt to find another set of geniuses
>Only uncreative type-A neurotic test takers and social status climbers pass the filter
>School is coasting on past laurels and turns into a money making business so they accept
more international students also obsessed with status
>School must make environment more inclusive for diverse international students and tilt towards progressive globalist agenda
and this is where we are now

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>according to whom?
these statistics always make me cringe.
just make a broad test about the CS curriculum and give it to people.

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But I thought we sent all our manufacturing over to then for cheap labor. How are they not just as advanced as us? We might as well have thrown a dart at Africa and "help" the country picked in exchange for making cheap shit for us.

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Chinese "culture" doesn't discourage cheating. Sinple as that.

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Project Euler is mostly just doing a bunch of math first, and then coding to find the answer when you know the approach THOUGH

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Aren't American CS graduates like 40% chinese, 30% Indian and 10% Russian?

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it's definitely true for elite US colleges

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it's probably a content ad for the testing service ...

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I always have to figure out if they mean "east asians only" or if they mean "all asians".

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well, not here, but a lot of times

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>I was told that chinks were super smart and good students?
Things have changed. A lot
When I was a student 20+ years ago, the Chinese students were middle class youth who had done well in China and did a degree abroad. They were good, I knew many when I was a student. Then things changed in that the CCP members realised English language skill was important and got their children ahead in the queue to studies abroad, and far from all of them were really suited for studies. These were brash, rich and tacky and were not about some fraud. The original group lost out to the party members and what we see now is the thrash.

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Chinese-americans are good not chinese-chinese

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Indians, chinese (including basically all of Asia), and Russians have a cheating culture. They will cheat in college. cheat in every way possible in college to do less work. Compsci is actually one of the easiest majors to cheat in college as it doesn't rely on so much on tests or essays. I'm guessing 99% of people who graduated from college in China cheated their way through their compsci degree. I have worked with people from China at my job with MASTERS for EE from a chinese school and they dont know what a schmitt trigger. A lot of chinese Russian advancement are fake mostly just copies. Which means they dont pick up any of the skills or knowledge just learned how to photocopy something.

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The elite students from other countries go to US universities which are the most prestigious in the entire world and well connected to the lucrative and world leading US computing industry?

It shouldn't be a total shock that the CS students who got stuck in their home country are dumber than the people who moved to America. Moving to America is literally just free money.

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Diablo 3 had a real money auction house on release. You converted igg to blizzard balance, which could be transferred to a PayPal account. It was 100% legit except for being among the first on us servers to exploit the game bugs.

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Chinks are great at being chinks.
Mainlanders have an attitude of not perfect but close enough.
Corruption is a part of everyday life, it's not what you know or how good you are at your chosen field but
Who in the CCP are you connected with and how you can leverage this to maximise your short-term financial gains before you transfer all your wealth overseas to escape the stupid CCP.
Fucking chinks driving up house prices in all the best places to live.
Hope the CCP tracks them all down and re educates them in their notorious training camps.

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I don't understand why jannies leave /pol threads up

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But China is BTFOing the US in microprocessors, batteries, and solar. In part because we refuse to price in the externalities of China's high pollution manufacturing and the environmental damage caused by shipping raw goods across the ocean and finished goods back to the US.

A massive green bill that taxed externalities would legit fix the supply chain issues causing inflation (long term), make our national defense stronger, and curb ocean acidification and global warming. It would also help with other forms of pollution.

But it would raise prices short term so it will never happen. Liberals will cry about poor minorities having less money and conservatives, despite playing at being hard and independent, cry like little bitches at any inconveniences or cuts to their massive gibs (American gibs overwhelmingly goes to Boomers not poor minorities; they get free healthcare and $2.5 trillion in cash payments a year, $38,000 per Boomer per year in payments).

Hell, we have microplastics giving us cancer and turning our kids into trannies and we can't even get rid of single use plastic bags and straws because people are too entitled to remember a cloth bag. The EPA estimates almost 800,000 Americans have disabled emissions technology on their trucks because internet conspiracies convinced them it was a liberal conspiracy to ruin their trucks, despite anti-idling systems making trucks run longer. We're totally fucked. We soak crops our kids eat in Roundup so big agra can get slightly better % profit. My friend dumps lol and batteries on his own property rather than be slightly inconvenienced by bringing them to the disposal center, in part to "trigger the libs," and he's on fucking well water and drinking that shit. It's over.

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To be fair, it's impossible to throw hazardous waste out in some places. I moved to Kentucky only the urban counties do waste disposal and you have to live there to use it. I called the state office to figure out what to do and they don't even have one full time worker and they gave me places that haven't been open or accepting shit for years.

There is nowhere to get rid of the shit. And wealthy states aren't really that much better. They will take all the shit but they don't build properly sealed disposal for the most part. Instead they truck it out to more lax states and dump it there. Massachusetts has a per capita GDP and HDI on par with super wealthy Euro microstates and just sends their shit to places like Indiana and West Virginia so they can dump it in pits and let it leech into the water there.

Still, those voters are even dumber. Kentucky legit has a county where 1 in 5 people over 18 has or has had cancer and they won't do shit because mine and plant owners will tell them that if their profit margins slip they'll take the jobs away

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Like 60% of those "American students" are chinks and Indians and a good bunch are Russians, too. The people running your country are selling you out even through education.

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Look up replication crisis and Retraction Watch. Science is in deep trouble, and this is one of the reasons. So it is relevant to /sci/.

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link to actual study because op is a nigger.
it's also worth noting that this is about a 1 stdev difference that persists across uni level (it's shown in elite and non-elite unis that the 1 stdev difference holds).

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