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Is money real?

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Things have value because we believe they do.

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Paper, unbacked money is a shitty substitute; it's like using cigarettes or other crap for facilitating trade.
The excerpt is from The case against the FED

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no but you should measure it as a value of time

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How do gold bugs rationalize that inflation was higher under the gold standard than it ever has been since? How do they rationalize that they screamed about incoming inflation problems every year for a third of a century before finally being right (for the wrong reasons) in 2021?

How do they explain massive inflation during crop faliures and war in the Middle Ages?

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define real.

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We just conclude that you are illiterate retards.
The highest - unprecedented - economic growth in human history, called the industrial _revolution_ was accompanied by constant _natural_ deflation (natural means that it wasn't caused by artificial restriction of money supply by some central banks crooks).
Also, prices are constantly dropping _now_ in about the only sector which still develops decently, that is computers and electronics.

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"You cannot serve both God and Money."
(Matthew 6:24)
This is because only one of those two is real.
Ergo, money is real.

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No, it's nominal.

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As real as score in a game

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it's rational

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The industrial revolution saw a much more rapid increase in prices than the centuries leading up to it.

You can only claim it had deflation if you claim that deflation isn't a decrease in prices, which is dumb because that isn't easy deflation is.

The last two times the US had serious deflation was after the 2008 financial crisis and during the Great Depression. These were not good times.

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Yes, I'm looking at some coins over my nightstand right now.

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Nonsense, mechanization dramatically decreased costs of production AND - which follows - prices.

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if you can stick it up your ass, it's real

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Most cars and large buildings aren't real by that criterion.

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Btw, I was recently reading some website about history of fountain pens, here is the excerpt:
>12 1/4 cents ($1.47 per dozen) is a lot less than Williamson’s 100 cents per pen of just 20 years before. Prices are starting to come down, but they have a long way to go before they reach true mass-production levels. By 1843, the large stationer David Felt is selling his high-end pens for $1.50 per gross, the cheap ones go for 1 shilling (about 60-cents at the time) per gross.
It was everywhere and, contrary to what these fraudsters are "teaching" you was a sign of a tremendous growth, not the depression.

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>Using prices adjusted to take out inflation

Also, inflation is about the price of all goods, not one good.

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Then yes, money is real. Glad I could help.

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Ask the bar with my tab.

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It's only inflation when the government does it.

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