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>This is how it starts
Why are "they" working with kids in the first place?

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>Why are "they" working with kids in the first place?
Yikes. There's a lot of bigotry to unpack in that sentence.

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fr lmao

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>Why are "they" working with kids in the first place?
Groomers gonna groom until someone stops them. In the old days, they were hanged or taken out in the woods.

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The gay community's reaction to monkeypox has proven that the "Gays are a disease vector" meme isn't a stereotype, it's objectively true. They literally won't stop having unprotected sex with strangers. They go so far as to fuck five men in a weekend and blame the health system for them catching monkeypox. They'll try to hide their own diseases to continue having casual sex. And all they have to defend themselves is "we didn't stop fucking to stop AIDS, muh stigma hurts more"

Gay fragility is literally dying from cock deprivation.

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Meaningless. Give us a real attempt at a refutation or go choke on an AIDS and monkeypox infected cock.

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When I think about children, I really don't think about sex? What is wrong with you that your first thought is "does that person get fucked in the ass or fucks others in the ass"? JFC, this is about children you sickos.

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Tell that to the gay men who can't keep their diseased hands (?) off the children

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The antivaxxer community's reaction to polio has proven that the "Antivaxxers are a disease vector" meme isn't a stereotype, it's objectively true. They literally won't stop catching preventable diseases. They go so far as to get diseases which have been eradicated in North America for decades and blame the vaccinated for them catching polio. They'll try to hide their own diseases to continue participating in everyday life. And all they have to defend themselves is "much freedums"

Conservative fragility is literally dying from preventable diseases.

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I wouldn't want a kindergartener who doesn't physically interact with children at all. But I would mind a pig like you who constantly thinks about fucking.
>Someone works in a kindergarten? TIGHT SHOTA BOYS RAPE

Man, what is wrong with you?

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Project harder faggot everyone knows how you're spreading this filth

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>Gays are a disease vector meme isn't a stereotype
It literally is, though, the constant fucking, bugchasing and pedophilic urges stem from mutt culture, not homosexuality, given how all the "stereotypical" faggots seem to coincidentally live in the USA and UK

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>t. can’t go 2 weeks without eating at least 10 strangers’ poop and cum

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>all the "stereotypical" faggots seem to coincidentally live in the USA and UK
Hey Hans, ever heard of the Berghain?

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>"Correlation is not causation unless you disagree with me"
Yes, that is also true. It's also true that your post will get updoots and the other post will be banned.

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This is not Reddit, friend.

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Yes, Germany is controlled by jews just like USA, we know, your fault for helping the wrong side in WW2

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>and blame the vaccinated for them catching polio
The polio showing up was in fact derived from the vaccines

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mRNA vaxs don't stop infection nor transmission

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Of course it's true and they buried this after HIV but HIV proved that the fag community was so selfish they would not stop spreading disease even if it meant they would die or they would kill others.
Read this and see how they really behaved with HIV

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Let me stop you right there, chud. No one was talking about mRNA or Covid.

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>instinctively making ironclad logical deductions makes you a "pig"
Guess all mathematicians are pigs then.

>flagrantly conflating people who rightfully don't trust chink flu """vaccines""" with the comparatively tiny number of people who don't trust actual vaccines
begone, duplicitous tranny

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Kys faggot, no one was talking about your Covid obsession, this is about vaccines that are more than 50 years old and people who reject it. Not everything is about you and your fight against the Covid flu shot. No one cares anyone. Go outside. People don't wear masks, don't think about the coogh or the vaccine anymore. Stop living in the past, autist.

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>Why are "they" working with kids in the first place?
W*men have always been working with children.

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Lol desperation. I wonder if this is how she learned her husband was bi.

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more like she fucked some "bisexual" rando from tinder or some shit

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Reminder that only the highly sexual subset of gay men (the ones that attend every orgy) are the one getting monkeypox. So, I ask again: WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING WORKING WITH CHILDREN?!?

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What the fuck do your weekend activities have to do with your workday job? Are you one of those people that think people who play satanic games such as dungeons and dragons shouldn't be around children either?

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Anybody with more than half a brain should have realized that he's a complete degenerate and shouldn't be allowed near children.

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No, this is about disgusting faggots who get off on spreading disease to unsuspecting innocent people

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DnD players don't have to groom children to perpetuate their kink cult (as far as I'm aware)

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That "woman" had "her" cock in the guts of a twink shortly before she fondled the daycare children

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Reminds me of the hospital in Britian that said no rapes have occurred because there are no men in the hospital, and then leaked cctv of a tranny raping women in the hospital.
This is what happens when you let people destroy the definitions of words, trust breaks down, dangerous groups are protected and normal people are victimized.
Such a society can't last long. If I am out for a walk and anybody I come across could potentially kill me (or get someone to kill me) society has collapsed, government or not.

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Bruh moment

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funny since black people are all over represented in all those categories too

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they're saving the babies from jesus and fully intact family units


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>They go so far as to get diseases which have been eradicated in North America
Apparently not...

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there's a reason blacks hate their gay community

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