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post and discuss research with regards to brain improvement, whether it'd be drugs, neurofeedback, activities s.a. language learning, etc. doesn't matter.

Pharmacologically illiterate people should not post about drugs nor recommend them!

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Math, simple as Plato knew, I know it, you know it. Doing math in your head, and using a programming language like J/APL to aid problem experimentation, will improve your brain strength immensely.
Also water, dehydration is the main cause of lowered IQ.

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Fluvoxamine, the sigma-1 agonist improves cognition.
>antiparkinson effects of fluvoxamine
>anti Alzheimer's effects of fluvoxamine
>general cognition enhancing effects of fluvoxamine
>sigma-1 agonists raise acetylcholine in the frontal lobes and hippocampus but not the striatum and reverse memory impairment from muscarinic blockade
>fluvoxamine dopamine in the frontal lobes

Brexpiprazole, the a1 blocker, dopamine partial agonist, a2c adrenergic antagonist, 5ht1a agonist, 5ht2a, 5ht7 and mild 5ht6 antagonist improves cognition (better than aripiprazole)
>prazosin (a1 blocker) prevents memory deterioration in Alzheimer's
>a1 blocker reduces risk of parkinson's
>5ht1a agonism increases dopamine and acetylcholine in the PFC
>5ht1a agonism raises striatal dopamine
>cognitive benefits of a2c adrenergic antagonism
I take max dose of these plus use nicotine and cannabis vape and drink shiraz red wine

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I'm hoping to study more about epigenetics in the coming years, like how diet/environment can alter gene expression ant the like. It's very cutting edge at the moment.

For anybody wanting to look up nootropics or anything health related like that, the best websites are Examine.com which is university-tier and for individual products themselves, Consumerlab.com

Just bear in mind Consumerlab leans towards what is available on the American market.

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I presume anything which increases DHT will work.

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By what pathway? As far as I know all increasing DHT will do is increase how fast you go bald lol

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Good website to look up pathways: http://www.wikipathways.org/
Receptor function database: https://www.biotune.org/2019/07/what-receptors-do-antidepressants-and.html

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baldness is like liquid cooling for your cpu

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the fuck is this language, is it backwards arabic or some gay conlang

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Except the sweat just runs down your forehead and into your eyes.
Does sleeping earlier really improve brain function?

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These links are very interesting, thanks. The receptor one helps me understand a bit more about some medications without having to read a million pages to get a straight answer.
It'll be a while though before I can look at the pathways database and not feel like a brainlet, though.

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>Does sleeping earlier really improve brain function?

To a point, can't remember now where I read it but waking up later than 10am, you're just not getting as deep sleep because your body is going "well the sun is up, shouldn't we be awake?".
There are owls and larks, we all lean one way or the other. I'm absolutely an owl and getting to sleep later than 2am, even midnight, generally just isn't worth it unless you have a good reason.

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>need neuroplasticity and neurogenisis
pls god tell me what do

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>well the sun is up
Makes sense, I've definitely woken up early after sleeping late just because the windows were really bright. I could get darker curtains but oh well. It just sucks that late night is a good quiet and atmospheric mood for online activities.

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You could alternatively try to wake up at night. From what I've heard, sleep experiments show that the body produces the most growth hormones during sleep between 10 PM and 2 AM, so you could very well try waking up at 2:30 AM or so. Just make sure to always get 8 hours of sleep. You could also try out biphasic sleep.

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Looks like ithkuil

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I've got the works for not letting in sunlight and I'm a late worker too as the mood is way better. Just try to go to bed no later than 1am and avoid sleeping in if you've gotten the full 8 hours.

Some tips I have is having a cup of green tea/black coffee next to the bed so I wake up and slam that, then "snooze" and give it 20 minutes or whatever to kick in then I'm up. Though I'm a hardcore insomniac and take sleeping pills and likely will have to my whole life it's just that bad.

This isn't even as crazy as it sounds, bakers and milkmen wake up at these times, I low key wish I could do it myself as you get all the early morning productivity bonus and it's by far the quietest part of the day.
Adjusting the body to that sleep schedule though would be hard to impossible if you're not wired that way and not using sleeping medications, plus the social life impact if you have a girlfriend/wife as you're going to sleep at 6pm.

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>the social life impact if you have a girlfriend/wife as you're going to sleep at 6pm.
My wife is usually up milking the kine.

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pls help me see >>14733238

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intranasal insulin. Semax. Intranasal rapamycin. Cerebrolysin. Pinealon. P21. HA-P6. NSI-189 (taking it with a lot of other things may cause Wallerian degen, though)
Intranasal deferoxamine may work too but be careful with the dosage. Pax went to the hospital due to hyponatremia after taking 4.5g.

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any basic pills i can get off something like nootropics depot?

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meant for >>14733486

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Explain the nature of your problem, what do you "need" it for. Do you just feel dumb or do you have a brain injury, or a disease or what?

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over 30
previous brain issues
work as a coder
need to keep up w/ zoom-zoom's
need something pill-form + cheap [big ask] that will gradually up-regulate my brain function

looking for

-no stimulation
-improve neurogenisis
-calming effect
-improve neuro plasticity.

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luvox and brexpiprazole
maybe atomoxetine too

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something like NSI-189 maybe. Cerebrolysin and Semax are things you get from rupharma, iqbase if you're in EU. Insulin you get either OTC or on bgpharma, same place where you can also get deferoxamine. PGLchem is another good site for a lot of noots, bromantane.co too.
Intranasal Epobis is fairly interesting too: https://hhd-pharm.en.made-in-china.com/product/YolxiRHPayTS/China-Wuhan-Hhd-Epobis-Peptide-Purity-99-Have-in-Stock-Factory-Shop.html
LDN https://me-pedia.org/wiki/Low_dose_naltrexone
Intranasal IL-2 (may help with schizophrenia)
Bocidelpar https://me-pedia.org/wiki/Bocidelpar

Btw here are some more "cutting-edge" noots that will probably be synthesized in the next few years:
24S,25-epoxycholesterol, oligodendrocyte formation promotion: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30655290/
GNE-5729, NR2A PAM
SRT-2104, SIRT1 activator
LY3154885, Dopamine-1 PAM
Alogabat, GABA-a5 PAM
(–)-Crebanine, 5HT2C antagonist
GNE-5729 and Alogabat would also likely be glutamatergic autism cures.

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>previous brain issues

like what, because that's very broad

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Ithkuil. Looks like a good idea thwarted by terrible design.

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I live in Sweden and looked up public records related to iqbase and I can't tell if it's shady or not. Their address is a residential lot where Vevien Banebane Hedman (a Malaysian woman) lives with Gustav Eriksson, with c/o Kim Othind. They are also behind reachgenius.se and vitaminarc.se
There's nothing really spooky about it except the Malaysian woman and the residential address, bit weird though how they're both seemingly legit and registered whilst operating from home.

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exploding head syndrome
>cutting edge noots
yeah i heard about those

is there anything i can throw in my daily stack of pills that'll slowly bring me up, like a pill form of nsi?

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Vyvanse makes me depressed at t+7-10 hours. Ordered some tyrosine, anyone else have suggestions?

Also, will this shit rot my brain long term?

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>Vyvanse makes me depressed at t+7-10 hours.
probably because it's wearing off and you're using it at such a high dosage as to induce euphoria.

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I've ordered from them and can confirm that they're one of the better vendors. My Semax came in cooled and shit. I also got a batch number to verify that it was tested in a lab.
>exploding head syndrome
never had that with Semax, but then again, I took NA-Semax. I always found it somewhat stimulating but it really helped me learn shit. I've heard some people even taking it before sleeping which I don't get

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bump for interest

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Vyvanse brerty good. Light drug, keep the dosage low tho

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My profile.

25, male. Creative oriented, job consists of me being able to pull out good ideas and fuck around with them until they're translated into grahical expressions that not only work but are beautiful and new. I have a past history of dudeweedlmaoism that I'm fairly sure broke my brain due to it being street shit (implying homegrown is better anyway). Nowadays I struggle with focus, and hopping on the task. Once I'm there I'm alright but depending, I can slip out of it easy and this is directly impacting my living condition because incomes arent following. I'd need to have that spark all the fucking time and do 5 hours of exploration straight without diverging until I find what works and then do another 5 hours till it works, and these days I can consider myself lucky if I can pull 3 disjointed hours together on a single task at a time, waste another three and get back on it for yet another painfully unproductive 3 more hours.

This is hell, someone suggest a non destructive way out please

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