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The construction of metrics where all lines are geodesics approaches the physical make-up of fire. Critique, ask questions, and post your thoughts.

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If you've solved this you should get onto a university and let them know or make a youtube video mentioning who you are or something like that to avoid plagiarism.

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>I like Mathematics, running, and the bible. I am the Ice Amor Mega Man X. I am The Wrangler; fight me. I'm The Christian German Japanese Mayan. I am Natural Selection.
Unironically what did he mean by this?

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disregard this i am a brainlet you wrote it at the top of the page

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That’s not me.

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Although… I am a Christian and am Japanese Guatemalan.

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I went to Harvard, perfect academic record etc. I did JD right after my PhD in mathematics, so Idk I think I will have to just wait for a new university placement.

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Post your degree
Who was your supervisor?

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