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Oh wait, your serious??

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>your serious??
What about my serious?

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back to /pol/ bigot

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Why does this board attract the dumbest fucking people?

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Every board thinks that's the case but only /biz/ is correct.

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back to community college negroid

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well thats the last straw I’m installing windows. take that globohomo

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>considering race in admissions to colleges

This is literally racism.

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>diversity fuels innovation

Not this sort of diversity. Diversity of opinion maybe.
Look at NASA.
NASA survives entirely on the glory of an era which they simultaneously venerate the achievements of and denounce almost all of the very people who did the achieving.
The social fabric of the USA has gone so far downhill in the last 30 years, the next 30 are going to be a nightmare. God help them.

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A racist is someone who makes decisions based on race.
This is literally racist but we have this weird parallax where left wing racism is considered good and right wing racism is considered bad.

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Well fag marriage, abortion and affirmative action are bundled together politically. Faggots are retconning asians and grooming them to go against their own interests.
Their hive mindedness cause them to support their own abusers.

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i grew up in a time where it was polite to be race-blind
i don't like where things are going

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>where things are going
they don't come up with new ideas, they just rehash the old ones. This one's 'Holocaust 2: Your Turn Whitey'
They have to get the ar15s first though, so hang on to those if you can.

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This is a tough one. We cannot have our highest institutions of learning in the West dominated by autistic Asians and Jews, so we need to account for race in admissions. We should also be putting caps on the percentages of non-US citizens enrolled in programs. For example, my CS classes were easily 70% + fresh-off-the-boat Indian and Chinese at a Big Ten School in the Midwest. The education becomes non-Western and shallowly universalistic when the majority of the people are not of European descent. With the internationals, the quality of the education is degraded even more because the professors must severely limit their vocabularies and communication becomes a big problem on group projects.

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The supreme court should absolutely strike this down. It's 100% discrimination.

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This tapers into universities being businesses, they were always wanting to make money but higher education all across the west has gone hardcore into money above all else.
There was controversy in my country about training members of the CCP in very particular forms of weapons development technology and all universities say in response is some absolute horseshit about "oh uh, we spread ideas! it's how we spread our values!". No, they just want to make money.

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let it happen, because you will still get organizations who recruit on talent and not suntan level, and these organizations will win.

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>Diversity fuels innovation
The funny thing is, it absolutely does not.

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Racism is good

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>Diversity fuels innovation
This is an empiric claim, right? Means we can test it
Is it true?

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There's nothing to test anon, you already know this claim is fabricated for ideological reasons. The culture war is being waged against the common man and there's nothing we can do about it.

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At least they're no longer trying to hide the fact that you live in a corporatocracy. They're going too fast and being too blunt so you can expect the much-needed political violence and extrajudicial execution of the financial parasites in the foreseeable future.

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you won't do shit. the only political violence you'll see is LA riots style.

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What exactly is going to stop me?

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you. you won't do anything.

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Why not? It's not like I believe you are human or that you have any rights.

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The irony of this.
>Diversity of opinions fuel innovation
>We focus only on diversity of skin color in hiring
The implication being they're pigeon holing minorities into a certain box, saying that because of their skin they must have a certain set of opinions. Kek.

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am i supposed to believe you're going to go outside and murder people, rather than sit indoors posting about how outer space is fake and dumping your wojak & tranny folders? of course you won't.

>the financial parasites
hey remember OWS?

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God I fucking wish to see something like this in my lifetime. The writing is on the wall and at this point you have to be blind to not see it. People ought to wake up and unleash their rightful vengeance upon those who have desecrated our way of life

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>am i supposed to believe you're going to go outside and murder people
I would never murder a person. I would be more than happy to join the rest of the public in lynching subhumans. Why wouldn't I?

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>those who have desecrated our way of life
what are you talking about?

any day now

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>diverse pipeline of graduates
you mean niggers will get the easy curriculum and graduate with a "special" degree that no employer will ever look at?

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>what are you talking about?
Just take a good hard look around you and try to figure that out for yourself. Everything will become obvious when you're ready.

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>any day now
Just keep pushing and see what happens. Many people really fucking hate you, I can tell you that. Loads of them are armed.

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classic copout

who am i pushing and how? is it you? i'm prodding your pathetic posts? that's going to spark a pogrom is it?

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>A racist is someone who makes decisions based on race.
>: a person who is racist : someone who holds the belief that race (see RACE entry 1 sense 1a) is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

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This is so fucking ironic I can't process it. Life has become a parody of itself

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>who am i pushing and how?
Good point. You're not really doing anything because you have no power in society. Your handlers are doing it, though, and you do your best to justify their actions, enable them, and antagonize the people they're oppressing, so it's only natural that you should face consequences.

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oh i'm a cia agent or something now? this gets weirder and weirder

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No. You're a regular brainwashed retard with no reading comprehension.

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so these handlers you speak of are figurative

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Domesticated animal can act out their training without needing to understand what its handlers are trying to accomplish.

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A domesticated animal can act out its training without needing to understand what its handlers are trying to accomplish.

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who are my handlers? i notice you've built up a whole persona in your head based on my telling you that you'll never go on that murder spree

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>who are my handlers?
Those who control your education, the information you receive and the terms of public discourse.

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the same handlers as you, then. punish yersel.

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You don't see me going along with it.

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what is "it," and in what ways am i "going along" with "it?"

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>what is "it,"
The new social, cultural and political norms being established.

> in what ways am i "going along" with "it?"
In the same ways every other mindless drone does.

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not an answer

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What part isn't clear enough for you?

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>The new social, cultural and political norms being established.
name them

>In the same ways every other mindless drone does.

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>ummm sweaty? please provide a full account of the changes in society
I don't feel like it. Just kill yourself.

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Not how I define it. Your weird green arrow doesn't mean anything to me, certainly not indicative of authority.

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>It is OK to be racist to the races I don't like

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and what makes you the authority on racism?
in france for example it's illegal to ask employees or students their race

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The point is to give niggers and women the well paying jobs because they've proven to be the most easily manipulated consumers. If you actually care about your field and have talent this is irrelevant in the long term; you can't avoid the truth.
Baffles me how many incels here still abide by the system and its rules. That just shows how mediocre you all are.

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>The point is to give niggers and women the well paying jobs
No, it isn't. The point is to make a political statement by putting women and blacks in token positions that don't matter to the financial bottom line.

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Why the fuck would you do that anyway? In what possible scenario could that organically pop up?

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>that don't matter to the financial bottom line.
That might have been the initial intent but we're very far beyond that now. The newest thing is to enshrine quotas into the legal system so every business is rendered as ineffective as woke ones. If quotas aren't enforced, merit based companies will eat the woke ones so merit must be destroyed for woke to survive.

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you can't even list a handful of changes that i'm supposedly responsible for or support? i'm beginning to suspect you have personal issues which you are taking out on anonymous strangers

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>you can't even list a handful of changes
Alright. Let's suppose I can't. Can you do it for me? :^)

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remember how they called us /pol/,nazis and conspiracy theorists on this board just a few years ago for telling them this was all coming right around the corner?

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i can list some fairly recent changes i'm not happy with, yeah
>smartphones and everyone's addiction to the internet, with general social isolation
>social media and legacy media optimizing the degree to which they prey on people's frustrations and insecurities, with negative consequences obvious and widespread
>identity politics distracting from real problems
>mass immigration
>remuneration vs the cost of living
>increasing lawlessness and violence in my country
>the death of the highstreet and small businesses over the last decade
>cause marketing
>covid theatre
>war on european soil

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affirmative action wasn't just around the corner, it was already long established

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Okay. Then why do you insist on playing a retard?

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It's called positive discrimination chud, if we scrap the standardised tests then less whites and asians can block the way of future kangz and Quainz.

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i'm annoyed by cringelarps and delusion

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This is actually the legacy of race blindness. Embrace it.

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No it's not, not for employment, they did a race blind experiment in Germany and France, with hiring process, only the skills and qualifications were considered - this led to less diversity, so the whole thing was scraped.

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Shouldn't blonde blue eyed people get free University etc. They are an actual minority.

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Most Jobs are meaningles, Companies hire to improve bottom line or please the government, around 70% of employees have no immediate effect on companies earnings, the big question is why do they hire so many people? The answer is to get tax breaks. Taxation has successfully plunged humanity to the deadly abyss of meaningless jobs, we are living in a modern version of hell. You don’t exist and your work has no value. You are a number in the balance sheet.

Same is the senario in Higher Education, most of these University seats are for usless degrees, it's empty knowledge, Government has created a system where getting more and more people "educated" = good, stuff like race/gender diversity is simply the next evolution in bureaucrat virtue signalling, you got 100 negros in you college program = more government money for you.

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They must perish, no education, no government support or jobs for them.

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So you're playing a retard because you're butthurt? Alright. Thanks for conceding my point, though.

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I know your trolling but my point is that if this about diversity and minorities, blonde blue eyed or even redhead green eyed would be considered real minorities because they are.

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Identity politics has always been a reality, It is a real issue, Americans were blind to this back then, and they are blind to this today.

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>The point is to give women the well paying jobs because they've proven to be the most easily manipulated consumers.

Fix that for you, never forget the real benefactors of these policies are the women regardless of race. Don't buy into the smoke screen that the men of non-white/asian races are benefiting from this in any significant numbers. Only exception is the men of the Alphabet crew because they can utilize intersectionist theory to get a leg up.

While the women are focused on female empowerment, believe all women and black girl magic. The men are focused on trying to get a job, not becoming target practice by the cops and getting a hobby that distracts them from the ills of the world.

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>diversity fuels innovation
yes, but not in the way they think. it goes like this
>oh shit, these NIGGERS are unbelievably vile. I gotta make sure I do something productive so I won't be surrounded by NIGGERS when I graduate
happens every single time. it's a great incentive. everybody's thinking it. you're just not allowed to say it.

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Diversity/Minority = Black and Brown people. No one except white conservatives believe in "race blindedness". It's a matter of you support.

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>picking an even assortment of options leads to better outcomes than picking the most promising options
yeah totally logical, makes sense. diversity is our strength. there are no differences between the races except skin color so who cares? also men and women are biologically identical besides wang and vag HAHAHA

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Do you really think the whole thing is literally about minorities?

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redheads are the biggest minorities on the planet besides pygmies, and they are always getting replaced by nonwhites in media

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>>picking an even assortment of options leads to better outcomes than picking the most promising options
What? How?

>> No.14731289

See this >>14731273

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No, it's about power. After all, it's rarely black people that are pushing these diversity laws and standards. They get mad about it sometimes but the ones enforcing it are always white or (((white)))

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the DOTR is not around the corner. you are not going to lynch anyone. the fact you are talking about doing so demonstrates how severely you have been manipulated by ad algorithms for twelve solid years. you are not immune to propaganda, and your handlers have taken you for an absolute fool.

my advice is to close the browser.

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Why are you sharting out your mindless corporate talking points at me? What does it have to do with the fact that you have conceded all my points?

>> No.14731353

what did i concede?

>> No.14731358

That you are a useful idiot, if not an enthusiastic accomplice, of the people creating a nightmare dystopia.

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You concede that they are indeed creating a nightmare dystopia, but then you go out of your way to gaslight people who reference this and to antagonize and demoralize anyone who advocates for an effective opposition.

>> No.14731371

Those organizations will get destroyed by lawsuits or by massive ESG funding of their competition

>> No.14731378

stop trying to whitesplain me cracker

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so you agree with my list of shit things? anything else you'd add?

>> No.14731401

>so you agree with my list of shit things?
It's surface level and partial, but that's kinda besides the point since you're complicit with everything you claim to oppose as explained here >>14731365

>> No.14731406

why won't you share your anxieties?

>> No.14731410

Yeah, okay. Anyway, what do you propose we do about all the problems you list? Should we all cast our votes for the Right Candidate (tm) and wait for things totally change this time? Should we plead and beg the mindless masses who support all of it to stop eroding the remnants of our so-called freedoms? Should we spread awareness on Twitter, write to our congressman and maybe seethe at people who correctly call this out as complicity?

>> No.14731422

i think you should buy a balaclava with a skull on it and larp online all day

>> No.14731426

I asked you a fair and relevant question. Why did you deflect and why will you do so again in your next post?

>> No.14731430

USA is such a bizarre country

>> No.14731434

the thing is, i don't know what specifically you are trying to oppose, so i can't assess the number of like minds you would have and the appropriate actions you could take with that in mind

>> No.14731447

>i don't know what specifically you are trying to oppose
But we're talking about your childlike list of problems. How should we oppose them?

>> No.14731455

well let's see yours. it's just "ree trannies ree vaccines" innit.

>> No.14731458

Notice how you're forced to deflect over and over.

>> No.14731467

there's nothing i can do. let's see yours

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>i don't know what specifically you are trying to oppose

>> No.14731480

>there's nothing i can do
But if other people deceide to get together and finally do something about it, this is bad, it makes you foam at the mouth, and you will spend more energy lashing out at them than you do on lashing out against the original culprits causing the problems. Interesting. You get the rope.

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