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couldn't be me. i would blow their minds with the chain rule .

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I wonder if this proof existed at that time. I love how anon recommended me to use Latex, so I did, and then this turned out to look like a professional mathematical paper of something.

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We're getting to the point where none of our engineers can make machines or devices from scratch and none of our doctors can cure people without pharma pills and modern equipment.

All our scientists and professionals would be useless if sent back in time.

That's why I found that anime Dr Stone extremely interesting

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CATS the ancient egyptian used this power their star gates

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>show desert wanderers a flashlight
>get stoned for witchcraft

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Explain the chain rule to me like I'm a peasant from 500 BC

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This is interesting fact, you could even make analogy that like 0.001% of programmers could build their own computer

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it is almost certainly lower than that.
compsci is attracting really low hanging fruit, and people like Terry Davis genuinely are either the elusive 1 in 10,000,000 unicorn, or fucking insane.

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Romans and greeks already knew the steam engine, all I had to do was point out their uses for war and construction.

Moreover, electricity isn't impossible to demonstrate, static is piss easy, just get something with the right material to run on your hair. Making copper threads and creating an AC might be harder.

I know it's possible to make electricity free fridges too, they're pretty cool and would be a massive logistics advantage

Of course, just knowing about the american continent geography would give you a high status.

I have no idea how well my biblical hebrew would translate to roman period hebrew though, but Hebrew is the only language I can use since I'm pretty sure English and Spanish wouldn't be understood

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>C = A + B

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it shows it in the image you dunderfuck
how fucking stupid are you? must have an actual 90 IQ retard right here.
don't even reply when you see how stupid you are. fucking moron.
I'm not even the guy who posted it.

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>it shows it in the image
without evidence/support
>you dunderfuck
>how fucking stupid are you?
>an actual 90 IQ retard
>how stupid you are. fucking moron.
>I'm not even the guy who posted it
take your anger-management meds

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>hurr durr without evidence
40 IQ is too generous

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take them

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take your anger-management meds, fgt pls

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take your anger-management meds, fgt pls

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that dr stone guy also couldnt really make anything usefull from scratch. didnt make his knowledge any less useful or mindblowing. science makes the tech possible but the R&D actually makes it feasible. like with nasa and not being able to go back to the moon.

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so retarded you can't even reply right.
it's fucking Side Angle Side. it says it right in the fucking text in the image.
read next time you make an ass out of yourself on the internet.
And when I tell you not to fucking reply to me just sit the fuck down and cry about it you little pussy, because you are fucking retarded, and I know more than you.
You understand me little bitch boy pussy? fuck you, your dog and your mother.
here's a fucking site that will educate you, although you very clearly aren't capable of intelligent thought.

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>you little pussy
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lel all you can do is spam after you got BTFO by elementary school math.

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stop replying, pussy

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When all you can do is shittalk, and skip your meds.

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>stop replying
no U

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>I got filtered by Side Angle Side.
reply to this post telling me to take my meds retard. I'm fucking your whore mother while she cums on my cock.
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>reply to this post telling me to take my meds retard.
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>"without evidence/support"
>take your anger management meds

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>1 hour, 20 minutes later...
try to keep up, Anon

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He who has the chain, makes the rules. Now move along, slave.

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>muh divine intelect davis
The guy had a masters in cs from an uni that was not a diploma mill, any cs grad that has a gpa higher than 3.6 could do what he did and more, i hate this website

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do it then. you won't though, and neither has any of your purported "higher than 3.6 GPA" acquaintances.

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Up yours niggerlover, there are highschool students that make their own chips using maskless lithography by niggerrigging a projector to get 20 um masks, making your own OS and compilers is part of a real cs undergrad program , these days those are considered hobby projects and i have done them too being mildly interested in that area, once again, i should browse hackernews rather than this board, but i come here to mog shitheads like you

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There are hole countries in Africa and Souh Asia with 70~89 average IQ

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>enter what I think is the humor thread
>It's just two retards posting the same shit, almost verbatim, back and forth

sigh. Serves me right for not checking the image count first

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>just two retards posting the same shit
Lrn2Posters fgt pls

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>Failing to grasp elementary school geometry

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>Failing to explain the diagram

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>I'm so retarded i need to be spoonfed the pythagorean theorem
I sincerely hope you're trolling

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I would invent the sandwich.

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>>Romans and greeks already knew the steam engine, all I had to do was point out their uses for war and construction.
They didn't have the technology to develop steam engines with seals good enough to produce a useful amount of power.

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...is for children, and the weak-minded.

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An Interview with a Female Reptilian named Lacerta

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weak minded as yourself?

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Weak-minded as yourself, which is clearly much worse.

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They had an infinite supply of slave labor and less/no motive to invent labor saving devices.
The wheelbarrow is a surprisingly recent invention, it was not invented prior because using more slaves was an easier option.

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They didn't need labor, they needed precision machine shops.

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>romans had fire
>put fire in chimney
>toss in a rotating fan linked to an electromagnet
bonus if you can get a venturi going

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How can you have less than 50 IQ, and why is an idiot worse than an imbecile?

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Yes, mostly peoples from business field or humanities will be able to use their knowledge if sent back in time.

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>He who has the chain, makes the rules. Now move along, slave.
Peasant immediately rocks your shit and steals your chain and proceeds to beat you to death with it.

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How would the world be different if we introduced electricity and motors to the world in the time of the Greeks or romans?

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It would be as if Christianity never happened

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Print it off, and cut out triangles A and B

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Wrong. It would be a world without you.

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post your github then faggot
>inb4 i dont use that tranny shit
gitlab, my bad

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I know you're joking anon, but the fact that there are niggers who unironically believe this scares me.

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Hand washing
Filtering and boiling water, distillation.
Smallpox vaccine via cowpox

Enough knowledge to make you a healing wizard at almost any other time in history

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>Romans and greeks already knew the steam engine, all I had to do was point out their uses for war and construction.
They had small steam toys. Their metallurgy wasn't advanced enough to make high pressure vessels that you would need for any useful applications.

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I’ve thought about it and Chemists are by far the best specialization for something of this nature. Being able to bring back semi-modern metallurgical techniques would instantly rocket you to the 18th century. Even if you couldn’t do that, the modern atomic model and electron would be huge. And thousands of years of advancements in mathematics. Then of course you have some basic reactions and chemical processes, for example the haber-bosch process (for fertilizers). Then you have other random things like refrigeration, bombs, batteries, light bulbs, matches, thermometers, plastics (!!!), etc.
Depending on what you know, you could even build rudimentary photovoltaics, combustion engines, oil refineries, radios, practically anything.

The biggest thing that any scientist could bring, however, is a scientific revolution. Getting people to adopt the same mindset of discovery and empirical observation should be the greatest advancement you could bring.

Anyways, there are definitely a few key things any average Joe could “invent” if he were transported to the past:
>microscopes and telescopes
>steam engine

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The most important thing to do first is create a way of explaining things in a step-by-step manner (something like materials come from elements come from atoms) then expand on that for intelligent people who can actually make use of this knowledge - for example, engineers if that era has them. Teaching them about density, strength/stress and basic concepts like screw threads could help massively in letting them develop their potential.

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There are a lot of hobby OSes on OSDev. Terry used to frequent the forums often but he was banned a million times

I genuinely have never seen a website with dumber people than HN

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Ridiculous, the first british steam engine worked at a pressure of 1 bar. Thats still a lot stronger than animal power, of course you can get a lot done with that. Their metalurgy was fine too, you can make a whole steam engine from cast iron. Every part.
Pipes cant take an extreme pressure you say? Keep the pressure to a manageable limit and work with low pressure steam, say stem at 120 celsius. That will also help you keep the lubricants working.

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what is wrong with bongs

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Doctors are not miracle workers. They require a medical team supported by infastructure. One person cannot know, build, and operate everything. Why do you think society was created in the first place

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>All our scientists and professionals would be useless if sent back in time.
Engineers and doctors? Maybe, but a scientist or professional by definition must be able to do science or be a professional. Otherwise, I am sorry to say, all you sent back in time, were HACKS.

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This is excellent advice.

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Oh, wrong thread

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Next phase in history will either be a new collapse, or the singularity.

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>Don't give the fish, teach how to fish.
You don't need to vomit every quantum physics article into them, there is no point in doing this.
What you can do is to introduce basic concepts that will put them into the right path faster than waiting for someone to come up with them eventually.

Just introducing hindu–arabic numerals and basic algebra to them would accelerate math for centuries, no need for much proofing, just show them it works and they will find the proofs later.
If you are felling bold you can try teaching the cartesian plane and the basics of functions, those are things we teach to school children.

For other fields you can show some useful chemical reactions, some useful machine mechanisms, the very basics of physics to put them on the path of newtonian physics, farming related knowledge. Tell them that very small animals cause diseases at that washing your hands and boiling water prevents those diseases, and other sanitary and health topics. Show that larvae don't spontaneously appear on rotten meat.

Teaching heliocentrism would be hard but maybe not impossible. There are some things that would be better to not tell in order to not make them all angry, like questioning their religion.

>And most of all, show them good practices, how to prove through experimentation, logic, and such.

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There's not a single human alive today that can remake a modern day CPU from scratch. Especially not if they were tranported back 5000 years in past, at the creation of Mankind.

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>people have to work together to make shit
mind blowing stuff, it's only been like this for thousands of years

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This >>14720764. Nobody's going to achieve a revolution in their own lifetime. If you get stuck with no ability to extend your 'effective' liftime (e.g. cheating the system by depositing some tech principles then jumping forward some generations to see how they're getting on) then you have to make do by leaving things that will last: principles and knowledge.
Also maybe some kind of cool stone monument with intricate carvings explaining the universe that some movie characters millenia later can hear a legend about and have an adventure locating.

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i'm not sure how I missed that, thanks angry anon

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Gone too soon

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