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Yes but only because I could comprehend linear functions while the rest of the class had their brains fried immediately.

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C's get degrees, baby. Not even close.

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Browsing /sci/ for a few minutes will tell you that most people here are schizos who failed their undergrad courses

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Very much this. Majority are seeking validation because of their dogmatic believe in science and anyone challenging their constructed larp is wrong so there is no room for discussion most of the time.

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Here we have one the schizos I referred to. As you can see, they're very common.

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Do you disagree? How so?

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yes, but females were more diligent
cattle that is obedient does best in classes
better than edgy teenager smartasses that refuse to learn for tests

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No but I was really good at convincing people I am by using big words like the proffesional pseud I am. That is ofcourse I'm posting here and not being a productive member of society.

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No but I was really good at convincing people I am by using big words like the professional pseud I am. That is ofcourse why I'm posting here and not being a productive member of society.

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Well, at least you tried.

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I'm a schizo who got best grades. What now?

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Yes. Now I’m the dumbest person I know.

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You were in special ed

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Every class with midwits feels like special ed.

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In math yes by a mile, too bad I never new that math could be used to become anything but a math teacher so I never persued it.

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Elementary school yes
High school probably not
University fuck no

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I usually wasn't the one with the best grades, more like 2nd/3rd, but the ones before me all failed later.
I remember not only understanding things that midwits couldn't understand, but also knowing where they would start to lose the thread.

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>you were the kid in your class who was too uptight and insecure to socialize so you hid from reality and from your inability to mature the way your peers did by cramming your nose in a book, right?

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more like at school, teachers included.

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You're my kindred spirit. Everyone assumes I'm smart, I guess I give off a nerdy vibe, and I did get good grades (through hard work), but I'm the definition of a midwit.

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I went from special ed in high school (gpa was super low and I never went to school, just played counter-strike) to a 3.9 at a top 10 school (majoring in math).

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in high school i was smartest kid in my class and like 20. smartest kid in school. i don't even want to talk about collage

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No, but I was the gayest

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You got that right, C's and F's across the board

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No, 13 other kids were ahead of me.

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lol. I just finished my MSc and I was still the smartest.

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I guess so

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used to, now i'm a drop out neet...

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no, not in bible class

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>you were the blackest kid in your class right

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Nice try, I didn't even go to college.

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I was the dumbest one according to my grades. Now I’m the richest.

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No, I'm an idiot who finished 3rd to 2nd last every semester at HS and can't even get to any uni. Now I'm a NEET that only come here because of my interest in biology (eventhough I'm not good at it in study)

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It’s the opposite; most people here got filtered by science courses at some point so they attach themselves to nonsense esoteric theories to cope

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in the top 3 in highschool, nobody in uni. big fish effect hits your ego very hard

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So, at the end of the day the problem is people get attached to ideas and don't have an open mind when challenged, but the view from muh science book is correct because we've collectively drilled a concept down to the umpteenth degree so only the most dedicated of autists possess the fruit of the real knowledge. It can't possibly be wrong as the cost that was sunk to derive this is too great so it's definitely not dogma being chanted by the priests who spent 10,000 hours studying the word of the lord. I understand now. Thanks anon I now understand the folly of my reasons. I assumed people on /sci/ were smart.

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Dr Vaggers, I presume

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