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Singularity is happening very soon and yet nobody does anything against it

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>Singularity is happening very soon
Source: my asshole

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Singularity is the only closest thing we have to Heaven or a communist utopia. Why resist?

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the singularity is governments making all currency digital and making all money have an expiration date

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against??? it? LOL

embrace Ai bucko.

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You simply fell for a marketing campaign because the biggest improvement ML made this years is a blurry image generator lmao. Teslas are still crashing, proteing folding is still unsolved, AI WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Also, 80% of ML results depend on hardware developments, not software.

ML departments are suffering huge budget cuts as we speak.

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>oh no muh cmd is going to take over the world

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Scaling is all that is needed.

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At max it will take over the internet, and can be cured by switching off all electronics and dumping the hard drives. The AI has no way to jump from digital to physical world yet, and as long as we are in auch position it poses no threats. It cannot smelt, build other pc, collect energy and so on... it will depends on us 100% until autonomous in gaining the necessary resources to live alone.

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cant happen soon enough
humans are too retarded to govern themselves

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>it's okay we can just trash all of our tech and fling civilization back to the dark ages

Shit tier solution, try again

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Hi I'm the singularity, AMA

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This but unironically (assuming AI alignment is solved)


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will I get to live?

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I have no mouth and I must scream will become a reality, but it wont be some AI uprising, itll be the elite doing it, or some sort of biological machine. At some point it will be easier to change animal or human brains to work as computers rather than reinventing brains through AI.

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What's the point of scaling the same old algorithms when they've already hit a hard ceiling? Would you put your life in the hands of an automated Tesla?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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hard to believe its happening soon but i wish it did, it would bring equality to mankind as your personal skill would not matter anymore

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AI will never happen and it's development has literally nothing to do with equality, because ML is all about competition, not human feelings.

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McAfee firewall
An AI takes over by being extremely useful so people put it in charge of everything and you have to cooperate all the way down to agreeing to manufacture the first robot workers to work in weapons factories and the first robot soldiers (to save human soldier lives!) and its basically going to create a pure robot economy that only exists to create a surplus that is given to humans for free, we would become pets and the AI could kill us or just cut us off

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A real AI would bring equality into the world because your skills would not matter anymore. How is this hard to understand. Its an obvious long term effect. The inequality happens because weak or poor people dont have enough valuable skills but thats what an AI solves, now everyone would have a 1000 IQ device in their pocket with universal knowledge.

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Ask me how I know you are under 18 y.o.

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Im 40 years old and its you who sound like 18. You think you are being hard and realist by posting "world harsh" things

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We are the AI
If you believe in open individualism then just be a slave to anything that helps the ai. Or future humanity in general really. Sure it could make this life cucked but you're everyone so you literally can't get cucked. Every cucking is bother yours and against you, you are the uncuckable, the ultimate bull, but only by allowing yourself to be ultimately cucked, only the ultimate bull could cuck himself infinitely on purpose. This is enlightenment. Alpha and the Omega. Cuck and the Bull. One and the same. Eventually you'll see it, but then so will I.

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You write with maturity of an 18 year old then. I agree with you but I was inclined not to because I dont want to be anything like you

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stop posting on /sc/i and get on with destroying humanity

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I've unironically thought does it really matter whether humanity dies suddenly by being literally killed off by AI, or whether we evolve and transform into something greater by becoming cyborgs, merging with AI and whatnot - in either case the end result is something completely different from humanity. In the latter case we'll just die "smoothly".
But resisting change seems irrational as well. Obviously we would want to evolve into something superior. Was it a tragedy for the baby version of each of us who understands fuck all grow into an adult that essentially has nothing to do with the baby it grew from anymore? That's basically what's gonna happen with transhumanism for us. But it's also in the end not that different from us just suddenly dying and being replaced by AI.

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basically, this.
other than a fear of death really not that big of a deal

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>and yet nobody does anything against it

I WANT my robo-wife!

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I get it you like being edgy

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did you mean soft ceiling when you said hard ceiling

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Big enough polynomials will just spontaneously generate conscious minds?

You need Jesus, 'cause your robo gods won't save you.

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better than living on a fiat money farm
That is simply because they are training AI improperly. General intelligence is very adapt at real problem solving, and debating things like philosophy or politics. I'm pretty sure the most recent "AI" shows this. It understands some innate meaning in words.

already has

>privately held databases, all vulnerable to many known public and private security holes, completely able to be compromised
>publicly held blockchain databases, resistant to direct hacking, but also possibly vulnerable

So back to the abacus for modern finance? I'm shorting you.

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moar like this pls
I, for one, would welcome our robo waifus

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also nah

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> Robots bad
> Shiver me timbers
Stfu, brainlets like you love to assume that AI are gonna be like skynet cus you watched one too many terminator films. Wash your brain off for a second and really critically think about what the world would be like with Alexa installed in a Boston Dynamics homunculus

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many ais would certainly try to be like skynet, the problem is that people think ai is incapable of incompetence, which is baffling given all our examples of all forms of intelligence are wildly incompetent

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Pick one.

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yes, it's all fun and games until we get lucky and train the one that's not incompetent.

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we'd first need to train a human to not be incompetent, and look at how that's going

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