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You are standing on the moon, you throw a rock at earth, would it potentially hit it?
>inb4 the atmosphere would burn it up.
Can it be done?

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The escape velocity of the moon is 2.38 km/s or 10080 km/h

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need a pretty good arm

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Anyone who spends considerable amount of time on /b/ or /gif/ has one

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>>inb4 the atmosphere would burn it up.
That's a good enough shot by then, and that means you would of hit it had the atmosphere not been there. . .

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Short stokes probably aren't that useful for launching objects into space.

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with your hand? not happening. throwing it from LEO would be a sure shot

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If you stood with the Earth directly overhead and pitched the rock at the horizon due east at 1730 + 680 = 2410 m/s (which would be mach 7 back on Earth), its trajectory would depress down into the Earth's atmosphere. Assuming this rock is small enough to hold, there's no way it's making it to the ground though. Even if it barely scraped the upper atmosphere over a dozen passes and slowed until its orbit became circular, eventually it would dig its heels in under 120 km or so and burn up. If you cast it in a big blob of epoxy mixed with fiberglass it might make it down. When Apollo crew did their 680 m/s trans Earth injection they'd wind up with a perigee of only 50 km.

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Couldn't throw it from LEO either. Fastest baseball pitch was 47 m/s. Nominal LEO velocity is 7,500 m/s. Throwing it directly towards Earth would do absolutely nothing and throwing it behind you would maaybe make it reenter several orbits before you do.

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You? No chance

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if by throwing you mean using a very powerful railgun, sure.

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i have a pretty good pitching hand

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>be me
>tasked with the most important pitch in the world
>I am to throw a stone so hard that it reaches escape velocity at such a perfect angle that it cascades towards the earth
>years of angry masturbation has prepared me for this
>begin rolling pitching hand
>"Oh Gawd! I'm going to moon! I'M MOONING!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"
>zero dexterity has made it hit my ship
>gas lodge explodes and the hull erupts spilling the tank all over the face of it
>I did it
>I finally did it
>I coomed on the moon

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can't tell if based or cringe ksp poster

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You've watched wayyyy too much animay.

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That's kinda what Luna 16 did, it launched a capsule with a soil sample using a single engine burn and landed in kazakhstan without doing any mid course maneuvers.

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I get paid to do research on spacecraft TPS materials. I'm working on a master's degree in aerospace engineering, but I also play heavily modded ksp (cringe)

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instead of using fuel woundlt it be better if we manipulate the aether into propulsion?

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Because jacking off is exactly like throwing a heavy object.
Fucking idiot coombrain.

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but muh conserved angular momentum at 12000 rpm!!!

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No it would orbit the moon you retard

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especially if you throw it at the visual position og earth

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Good idea

How though

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