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Is this still accurate in 2022? If not, what would the current year version be?

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Astronomy belongs in shit tier.

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le god tier, is dis le true 4chins xD

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in terms of what?
salary? contribution to society? general usefulness? required IQ?

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Ease of finding a high paying job

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This is as true today as it was when I went to college 12 years ago

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Obviously anyone with that mindset is nigger tier and should choose business studies

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Move Astronomy and Medicine down to Top tier, and bump CS up to Top tier
I have spoken

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If you can't tell from the OP image, you're a low iq dummy. Back to /b/ with you.

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Medicine ? retard spotted

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Most medicine students i've met were pretty dumb, most of them struggled with basic math

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They're just specialized vets, stop glorifying them

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The hardest part about med is getting in. The degree is easy and low IQ.

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>Back to /b/ with you
I'd rather shit this place up than go back

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Most medicine students don't become doctors, fucking retard.

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Why are you so upset about medicine going into top tier, it doesn't belong in god tier

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History, classics, and philosophy belong i. God tier.
political science in top tier
Computer science would be God tier if it weren’t filled with vapid pajeets. As things are Computer Science education is degrading so while the topic has potential I think mid tier is the right place these days.
Business is mid tier because you’ll make money
Economics is top tier.
Archeology is mid tier to his tier depending on how much of a pothead they are.
Music theory is at least mid tier

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>Most medicine students don't become doctors
Source: deepest parts of my ass

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>History, classics, and philosophy belong i. God tier.
>political science in top tier
I understand where you're coming from and 50 years ago when these fields were actually about the pursuit of truth I'd agree with you but the reality is today they are all watered down to women's studies tier and the grant money goes to making up stories about how trannies and blacks were actually responsible for every historical event and idea instead of pursuing truth.
Business is low tier because you can literally have a retard level IQ and economics should really be kid tier but >not a science

Music is the only one I agree with you, it's not listening to imagine dragons all die its learning concepts like harmony and counterpoint that actually have their basis in physics and mathematics

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>chemical engineer
i am a god amongst children

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Noble tier: Discrete Mathematics
Troglodyte tier: Everything else

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I wonder if the reason why our current AI researchers are so hopelessly lost are ideas like this. Philosophy is shit tier? Okay, how do you grapple with nuance of consciousness without it? Psychology is low tier while our society is spreading apart at the seams due to mental health issues, cool. Politics are shit tier and it shows considering our current political climate is pandering to a population of people who don't understand politics so your husband can win big at stock market, cool. History is shit tier so we can loop repeating the same mistakes in perpetuity, sweet. This list is made to seek validation not seek any understanding.
current state of /sci/ was a joke before /pol/ made their way here. Now it's predominantly larping about science rather than thinking scientifically.
Also, if this guy is correct
Then your god tier is learning how to move a mouse cursor around on an interface. If space and time are not fundamental then we're priming this audience to larp having a superiority complex while society underneath them functions like a square wheel.

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t. sociology with gender and LGBT studies major

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Incorrect, thanks for playing.

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The exceptional physics masters were alway the ones who knew both physics and philosophy. Really there wouldn't have been a single great minded educated man who was not well versed in philosophy as well, ever, in history. These is what made the founding fathers of QM so excellent. Most of them were immersed in philosophy as well. Even back to plato and aristotle. Descartes, leibniz, always there was this confluence. Really this applies to mathmatics as well.And astronomy. Engineering. Vitruvius.

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>Psychology is tearing our society apart at the seams, so why are you calling it shit tier?

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Cool reading comprehension, friend.

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or maybe OP is a low iq dummy who doesn't understand that ranking systems should have some sort of criteria instead of just "le good" and "le bad" gamer labels

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Get a cyber security degree, its money for nothing

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>The solution so psychology tearing our society apart is a sharper focus on society
You're a retard.

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Well, at least you're trying. This is a world salad, friend. Additionally, you're focusing on a single point propping up a larger argument. Until you zoom out you're hopelessly stuck larping.

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There is a ranking system. You're just too stupid to infer what it is.

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>The pillar upon which I built my argument is in down, but you're still not refuting my argument
Embarrassing, you should kys

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A pillar is challenged with world salad, sure. Do you not understand the argument?

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I earned 6 figures out the gate with my shit-tier degree, but everyone I graduated with is unemployed or working as a cashier so on the whole I think my program was a bust

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You think psychology is the cure to all these mental illnesses arising (e.g. tranny Syndrome). What you don't understand is that psychology isn't the treatment, it's the cause you fucking moron. Psychologists are to blame for reinforcing this social decay.

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Ah, there is. I disagree. Without understanding which is what psychology seeks to do we're groping blindly in the dark. Also, I didn't claim psychology was a cureall you've inserted that yourself because you're running off a markovian dialogue tree you've memorized and are desperate to throw it in the mix because the word psychology was used in a post.

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Name the degree then, post is useless without it

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This. Kinsey and Money are the ones responsible for this tranny contagion. That boomer is retarded.>>14596443

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It's money. Mystery solved.

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>Psychology is low tier while our society is spreading apart at the seams due to mental health issues, cool
Kys dishonest shill. This here indicates you believe psychology is the cure to the mental illness like trannyism in society. Psychology isn't the treatment, it's the cause. Simple as.

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Oh good, /pol/ is here to discuss science with the group. How fun for everyone. I love to get a glimpse into the mind of the unhinged.
Keep up the great work, fellas.

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Let me guess: BMI over 30, balding, thick glasses? How many out of 3?

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>ease of finding a high paying job
CS should be god tier, IT should be top tier, and astronomy, math, physics, and chemistry should be mid tier. This isn't even a CS positive post. It's the fact of the matter that Eng/CS makes way more out of undergrad than most majors, and science in general does not pay. You don't get into science for dollars.

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>Is this still accurate in 2022?
It was never accurate to begin with

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Your value system is tied to women's opinions of you. You didn't have to say it, we all already knew, but it's nice to have confirmation. I am sure that's exactly what Nitsczhe meant by ubermensch.

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You can read about the pedophiliac, perverse history of Kinsey (father of tge sexuality spectrum) and Money (father of gender theory) on Wikipedia. I understand these facts make you uncomfortable, to know that you support an ideology founded on perversion and child abuse. The rational thing to do is to abandon such poisonous ideology. But no, you're a moron (likely either gay, trans, or some flavor of both) and refuse to believe you've been duped. So instead you'll dismiss these facts as that of the le heckin evil /pol/erino.

Seriously, you should kys. You know you want to.

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>tfw Msc in Financial Econ
>At equal or out earn all the stem engineers I know, with the exception of the bio engineer.
>Relative to time since graduation I out earn them all.
Turns out being good in econometrics classes leads to you being a well paid excel macro monkey.

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>god tier
biology, physics, all of engineering

>Top Tier
philosophy, mathematics, medicine

>Mid Tier
Social sciences (-globohomo), psychology, economics, businesse

>Low Tier
Geology, anthropology, astronomy, archeology and all the study of specific useless things

>Shit Tier
Languages, linguistics, political science, music, anything pretentious that can be done better by some random person outside of academia

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I am good, thanks. Shouldn't discourage you from larping. Please go on. Two perverts set society in motion to perversion with cat boys? Does a little feminine cock in a mini skirt give you a chub and you find yourself fighting hard resisting the temptation?

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>Does a little feminine cock in a mini skirt give you a chub and you find yourself fighting hard resisting the temptation?
The fact this crossed your mind says more about you than it does me. Sounds like I pegged you correctly: you're a victim of the very social decay I talked about.

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You're larping about social decay from particular angle that points straight at feminine cocks given your propensity to screech about how other people being trans is somehow affecting you. The pieces simply fall into place and I am calling out the picture. Do you not like what you see?

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Anon, I am sorry you've been hurt by this social decay. You were a human, and are the victim of child abuse. It's not your fault, but I'm also not going to affirm your delusions. I'm going to be honest with you. There is no return. There is no redemption for you. There is no salvation. You'll continue down acts of more sick and twisted perversions, it's a slippery slope of constant increases in perversion. I'd be lying to you if I said you can still be saved. Like I said, I'm sorry you suffered such child abuse, and it's not your fault. Your future is bleak. Just please don't rope more children into it.

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Being an obese and balding subhuman isn't just repulsive to women. It is repulsive to all normal humans. Why did you think of women at first instance? Sore topic?

>> No.14596520

You're not engaging with my questions. Is it because you don't like what you see? Also, I am running to the local orphanage right now. I am thinking MKUltra style LSD driven anime fem boys slideshows and the kids only eat after an 8 hour regiment. You're directly responsible for this. Well done, anon.
Because if you're not gay or trans the only one left to attract is women. At least you tried, buddy.

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Again, the fact that this is the kind of degenerate stuff your mind wanders to says more about you than you know. Normal people, hell even autistic people, don't have those kinds of thoughts. I know you think you're "trolling" with your sarcasm. You know what they say: sarcasm is merely a vehicle for the truth.

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>Hurr durr I'm only being sarcastic about sexually abusing children.
You're sick and need to be hanged.

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Which country?

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Yeah, they same that about sarcasm hurting. I am glad I am hurting you. Anyways, I am thinking I start with like 20, and then we get more funding from the psychologists cabal to expand into hundreds next semester. We start at 4 so pre-kinder garden so they can begin spreading the message once they're in the public education pool.
Come try it.

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Looks like we le heckin evil /pol/erinos struck some nerves.

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For sure. I am using the rage I feel to fill out the adoption applications faster. You're fueling the progress. Post more.

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Does this mean you don't know the details of Alfred Kinsey's experiments with child abuse, and how he extended his findings from literal convicted sex offenders and pedophiles to the general population? Do you also not know about how John Money sexually abused the Reimer twins?

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I am learning by the minute. I am going to introduce them as the founders in my curriculum.

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>Kinsey's research on human sexuality, foundational to the field of sexology, provoked controversy in the 1940s and 1950s. His work has influenced social and cultural values in the United States as well as internationally.
>Kinsey wrote about pre-adolescent orgasms using data in tables 30 to 34 of the male volume, which report observations of orgasms in over 300 children aged from two months up to fifteen years
>It was later revealed that Kinsey used data from a single pedophile and presented it as being from various sources. Kinsey had seen the need for participant confidentiality and anonymity as necessary to gain "honest answers on such taboo subjects".
And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Move psychology to shit tier

>> No.14596559

Cool, thanks for sharing. Tell me more. Tell us all about it in this thread on /sci/ about which career field gets you most money. It only happens because jannies are incompetent and let /sci/ devolve into this. How very poggers.

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One of the nordics.

>> No.14596564

>about which career field gets you most money
That's not what the thread is about retard. It's about IQ and utility for society. I'm justifying to you why psychology is ranked so low.

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it's not a popularity contest, retard, just pick the one you think is useful and/or interesting to you

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Space and time are not fundamental. You're larping on the internet about how jerking off numbers is a utility to society while society is falling apart in real time. If this chart is representative of our current society, this hierarchal structure has failed and you now need to face reality.

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This has nothing to do with money and was the catalyst for the entire discussion, which I accept your concession for btw.
So by your own argument, you are posting off topic drivel and should be banned. Thanks for playing, fag. :)

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As long as you're banned with me.

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There is no evident or consistent ranking system and you pretending otherwise to imply that you're some smart shit makes you look like an absolute fuckin faggot. Thats why 2 replies later you still can't point out what it is.

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All of them are god tier, if you lack a fundamental understanding of everything in the world that surrounds you then you are stupid.
Note that understanding topics does not mean you have to follow their beliefs without question, rather make an attempt to identify mistakes and improve upon them.

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Music is superior to law.
Anybody can suck their way to the top of a bureaucracy.

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Va te faire ouftre!

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the degree doesnt matter that much. what matters is your ability. if youre very good you can get a job anywhere and earn 500k a year. if you are shit, you still wont get shit no matter your degree

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this site is just reddit with the ability to call each other retard/faggot
substantively it's the exact same.

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faggot retard

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God tier: Nothing. Anything that comes from men cannot be "God" tier

Fun and useful tier: Music, History not taught in school and universities.

Fun, but still garbage tier: Philosophy,

Scam Tier: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacology & Toxicology, English, Women's Studies. Political Science; Archeology, Economics, Information Technology, Business Studies, Geology, Statistics, Engineering(Engineers are arrogant idiots, who make simple things complicated and do worse than uneducated workers), Computer Science, Life Sciences, History taught in school and universities

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Why are you even on this board

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Beyond God Tier:
Biology, Agriculture

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Then why is comp sci in mid tier, it is the best way to earn money outside of being in the government

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The image is obviously about how those topics are as university majors and not as topics themselves.
Im sure psychology is fascinating but then go to any uni department and all you'll encounter is marxist, post modernist dribel wrapped in feel good bullshit, and a legion of spoiled middle upper class women and faggots studying it. Its just a completely worthless degree, even if the topic itself is interesting.
Do you get it now?

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I am a Physicist (feels good!), did experimental physics PhD so got some statistics.
By occupation I am a patent attorney, working with physics, IT and engineering based technologies, which means I studied patent law. Some of my best paid colleagues work with chemistry and life sciences patent applications.
Patenting involves patent strategy, which is a specialised form of business and economics.
Outside work, quite a few of my colleagues play musical instruments and are above average interested in history.
So, no need to limit yourself to one single tier.

At least the job market is, according to one of my colleagues.

A fifth of physics graduates end up in banking and management consulting. They will earn more than programmers do.

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it's true, science is only secondarily about examining the world, gathering data, and making claims, in reality the vast majority of the work, and the most important work, that a scientist does all happens in their own mind as they first think about the world and then think about what implications their data has

the ability to think well is the most crucial thing there is, but it doesn't seem to be in fashion

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>electrical engineer
>mogs you

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then engineering should be in mid-tier at best, and CS should be in god tier

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Here is the updated version

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>tfw you weren't born rich

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