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Damn, it's really going to take some time for us human beings to accept reason and faith, right? It's going to be really cool when people realise that things like infinity it's really abstract, and we can't use our senses to understand that. People always knew what god was and still won't understand because >reason

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God isn't real. >>>/x/

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How do you distinguish "real" from "not real"?

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About as much time as it takes a street shitter to get potty trained.

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What the fuck are you talking about?

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God isn't real, and if he is real he is merely more of the same as we are, but a higher order or w.e. so it's irrelevant.

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How do you define God? What would constitute evidence for God's existence? How do you know materialism/reductionism is true?

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Clever sky man who designs universes and judges you. Evidence would be clouds parting and God appearing (but like, that could be an alien shapeshifter as well at that point lmao. He'd have to make stuff appear and w.e.).

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Reason dennotes that a God can't exist. And even by some strange miracle that God did exist, he's not a God that should be worshipped or celebrated

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