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why is this idiot claiming that the stars aren't prohibitively distant

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because they aren't for our immortal AI robot cyborg offspring?

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who is prohibiting it

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Because prohibitive is not the same thing as hard or challenging. All the technologies required are completely feasible to be developed. There's no sci-fi magic required.

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physics is boring and scifi makes for great clickbait, comments and spread
i.e. you, posting this

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It is more likely that we will achieve immortality in the next 30 years than FTL in the next 1,000 years.

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We just need AI seeder ships like in Songs of a Distant Earth. EZ

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>i can't tell the difference between my comic books and irl, i have no critical thinking ability whatsoever

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What is "prohibitively distant"? With an Orion generation ship we could probably do it if we considered with worth 80% of government spending.

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I dont really care what a pseud like you thinks. The OP is a shitpost so Im posting accordingly.

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He believes in string theory and a bunch of other non sense.

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Fantastic inference anon, that's exactly what he meant and you in no way grossly misinterpreted anything.

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String theory isn't nonsense.

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>achieve immortality
>get on ship
>spend 1000 years going to a star
>on the way run into aliens
>have sex with many various alien women from many alien species
>marry a catwoman
>continue journey to planet
>get there
>still be immortal
life enjoyed, thoroughly.
>live on cool planet

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string theory doesn't even operate on reality. In order to get any of that bullshit to work you need to operate on a fake universe with a negative cosmological constant.

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String theory is the pinnacle of professional mathematical masturbators pretending to be physicists. Zero real word predictions since its inception, string theory failed the test of time miserably.

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Ok the big brains whats the universe made out of then

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The nearest ones aren't. We'll get the technology needed one day if we don't destroy ourselves by then.
But 99.999999% of the universe is and will forever be inaccessible.

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Mostly random structures which overtime tend to form temporary ordered forms, especially after huge energetic events. My point is that it's irrelevant, and even if you wanted to find meaning underneath the huge mess that reality is, string theory is definitely not gonna help.

Why? It doesn't matter, it's just your brain looking for distractions. Have sex.

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>Mostly random structures which overtime tend to form temporary ordered forms, especially after huge energetic event
Ok cool, Is there a name for this so I can read more about this angle

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>he NEEDS to know what the universe is made of
this is the first fallacy

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I wouldn't get my hopes up for FTL anon, FTL fundamentally violate causality.

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he's talking about quantum field theory i think, it's kind of hard to tell

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>All the technologies required are completely feasible to be developed
not really. it's fun to think about but execution isnt the same as theory. for example we have solar system radiation AND interstellar radiation to contend with if you want to ignore the distance/time aspect

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all of which were covered in his last video and neither radiation is a problem.

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you can shield from radiation you know

just put some mass there

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>comic bookish science fiction is real
>i know because i saw a social media influencer on youtube say so
common sentiment

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brainlets detected

ST is a great brainlet filter because it takes high intelligence to even begin to understand it and why it is the only viable approach to "theory of everything"

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how can it be the only viable approach to a theory of everything when it's actually demonstrably not viable though

that seems like a contradiction

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