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My wife's tits kinda look like that. The kids of having children.

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my balls look like that

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Currently known ground state

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You may have varicocele, get tested

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the big bang was a false ground state decay, likely in a singularity

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is time emergent or fundamental?

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Here, I hope this helps
I hope the fall damage isn't too severe, go see a doctor soon

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That looks like a pretty high barrier. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Just to clarify, this is forward in time if you're going into the frame and to the left, and backwards in time if you're going out of the frame and to the right and up and so on

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So how much energy would you need? Even fucking quasars are nit energetic enough.

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Also, if you rotate the picture clockwise somehow instead of the usual anticlockwise, you get more axes

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Get fucked. You don't belong here, /sci/ requires a minimum of 85 IQ to post, it's in the rules

In any case, check out this related VR360 video. Look at the rainbows on the edges toward the end

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Fuck, sorry, I forgot to link the video

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The point I'm trying to make here I guess is that black holes visually look like infinitely deep extruded tunnels into the CMB, but the tunnel is weirdly sliced and wrapped back around it through the rainbows because the actual tunnel is invisible due to being oriented directly 180 degrees reverse perpendicular to your point of origin and FOV and so on

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It's kind of like how if you're on a ship or submarine directly over a deep ocean trench, if you happen to sink you can fall directly down almost Physics 101 kinetically, but in space it's much deeper and much worse

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I swear to god I literally actually believe that the holographic hypothesis goes wrong because Stephen Hawking spent way too much time in high powered observatories in his youth, got brain implosion disease, and then subsequently spent way too much time being weirdly extruded in very slow wheelchairs thinking one very slow very abstract thought at a time

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There's always a ground state bellow the ground state.

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Almost certainly not true I m o because you can always just keep redefining the ground state to be flatter harder and more painful ad infinitum

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The natural extension of this is the kind of gyroscopes and accelerometers and sensors that are likely to be on the latest model of his wheelchair. If the same thing were happening to him in intergalactic space, he would be slower and more powerful than ever

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Solved problem

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That's not solved though
There is an implied axis in the big black line and even another one in the penis
Even if the water goes all the way down in there, wouldn't it just generally splash around and into the penis and then outward?

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Also, the inevitable splashback creates the following thenomenon
pic related

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MuZero can solve this for you but unfortunately it looks like this

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>he knows nothing of the tunnels

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Is this about that game I played on steam the name of which I can't remember in which I got immediately annihilated by being cursed to turn into sand even if I return to the surface?

Anyway, blockchain can also solve this >>14599314 for you in a separate but different way but unfortunately it looks like this

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With their powers combined you kind of get this sort of thing going on

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Also, because of UV radiation and not the heat equation or nuclear stuff or anything else, in this specific case there's an additional time axis that goes like this

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I swear /sci/ is extra autistic today lmao

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Their autism is due to UV-jealousy. It's like UV-unwrapping but it's really cucked

Anyway, I'm trying to get this video right, but it's supposed to be a more real-time visualization of >>14599376

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No, it's a NANONIGGER because all the NIGGERs are in the True Ground State

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Not yet they aren't, SCOTUS hasn't gotten to that matter yet.

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The SCOTUS has no say or influence over the True Ground State

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If they're not six feet under, they aren't truly in the ground state.

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You'd be surprised

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Try that again but this time using intelligible English.

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Time to see a doctor.

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Your ability to explain things painfully abysmal. You may want to consider returning to Junior highschool English class.

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It isn't a /sci/ rule that you have to explain things on a 6th grade reading level, sorry

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Here, I tried to add the Vantablack-UV spectrum, I hope I got it approximately right

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Also here is an energy-time conjugation picture
I did my best to draw it, but this is the kind of thing you easily get wrong on a deep conceptual level

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This is the most autistic schizo thread i've ever seen lmao

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>tfw you can't tell whether you're on /x/ or /sci/ without checking

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50% of it is the same retard replying to himself

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Cool pic, what's it from?

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'False ground state' lmao. The real false ground state is atheism, you guys can't even stick to it for 20 years before decaying into ooohhhh spooky end of le world shit like this. Take away the book of revelations, and in a generation it's back, but worse.

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It's heading towards us RIGHT NOW at light speed.

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I made it in a thread from last week
It has a picture that so,ebody else posted

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It is a good thing. If you could conditionally prick the barrier, we would have lived in a magic reality. Imagine a device pricking the barrier depending on the condition for example "if a paper describing absolute efficient and easily understandable and implementable and non-killing cure for cancer materializes on my table". This event is extremily improbable and so has low entropy. In the wast majority of the worlds the device triggers false vacuum decay, which results in drastic increase of expectation of entropy. But in the world you and the Earth and the rest of Our Universe remain existing the solution just materializes on your table. And you don't care of other worlds, they are unreacheable and unobservable from your world and the shit like that happens constantly.

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Aren’t they safe to live with?

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I'm not a fucking schizo ok, this is real physics I'm just very bad at drawing

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No unfortunately as far as I can tell there are additional true and/or false ground stares even below atheism, not even making an agnosticism joke or anything
In my chart it's moving away and down and to the left but it just looks that way

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