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> 2022
> still no good cure for social anxiety and nervousness

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the cure is
>stop caring

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Youre a moron.

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> neurons firing on their own
> just stop caring lol

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amphetamine could help (I don't take it because it doesn't make me smarter, but it can make you much less anxious, that's for sure)

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Have you tried transcranial direct current stimulation (tdcs)? delivering very weak electric current through your scalp via rubber electrodes. Pair that with good habits and you'll be a normie in no time!

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you mean fry your brain? no thank you. next thing I know you guys will tell me to literally eat someones poop to restore gut bacteria.

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touch grass

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Feelings are not emotions.
You can simply stop being emotional if you want because it’s all in your head

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You'll produce a lesser effect if you continue to put yourself in those situations. You don't like the feeling, so you avoid it and come here to complain instead.

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Cognitive behavioural therapy.
If you want drugs, there are some available.

Of course though you don't want to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and attain personal growth, so you want le physician man Xdd to give you a magic pill to solve your problems.

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It's called confidence. It's something people can achieve through self reflecting and evaluating their inner thoughts which helps them to arrive at self-love which derives confidence in oneself.

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Yup. I have AvPD. I'm on 200mg of Zoloft, which helps a lot, but I can never actually ENJOY socializing. I can just act through it without freaking out, which is better than nothing.

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Not necessarily. I worked an office job for about a year and was exactly as panicked and nervous after that year as I was on my very first day. Zero improvement whatsoevet.

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I take luvox, brexpiprazole and atomoxetine. Works well. Also ethanol

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And I guess diabetic people should just lower their blood levels, nice response fucktard

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"Social anxiety" is bullshit. Feeling uncomfortable around midwits is just a natural reaction because midwits are horrible people.

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I've followed this exact path from an insecure person filled with self-loathing and anger and who felt a rush of anxiety standing in a crowd of people or sitting in a public bus to someone who has confidence to get 100's in public speech classes and has no issue communicating with people. Simply sharing what I know works. You do you though. Enjoy the suffering, friend.

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Push yourself physically to your absolute limits on a regular bases. Nothing else will help.

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Do more reading. Got me some nicotinyl GABA this week. Must suck that the FDA nuked the US market years ago. Unless it's easy to just order from some chem supplier.

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Every time I se nervous nerds like you op I want to smash their face. Why? Because the fuck you will do with it?

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if neurons are firing on their own then aren't you afraid they decide to KYS

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Anxiety is brain inflammation contributed to by neuron demylenation, aluminum, and mercury contamination of high fructose corn syrup

>star taking lugols iodine per instructions
>eat saturated fat daily, like a couple pieces of bacon
>cut out sugar


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I'm on medication. Been having a mild panic attack for hours. Started manual walking in public.

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fix your diet, start lifting and go out more.

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>social anxiety

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there are multiple cures

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>eat a proper diet
>go outside
>get some sun
>engage in physical exercise
Its that easy.

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Simple not easy. By claiming it's easy you're setting them up to fail because the second they start they're going to realize you've lied to them. It's actually difficult and requires self-discipline and a time invest without immediate pay off.

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just put down your phone lol its that easy

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Amphetamines increase anxiety in anxiety prone people, this has been proven


A ssri or snri usually does the trick really, really well. That's what I've been on, after a lifetime of refusing to take any psych medications in fear of the side effects. It turned out to be the best decision I've ever made in my life... I can't believe I put up with the daily anxiety & depression for so long because some asshole on the internet told me meds are bad.

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Stop watching porn.

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Increase inhibitive signalling and decrease excitatory signalling. I used to be mega anxious all the time until i went hard in to push my physiology the other way through food and natural (vitamins etc, not herbs) supplements. Of course i pushed way too hard and became horribly depressed and fatigued for a year or two, but I'm never truly anxious any more. Liver, magnesium, zinc, vitamin c, b vitamins, being adequately fed, avoiding caffeine/tannins, vitamin D, eggs, meat, glycine, theanine, can all have an anxiolytic effect. And if you managed to get depressed and tired like me, it's at least an opportunity to socialize without a psychological failstate since you'll be too zonked out to get anxious, and then when you feel better you have experience with the stressful situation which decreases the intimidation factor.

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you're probably tensing muscles you're not aware of tensing. in no particular order:
weed (just a little, for muscle relaxation), DMT, sauna, HIIT, psychotherapy, meditation, stretching

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Amphetamine makes people loose restraint. That's not the same as becoming less anxious. High anxiety, zero restraint is a good recipe for disaster.

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It's called a glass of wine my friend

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*dodo verdicts in your path*

what? if anything, confidence arises from NOT self-reflecting

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you VILL take ze meds!

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theyre called cigarettes

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Be like cock and harden the fuck up.

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Benzos and amphetamines. It's like a buffer solution for your psyche.

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Juts bee urself

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Xanax all day everyday

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Anxiety and nervousness are not supposed to be suppressed with medication. They are motivators and survival mechanisms. They are guides to behavior. Take the right actions and they will be manageable. Pharma already has many drugs that work acutely, but no one should be taking them outside of emergencies.

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>confidence is when you run away from yourself

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accept yourself
if you're a judgemental narcissist and can't live up to your own unrealistic standards you need to own up to that.

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so you're saying that, since these feelings are motivators and survival mechanisms, you should retreat from situations and stimuli that cause you nervousness or anxiety

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just b urself

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CBT helped me

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There is.

It’s called stop being a faggot.

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why did you waste seconds of your day posting this? do you also go on /gif/ and write seething essays at people for not sharing your tastes?

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Dont socialize.

You realize humans dont need to socialize right?

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The cure is to have your amygdala surgically removed.


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the cure has been the same since before you were born

keep working at it, get over yourself, fake it till you make it, etc etc

these are habitual problems and the only real way to fight them is to form different habits

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Sinister Night Visitors + over 300 documented cases where alien abductees claimed to have been "healed" by ufo occupants

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Give details please. I have bad anxiety when it comes to getting work done.

It's not even a thought. When I sit down to work on something I deem to be important, even if I find it interesting, I have a visceral, physical sensation of anxiety in my chest as well as typical nervous feelings. It's like whenever I commit to getting better at something, it becomes exponentially harder to work on it.

I know I need to get exposure to the situations that cause the anxiety and overcome it, but this is extremely draining and I burn out within hours. I feel like I could make affirmations to circumvent the urge to avoid but the feeling causing the avoidance is not one I can put into words, it's physical. I can't ever remember not feeling this, it's deeply rooted in my mental state.

I eat well, exercise very often, and sleep 8-9 hours a night as well as having a healthy (ish) social life.

If it's any use to anyone gracious enough to give advice, I am a very ambitious person, and the idea of not achieving my potential in life is terrifying. If I feel like I am not going to do something to the best of my potential, the feeling is extremely demoralising.

Any advice is appreciated, I've been trying to fix this for so long, not looking for an easy way out, just some guidance from anyone who struggled with this and dealt with it. Thanks

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It's called living a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life

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why are you surprised by this? it's an extremely complex issue, we'd be lucky to have effective treatment by 2100

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For me it was very gradual controlled exposure over a series of months

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>10,000–5000 BC: Discovery of late Stone Age jugs suggests that intentionally fermented drinks existed at least as early as the Neolithic period.[38]
>7000–5600 BC: Examination and analysis of ancient pottery jars from the neolithic village of Jiahu in the Henan province of northern China revealed residue left behind by the alcoholic drinks they had once contained. According to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, chemical analysis of the residue confirmed that a fermented drink made of grape and hawthorn fruit wine, honey mead and rice beer was being produced in 7000–5600 BC (McGovern et al., 2005; McGovern 2009).[39][40] The results of this analysis were published in December 2004.[41]
And foragers were probably using horse stomachs and the like for concoctions.

Tolerating being around people has been essential for our survival since well before the beginning of our species, monkeys use rudimentary hole tech to hoard and ferment certain kinds of melons and berries probably.

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You need the frontal lobes prioritized over the amygdala. drugs that do this are-
>sigma-1 agonists (luvox)
>5ht1a agonists (brexpiprazole, buspirone)
>a2c adrenergic antagonists (brexpiprazole, clozapine)
>norepinephrine uptake inhibitors (venlafaxine, atomoxetine)
my stack is 300mg luvox, 100mg atomoxetine and 4mg brexpiprazole

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lead an honest life or end up like picrel.

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I second this, that shit actually helps more than anything g

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>he doesn't know about the poop transplant

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>i don't want to develope as a person
>science should fix my social problems
Get fucked faggot.

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> still no good cure for social anxiety and nervousness

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