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do you stand up for /sci/ence?

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Yes, by reporting threads like this one

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Only the science which I can observe myself, if there is no empirical proof of something besides 20 pages of mathematical equations you might as well throw that theory in the trash

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No I hide my powerlevel in public

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>racial differences are real and primarily genetic
>IQ exists and matters
>chopping off your dick doesn't make you a woman
>strapping a piece of cloth to your face doesn't prevent disease
>journalists and TV people are not trustworthy sources for literally anything
>if someone predicts the world is going to end next year every year for a half century, that's not science, that's a doomsday cult

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>>racial differences are real and primarily genetic

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do NOT reply to soijaks
do NOT bump soijaks

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>strapping a piece of cloth to your face doesn't prevent disease
D-Do you never blow your nose?

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Awesome analogy fellow Sciencebro. High Sciencefive!