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>voyager 2 sends the same strange readings once it gets as far as voyager 1

How big would that be?

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I think he's talking about the heliosphere. Nothing is going to happen because we already know about it

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Nope. That's old news

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Voyager 1 is sending seemingly impossible telemetry data, which points to something being broken.

If Voyager 2 reports the same once it gets far enough then there is something we don't know happening out there.

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It passed beyond the render distance.

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Yes, according to V1's telemetry there is a warm and moist subtropical system forming inside the Oort cloud. If V2 confirms this its likely to mean hurricanes and heavy rain on Pluto for the next 10 billion years.

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Voyager 1 has passed through the Holographic screen and has no more data to send back because there's nothing there.
Space Isnt Real chads win again

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