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If I close my eyes, I can imagine a color. Furthermore, I can even see it in some circumstances, such as under the influence of certain drugs or in dreams or just before falling asleep. But how is something like this possible? How does the brain "invent" the effect of electromagnetic waves to represent colors? How does the "screen" that we have in our minds work?

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Photons strike cones and rods and cause electrons to move via the photoelectric effect. From there it's all circuits. Subjective perceptions of colors are up to however consciousness works. Could be souls, nobody knows. Nobody even says we see the same colors. But your colors are always consistent for you, so it doesn't matter.

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how could you imagine a color without seeing it? i can’t empathize with what you’re describing, sorry.

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Consciousness and synesthesia

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creative brain be like,
ay mayn, imagine me some b00bies pls

computer brain be like,
let me run the the numbers . . .
bada bing
here you go enjoy as long as you want

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You're basically asking why qualia are the way they are, and it's an unassailable question. You could figure out a mapping between neurological processes and subjective descriptions of associated qualia, but not a mapping between neurological processes and qualia, let alone a "cause".

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>How does the "screen" that we have in our minds work?
The same way you can will anything at all

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Science is wholly incapable of answering the binding problem. Read Kant.

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When photons enter an eye, they start a chain reaction that leads to activation of certain neurons. The brain can just skip this reaction and activate all necessary neurons through other means.
Brains don't create colors, consciousness does it. When it detects activity in certain neurons. Brains only tell consciousness which colors should be created.

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Your brain is creating electromagnetic waves in a spectrum of lower frequency than what your eyes pick up, but relative to each other they are imagined as color.

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