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Environmental Science, any anons here work in the field, do you like it? I want to work outside and am to dumb for hard Sciences, so I though this would be a good degree

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It's not a science, but you could also look into being a park ranger

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I thought about that, but the pay is really low, and I don't want to deal with park visitors, it's also seasonal

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your career choices are between doing minimum wage field work and sitting in an office producing propaganda for about double the minimum wage.
the propaganda is used to justify "grants" because theres no other way for anyone in the field to get money since they produce nothing of value. the grants are expended on the process of producing more propaganda to justify next year's grant.
if you ever produce any research that contradicts the government/media narrative, the grants will stop flowing and you'll be hounded out of the field

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I work a desk job as an environmental consultant. Used to do fieldwork in college/grad school, and I enjoyed it, but wouldn't want to do it as a job.

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and also, this guy has no fucking clue what he's talking about.

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