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whats stopping us from making a machine that can change the atoms and shit of elements so we can make something even like dirt to gold or diamonds?

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you don't have enough money, knowledge or ability to do what you're asking for or even to contribute to covering a small share of the burden, the people who do have what it takes are not interested in sharing their hard earned wealth with you

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Energy costs, cheaper to find gold that already exists than to make new gold.

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If you throw neutrons at an atom in attempt to make it bigger, the only thing you're going to accomplish, if anything, is having it go fubar.

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>It's simple, we uhhhh change the atoms

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I recommend reading up on basic nuclear physics

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People will be doing this far in the future.
We'll be fabricating complex things atom by atom from raw materials, like 3D printing.
I think this is inevitable far in the future

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I think they did do an experiment where they transmuted something into gold but it was on a scale so small that it wasn't practical.

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yup. the amount produced was not worth the energy cost, but it is possible.
what's worse is that these valuable materials are only costly because of their rarity

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we just need to locate a giant golden asteroid and capture it then

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based and very true

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I imagine there are actually huge chunks of gold floating around out there, but what happens if we found one and mined it and gold is no longer rare?

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you just do it like the diamond market and hoard it
nation states can hold it in reserve and then go back to gold standard

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Uncertainty principle. Do you even copenhagen

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We can already make gold and diamonds with neutron irradiation. It's just really expensive.

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Here ya go friend


Only thing we need to do now is capture it.

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Sure let me drive down to the household appliance store and buy a nanofabricator

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Synthetic diamonds are already real and being sold, they're less desirable because no African child was maimed because of it

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The machine is called a particle accelerator and we don't use it for that because it turns out it's a waste of time to be fucking around with atoms when you can just dig gold and diamonds by the kilo straight out of the ground.

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Diamonds are easier, it's just an arrangement of carbon.
The entire diamond industry is one huge scam that is controlled by a handful of Jew llers.
Remember to spend 3 months salary on your engagement ring, rules is rules

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