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Photons interacting with things they never touched.

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As for the beam that goes to the left into the camera lens; what is the material of the tunnel/tube that connects directly to the lens of the camera the other end connecting to the beam splitter that sends the left side light to the left?

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Another retard-tier experiment, without including important details.
If you did that experiment in first place why not show the full IRL setup of it?
Why the fuck would you draw that simplified garbage? Just record the experiment as you do it, otherwise stop wasting internet space and time for this low quality larp.

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Butler didn't do the excitement. He is teaching how the excitement was done.

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Yeah just read about experiment and draw it in paint how you assume it goes, low quality content.
If you can't replicate the setup and have good presentation about it then just don't bother. There is already too many turd videos on youtube where retards replicate history 10 times all over until the original idea is lost.
If i wanted 10 minute ramblings with garbage paint style presentation i rather go and read the original source myself.

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>i rather go and read the original source myself.
Which is a good thing. Seems like YouTube garbage sometimes does trigger the right things in people.

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A lot of seething going on in this thread.

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It’s a neat experiment, but the word quantum is retarded and ruins it…

it’s just a summary you brainlet. A full video representation would be redundant and take hours.

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>If you can't replicate
I watched a travel show about Australia but I can't prove it exists.

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Crystal sends photon A and photon B. Due reasons of conservations A has same or mirrored properties as B.

Whats so ghost about this? Its like saying if human is born he >99% surely got two hands which are mirrors of each other.

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this has HUGE implications for parapsychology.

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>University of GlasgAAOOWW

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If the experiment is set up purely legitly, and there is no way for the photon sent towards the lambda to reflect across the room into the camera lens, then this fact would be absurdly startling.

I am always hesitant to believe everything is being done purely perfectly legitly, because the consequences of this being true would mean the universe is fundamentally not physically logical, which would imply it being unatural

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>the consequences of this being true would mean the universe is fundamentally not physically logical
I didn't watch OP's video or read about the experiment, but assuming it's something like the bomb detector experiment then your statement is true and has been proven since long ago. See discussion in >>14508138.

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Okay, since the video was short I did watch it. There's nothing absurdly startling about this experiment at all. The camera lights the corresponding pixel upon receiving a signal from the detector that is behind the lambda - the two ends are communicating, big whoop. You could accomplish the same thing with pairs of marbles and a classical mechanical machine. I don't see what the point of this experiment is. The Bell's inequality part at the end is likely the only actually interesting part but it's obscured by some math equation alphabet soup that the narrator glosses over. Pretty dogshit video overall. Again, see thread >>14509936 for examples of quantum effects that actually are "absurdly startling."

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