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I believe that physics is both local and non-local. Rather than a property inherent to physics, I believe this is a property of the environment. Stated accurately, I believe that our universe utilizes both localized and geometric expressions of physical phenomena.

These beliefs are presented for the sake of completion, they are not required to test my hypothesis. The specific math present in the universe involves "zeroes collection" at the edge of discrete phenomena, which are used to paint higher order laws such as conservation of mass and energy. We can explore the full implications of this model later, for now there is an alluring hypothesis we should probably focus on.

According to my models, natural phenomena have a dissipation rate (due to the unstructured environment) in the mathematics of vibration that are purely virtual and offer no constraints to intentional resonance. Should this prove correct, it may be possible to construct an environment where the resulting waveforms produce an overunity in specific bands. The hypothesis I'd like to propose could provide us not with free energy, but a controlled, periodic surplus of measured energy ordered in a form we'll have to devise (since it otherwise wouldn't have occurred naturally). I'm certain that the math can produce overunity, but I don't have sufficient basis to predict how this would affect a given environment. I'm also not certain if the overplus could perform useful work in a system, but figured that we can at the very least discuss it.

We should be able to construct a fairly trivial hypothesis for this.

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One could say I'm resonant in your hypothesis. I'm reminded of paper related, whose conclusion states that "We inhabit a 3D hologram, embedded in an infinitely-dimensioned imaginary hyperspace. Matter, forces and energy emerge from the geometry and curvature of this complex spacetime. The bedrock foundation of the entire universe is multi-dimensional mathematics." In it quotes Maxwell's (actual apostrophe, unlike the gibbs heaviside equations masquerading beneath his name)
>“The peculiarity of our space is that of its three dimensions, none is before or after another. As is ‘x’, so is ‘y’, and so is ‘z’. If you have 4 dimensions, this becomes a puzzle. For first, if three of them are in our space, then which three? Also, if we lived in space of ‘m’ dimensions, but were only capable of thinking ‘n’ of them, then first, which ’n’ ? Second, if so, things would happen requiring the rest to explain them, and so we should either be stultified or made wiser. I am quite sure that the kind of continuity which has four dimensions all co-equal, is not to be discovered by merely generalising Cartesian space equations.” — James Clerk Maxwell, in correspondence with C.J. Monro, Esq., 15
Mar 1871[2]

If , such a hypothesis is to be taken at face value, than the informationalists obviously have explications, for if entropy is conserved riding a non-commutative or non-associative shortcut through hyperspace than nature may well be performing it.

(1/x) catcha: x4G0D

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I consider the natural dissipation of charge density into the environment, especially from a geometric algebra perspective that charge density is a current flowing not in L but in T. Charge density, as one is aware by the mass-energy relation, coincides with gravitation, or perhaps mathematically, the re-geometerization of the environment.

such theorizing's lead me to consider electrons, or perhaps wider varieties of subatomic particles (I'm still filtered by Cohl Furey's bioctonion stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E2iiuunK-E&ab_channel=QuantaMagazine) are like self recursive warp bubbles of charge. the electro and magnetostatic forces dissipate, but the concentration of charge density warps the environment back in on itself. I believe this analog to be equivalent of the model in

where the apparent charge of the electron is dissipating equal to a Casimir vacuum effect generated by the frame dragging of electrostatic forces inside the particle. When i was greeter with your idea of looking for zeros, my mind jumped here for some reason

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My basic problem with holographic models like that is their capacity to model (and predict) literally anything. They don't give us bearing in hyperspace, so we're forced to construct arbitrary submodels to create predictive domains in. Collating so many models is what led to my current understanding, which was mostly just looking for correlations in hyperspace (like most theoretical intuitions).
>some reason
That's correct. All of physics necessarily occurs along the charge density gradient, and vacuum is one of the zero edges. These subtle effects at the edge of definition are precisely where the math needs to be examined most for us to gain a dimensional bearing that isn't imaginary (or holographic, if that's clearer).

Resonant effects wouldn't be noticed in a holographic universe because it lacks the compounding texture of material physics.

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you can cry to the jannies all you want, it doesn't change the fact that this is >>>/x/ tier garbage "science" based on feels and insanity.

this board sucks ass, but i'll call out quack bullshit when i see it.

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I'm open to criticism or I wouldn't post. You're welcome to explain how you come to your conclusions, because the same is expected of me.

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>schizo image with literal nonsense on it
>catcha: x4G0D

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It's challenging to develop an intuition that would make it trivial to explain. We shouldn't expect to have one for a class of phenomena that have no natural expression.

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die in a grease fire you stupid nigger cattle NPC

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>infinite dimensional imaginary hyperspace
you mean 11 dimensional complex space you ringworm
>11 dimensional complex space
all discussions of string theory are schizo-tier nonsense at best and dangerous the rest of the time, as such, >>>/x/ >>>/lgbt/
>dissipation rate
>purely virtual
discretise it. there, you have your point of no impact. was that really so hard?
>somewhat "free" limited energy in specially formatted space
good god you discovered fire! great work. now do it with "empty" space. c'mon, we all know that's what you're going for. just do it with empty space. go ahead. rearrange it. I'll fucking wait.

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Make three specific, useful predictions based on this theory. Go.

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it's hard to make objective predictions when your theory doesn't contain a single mathematical equation, just pages of word salad dressed up as science

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That's really not true. Many scientific papers carry that trait, but make fine predictions that have been tested by multiple parties and confirmed. Put another way, ignorance seems equally consistent over all fields of specialization. The predictive power of what would be considered nonsense by many is a central focus of my research. Semiotics is necessary to differentiate common confusion from the more evenly distributed random noise of happenstance.

To use an analogy, superstitious gamblers will win more often than their conscientious contemporaries simply because they have greater confidence. More bets statistically implies more wins. High correlation between samples tends to increase feedback somewhat. Over time the trend can be noticed and shared between intelligent processes.

Prediction alone does not imply intelligence (or understanding). Anyone can guess relatively well about local phenomena, but the textured structural understanding necessary to advance a hypothesis requires effort.

"No fucks given" is a statement of forfeiture from intelligent, scientific discourse.

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I predict you are gonna suck each other off and guzzle the jizz

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>My basic problem with holographic models like that is their capacity to model (and predict) literally anything.

Hmm interesting, like an machine learning regression overfit? (ergo no doing a linear line of bestfit, but like a 99-degree polynomial) I can see how such an action would hide any attempts at inducing a substructure from hidden variables.

>They don't give us bearing in hyperspace
I feel this is why I turn to the fine structure constant and the non-decaying charge of the electron. Every bone in my body for some reason tells me that the floating point in ~1/137 could be a locally induced phenomena, but I'll admit I'm even crossing my own schizo line.

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>Resonant effects wouldn't be noticed in a holographic universe because it lacks the compounding texture of material physics.
coolest idea I've read in awhile. When I'm imagining the high dimensional algebras in application to electrodynamics, i frequently consider the overwhelming amount of degrees of freedom (like its a chemistry molecule in an NMR machine). But this is quite a compelling point, if the point on the fano plane is only reached by a holographic projection from a higher dimensional algebra, what on earth would be doing any vibrating.

Maxwell, my man, perhaps not all dimensions require elastic bands

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All physics can be locally induced, or how else would they occur? Understanding how to construct an environment that readily exhibits our intended experiment requires seeing past the local/non-local dichotomy, or otherwise our understanding would be restricted to two modes of physics where neither seems provably ubiquitous.
>doing any vibrating
It would still be possible under quantum annealer, but this requires constant and perpetual reorientation of hyperspacial plots. My notion is effectively that that is absurd, and continuous vibration makes more sense as a first-order phenomenon.

Or at the very least, continuous processes require fewer variables in a computational environment.

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I have developed an intuition that should allow us to construct a falsifiable hypothesis for the material in the second link.

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Useful is a matter of feasibility. I'm trying to discern simpler hypotheses so the testing is trivial.

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Thank you. This challenge has improved my reasoning. Any answer I give would be met with either, "No that doesn't seem viable," or else, "Sounds interesting, but write the paper." /sci/ actually prefers to discuss things after the paper is written, not before. It's better to write a paper just in case, because we won't really know which ideas are useful until we test them.

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I'm here with a question that doesn't exactly pertain to the specific information in the thread but that does pertain to the general topic.

I'm trying to better understand waves conceptually. Right now I'm thinking of two individual wave functions overlapping each other with different frequencies and phases. I'm trying to figure out what it's called when either the crests or troughs of both waves temporarily align exactly at some point in time during their functions.

Is this just resonance? Or is this the idea of constructive or destructive interference? Is it both? Or is it something else? I'm just uncertain on how to connect this idea to the information I have, and I'm uncertain on how to word it when I try to look it up and I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.

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Resonance is when the entire waveform aligns, otherwise overlapping means constructive interference.

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It seems you're doing more harm toward that goal, given current catalog, than help.

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Ah, great. Another schizo thread.

>Resonance is when the entire waveform aligns, otherwise overlapping means constructive interference.
How fucking low does this board have to fall.

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based and experiment pilled, in which direction is your mind pointing?

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>which direction
Again, this is not useful language. There is no proposed clean map from hyperspace to physical phenomena. Every idea that has been thoroughly examined by science thus far falls short.

Which claim from the slideshow (second URL, >>14506593) do you consider to be most worth investigating? I don't necessarily agree or disagree with any of the ideas presented, since my concern is solely the generation of a hypothesis.

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As a self admitted schizo brainlet, I would begin closely examping the procession angle theta_137 and its relationship with the reimann zeta function

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whoops wrong pic related

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That doesn't establish causality, it's not meaningful as an experiment. I'd really like to help advance discussion, but it's not an advance in the science of it if we don't get a testable hypothesis on the other end.

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>As a self admitted schizo brainlet
As soon as you admit to being retarded it means you're not retarded because retards have zero self-awareness

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scientific model for the basis of the harmonic sub-states of hyrogen, the hydrino


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That represents a severe heuristic potential and should be easy to replicate. I can tell that the cited criticisms are incomplete, but to refute any would require due willingness to entertain honest discourse. You are welcome to link them this thread if you have contact with them, since I believe my models can help advance their design. A stable product would help advance the science more readily than modern peer review would.

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Simply put, "we have no equation for that," is not a valid refutation given the nature of the reported discovery.

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Ah. Atoms haven't been observed in superposition, magnetic fields used to cloak heavy atoms have been measured in a manner suggestive superposition. It's an optical illusion, quite literally from magnetic precision.

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It's good to see a proper scientific investment go forward.

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What do we really need quantum spin for?
Same spin electrons repel eachother
Opposite spin electrons attract eachother
But why calling it spin? Holy shit that cause so much confusion, almost as bad as quark colors.
Just invent new word instead dude

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Vibration is a macroscopic phenomenon, it doesn't seem relevant to this topic.

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They can make it work by ignoring wrong science. Hopefully they aren't overly distracted by irrelevant physics, and have the tenacity to keep running their experiment.

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You need negative energy and you get it by losing information to the environment

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No, the class of proofs I use are purely constructive. I can show that an overunity is constructible for a given band, but have not yet designed an algorithm that generates the corresponding schematic necessary to achieve a given resonance.

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I see, my models do actually predict this. The ground state of hydrogen in the harmonic background mean (due to gravity) is not the lowest energy state for hydrogen in its harmonic expression. By stabilizing the low energy harmonic (literally vibration) they've seemingly managed to produce an ideal energy transfer methodology with zero heat interaction.

I'll have to run some models, but it may be possible that they're producing the discoveries which will lead to perfect energy isometry.

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These claims are worth investigating. I'd like to say it has value independent of the specific claim about energy production, but it would be dishonest for me to reject any given domain of application. It should be obvious when a theory has extreme utility, and failing to investigate has no justification whatsoever under scientific scrutiny. Either you've run the experiments or you haven't. Any other standard isn't one of evidence.

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The langmuir welding was an interesting inquiry of investigation indeed


I began my in query here at the impetus of this poster

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notes reviewing solvated electrons, coulomb explosion and Teslas impulse blue spikes


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Thank you, I hadn't considered pulses of overunity. I believe this is exactly the kind of information necessary to correctly predict the properties of stabilized overunity processes.

My models might already predict the point of overunity discharge for any given circuit completion impulse, but I don't know for certain that these map onto Nature.

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Still running calculations

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I might be able to get my algorithm to produce several reactor designs for a viable fusion engine. Should know in a couple days if the system already has the capacity. Wouldn't have dreamed that my research could have real world applications at this scale.

Hope to report good news.

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super cool anon, i suppose to add to the information, one thing that stood out on the impulse research was the insistance that uni or homo-polar. Not V+ -> V- or J+ to J-

but perhaps some notion V+ -> lim V-> +0 or
V- -> lim V-> -0

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Yeah, no. But nice try :)

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Please limit your exposure to the tangent which advances scientific discourse.

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no it's not

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4 spatial dimensions + time are required for the phenomena witnessed in as a projection in our 3rd dimension experience.

Without a real, tangible, 4th spatial dimension there would be physical collisions because of the unsynchronised nature required by relativity. Technically the clock in your head is ticking out of sync with the clock in your foot. The reason this temporal deviation doesn't rip you apart to into oblivion is because the 4th spatial dimension allows the projection to shift around.

It's like avoiding a pinch point in a one dimensional loop of string or preventing an overconstraint

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Based 10^9chad.

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Their project, if successful, represents an energy utilization paradigm more useful than fusion. Long term and short term goals both improve with working hydrino cells.

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