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Do good looks = good genetics?

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Fun story about that. https://peerj.com/articles/13122/

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Congratulations anon, you've discovered why it is we want to bang healthy people over disfigured husks.

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Thats only one out of three

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Better looks correlates with both of those, actually, and this seems to trigger uncontrollable rage in the autistic dysgenics who like to believe nature is an RPG with balanced character stats.

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no it doesn’t slavs look good, but are pork brained retards. Nature is an rpg with character stats. None the which the npcs know about.

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>slavs look good
They aren't pork-brianed tho, it's just their culture leading them to avoid nerdism because "that's gay".

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Being brainwashed by culture instead of overcoming it and becoming a proper individual who decides how to act for oneself is like the epitome of unintelligence. Not that I would say the average Slav is any less intelligent than any other average person though. But culture doesn't really affect the intelligent.

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Intelligent people are more often than not attractive
Especially when compared to stupid peoole

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>bro, if you act different just because you don't want gangs to beat you to a pulp and rape you with a broomstick you're just not intelligent, okay bro?

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Generally "good" looks involve certain types of symmetry and physical trait alignment that are indicative of genes with qualities that are conductive to the survival of offspring. Asymmetries can be indicative of genetic defects or in and of themselves be evidence of defects, so it's not just that symmetry and trait alignment per se are desirable, it's also that they are evidence of the absence of certain genetic defects, or the potential for genetic defects.

So in principle yes, good looks ≈ good genetics. But, human perceptions of what are "good looks" are so warped by cultural conditioning (both engineered and emergent) that it's very difficult to measure or quantify nowadays.

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>doesnt know what code switching is
low effort posting is fun anon but you know im right

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>has zero arguments
>others are low-effort posting

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Actually the two are completely unrelated. The only correlation which exist is the "appearance" of beauty.

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>doesn't have the necessary reading comprehension required to understand the argument
Reread my post faggot. Unless your ESL, in which case kys or learn English.

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People generally have good genetics but are held down by chemicals like mercury, PUFAs, phthalates, perchlorates, aluminum, fluoride, bromine, chlorine, cadmium, lead, etc. and is often mistaken for bad genetics.

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Yeah, that's generally why a concept of looking good even exists to begin with. It's the human equivalent of comparing different quality / age / condition in produce.

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>code-switching, i.e., changing the language during a single sentence, somehow is relevant to slav culture
>fabricating this connection is somehow related to the level of command over the English language of people discussing this
Uh-huh. Elaborate.

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>Does phenotype = genotype?
Lrn2twentyfirst-century-biology, fgt pls

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You can look good but still be unfortunate enough to get cancer at 30, so no

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