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>balls evolve outside the body
>males now have a critical weak spot as a result

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If a lion is biting your groin then you weren't going to reproduce anyways whether you had balls there or not.

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Advanced martial arts evolved because of this.

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>critical weak spot
it would be cool if balls glowed like in a video game boss fight

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anything gets at your loins in nature you're pretty much fucked either way

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Apparently the weakness of external testicles confers less of an evolutionary disadvantage than the preservation of sperm leading to higher chances of high-quality conception conferring an evolutionary advantage.

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>testes evolve in fish without endothermy
>testes optimize for peak efficiency at those temperatures
>testes are inherited by fish lineages which lead to amphibians, amniotes, therapsids, synapsids, and early mammalians
>as mammals develop endothermy and increase their body temperatures to be more active at night, the efficiency of the testes is decreased
>through random selection, some mammal lineages evolve to have their testes pushed against their abdominal cavity, increasing their distance from the animal's peak core temperature
>mammals with testes farther from the abdomen can increase their core temp without decreasing fertility, increasing fitness
>the scrotum develops as a result, and the more transitional lineages of mammals with internal testes are out-competed
in short we have external balls today because in the deep past our ancestors managed to evolve the ball sac before they evolved heat-tolerant balls.

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Comanche women would tie down a male enemy that was captured and chew off the enemy's balls and penis.

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I hope they at least blew them first.

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look at pictures of American indian women in the late 1800s. Even the 30 year olds look like toothless 100 year olds today. No wonder they always said, "never get captured" and saved the last bullet for themselves when fighting Indians.

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Bros, It's over...

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