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Is there any machine learning models that calculate how the Bitcoin and crypto as a whole will replace the current monetary systems of the world and is it possible to build out comprehensive narrative how that is going to unfold? Bitcoin is supposed to be perfect money in digital age so lots of you have heard about it , or hate it already with all other memes and what not , but i'm strictly interested in possibilities how will the economics of the world fundamentally change when people move on from fiat printed money toward digitally scarce crypto alternatives , how that is going to influence life as a whole in a modern world?

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Bitcoin and other decentralized cryptos will soon be declared illegal, and cash will be abolished. CBDC is the future, as outlined by the World Economic Forum. Enjoy your central bank blockchain account coupled with a social credit system.

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there must be a way out surely?

many things are illegal right now but still function

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the bitcoin network can be destroyed by the government if the government wanted to. Websites could be seized, including the websites that broacast the transacions, and physical computers involved seized too. The network cant be secret if its going to be money.
We may see digital dollars accounts at the central bank tho, much better

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Maybe something highly anonymous like monero will persist as underground currency. But it will be quite risky and of no economic impact.

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It is used to pay for drugs and more importantly to send money to hotspots without banks connected to Swift like Iran

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Bitcoin won't do any of that. It's a glorified pyramid scheme appropriated from edge use cases for validating anonymous purchases online. Bitcoin is not scalable. It's not liquid. It's useless

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