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Are people who have conflicting beliefs mentally unsound? Are they unfit to be allowed in public unchaperoned? Is the government willfully endangering the general public by allowing the insane to roam free?
Should science put an end to the practice of allowing mentally ill people to roam free where they will inevitably cause problems for innocent normal decent people? Can science put an end to the practice? If science can't, or won't, then who can and will?

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Your mistake is thinking that all whites are white skinned. Many of them are brown.
I just debunked your image. You can brown and white, thus whites are not replaced and Texas is going brown.

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>the government has the best interest of the people
>the government saves money and give people lead poisoning.

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White people are going to be the majority in NA because of Mennonite Christians. You are not going extinct schizo, take your meds.

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They’re inbred

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>Sudan is caucasian but Spain is not. Go figure.

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But they are inbred. They are used for studies in birth defects since they started from a smaller and more closed off gene pool.

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The reason is that a ton of Mexicans will claim being white when they've got 25% conquista.

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Jews have a trick for dealing with this and it's about always playing both sides. If you are not consciously dealing with the contradiction then you are in trouble.

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Yeah cause your government created the classification as either white or non-hispanic white on fasfa forms, census data, etc.. No Mexican actually wants to list themselves as white but they are forced to.

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>No Mexican actually wants to list themselves as white but they are forced to.
why are Mexicans listing themselves anywhere outside of mexico? mexico must suck balls if everyone wants to leave it. those losers ruined one county an now they want to mess up another one.

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>t. i've never been to mexico

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why would anyone in their right mind want to go to mexico? to enjoy the violent crime, poverty and ignorance?

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>Are people who have conflicting beliefs mentally unsound?
The spectrum goes between having consistent but completely outlandish and untenable beliefs, and having a bunch of inconsistent but pragmatic beliefs that work under the right circumstances. There is no one on the left end of the spectrum, though plenty of people are imbalanced in that direction, embodying worst of both worlds. Being on the right side only becomes a problem when you try to formalize and systematize your ad hoc beliefs into some kind of weird Escherian mental structure, because then it starts to dictate your logic of behavior and becomes resistant to change. This truth that makes pseuds seethe.

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great food & weather, beaches, sluts, etc. not everyone is a broke ass ghetto bitch like u lmao

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