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For a long time I've been wondering if there is some proper psychological term for this feeling, but I wasn't able to find anything, probably because I don't know how to properly describe it.
Sometimes, when I'm not mentally preoccupied by other things, I suddenly get the feeling that I can only describe as becoming aware of my existence more intensively than usual, the feeling that my consciousness is binded to my body and that I exist in this world. (I hope the way I describe it doesn't sound like some esoteric bullshit)
Is there a name for this phenomenon?

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you sure do seem to like talking about yourself

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This is my understanding of how consciousness works.

>subconscious layer
You take in information without any sense of awareness. You have no sense of recollection.
>conscious layer
You are aware of certain things that you're paying attention to. This is the ability to recall whats happening to the event at hand from the subconscious layer.
>"self" conscious layer
You run the conscious layer again, only instead of watching the subconscious layer, you're now watching the conscious layer. Now at this point, you see a "self" reference during the event. Ofcourse, the "self" reference is just a conscious layer on top of conscious layer. In this layer, you can recall whats happening to the body while you're paying recalling what happened to the conscious layer.
>meta self conscious layer
You're now "outside" the body in a sense that gives you an even higher level of conscious experience. This is the "out of body" experience. Which is basically running a conscious layer on top of the "self" conscious layer from before. So not only are you aware of the body, and the consciousness event of the particular parts at the subconscious layer, you're now also aware of the fact that there's a "self" that's aware of the "self" which is aware of the body's feelings while you're conscious of the event. So you feel an alien feeling at this stage.

If I had to give an analogy, think of subconscious as a raw data of the image that you take. Consciousness as the printed picture event. Self-consciousness as the you holding a picture of the event. And meta self consciousness as remembering the time of you holding a picture of the event.

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Holy fuck. this is normal.

Could be caused by someone with the lack of sleep just releazing they are alive.

or its either getting older, this is why midlife crisis happen btw.

Nothing to do with esoteric or mumbo jumbo

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