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hey /sci/ i was cooking and the deep fryer exploded. do you know of any papers on oil burn recovery? i burned signifcant part of my chest. pic not my hand.

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Probably a cold compress and honey.

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yeah i was in an ice bath for 2 hours yesterday. no exposed nerve endings and useing cling wrap to keep moisture in. fml asked a nurse friend she said skin graft would fix it. idk just trying to not get a infection and die.

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can you retard Amerimutts go to doctor and then refuse to pay hospital like rest of normal people?

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In 'The Good Doctor' there is an episode with a burn victim who required grafts, they had an experimental treatment where they used something like fish scales (and some stem cells?) as a temporary dermis while the wounds recovered.

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yeah i can but why the fuck would i go if im not dieing immediately. only rich people go to hospital for prevenative care. most people go to not die.

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Dude that's how people die

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dude i cant afford to go to hospital.

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>idk just trying to not get a infection and die.

If you are "cleaning" the burns yourself then you are most likely not cleaning them properly because the pain will make you pussy out.

You should be seeing a doctor so they can decide whether antibiotics are necessary.

>yeah i can but why the fuck would i go if im not dieing immediately.
>preventative care

It's easier to prevent sepsis than it is to treat it

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Go to a vet.

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Do Americans really? I thought it was a meme

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last time i went to hospital for poison and got charged 15000usd for one day and i was out. like 9 years ago. was dragged there by my girlfriend at the time. cook your pecans rubbarb pie filing first. fucking told her i would have fever dreams for a few days and wont die. the hospital couldnt do anything so it was the most expensive hotel visit i ever had.

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just use polysporin

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go to the hospital if you don't want to lose your hand

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As an european this always confuses the hell out of me. Do people there not realize that it's a huge benefit for everyone to offer free healthcare? Sic or dead people don't work you know and being in dept practically removes your ability to change jobs or basically do anything but be a slave to the company you happened to work at when you got injured.
and when it comes to your burn that shit really needs to be treated by a professional. If it gets infected and you get a high fever and start feeling funky you should get to a hospital asap. That type of an infection can go from ok to sepsis to death in a couple of days as it has a really large nice area for bacteria to grow and get into your bloodstream.

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yeah i have
its my chest read post.

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well for countries the balance paying for the military or Healthcare is difficult. eroupean countries have free helthcare because after ww2 there weren't enough doctors. imagine if the usa stopped paying the 60+% to fund nato and eroupean militaries.

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As far as I know we bought that stuff from you you didn't just give it. Also maybe if your country stopped poking everyone in the asshole you might not have a need to spend so much on the military. I'm also Finnish and we are not a member of nato (yet), have russia as our neighbor and still have money for free healthcare.

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Tegaderm. Drink a ridiculous amount of water and eat nutritious foods.

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if i remember Finland has a good military size for its country.
its called lend lease but after like a year the usa government forgives debt as foreign aid. that is how the usa government gives away weapons and other stuff like factories and machinery. most of the fighting is to get cheaper oil to eroupe because they give foreign investors tax havens. us citizens hate middle eastern wars. eroupe is a oil poor continent.

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>for preventative care
It's the opposite. It's usually Medicaid and indigents.

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Do we have some kinda lend lease agreement in place that I'm not aware of? We also didn't take a dime from you after ww2. The point was that it is CHEAPER for everyone just look at the average healthcare spending by country you folks are at the top.

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AMA meddled back in the day, helped convince Americans against the idea of universal healthcare. We actually spend more than any other country on it, but most people don't end up benefitting. When health insurance premiums are affordable, the deductibles (out of pocket costs paid for services received until you meet a dollar amount) aren't. You'll have a $6000USD deductible per individual required to be paid, and still responsible for all monthly premium costs that don't even contribute to that amount. Everything is shit.

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most of the weapon systems are bought by finland have their debt removed. effectively giving weapons for free. make it look good for USA and Finland. i just call it lend lease because it was the first term used for this type of military aid transfer.

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fucking Hillary Clinton.

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Just one more example of what seems to be one of the biggest fucked up problems you have. There is a weird preference to protect the 'rights' and well being of companies over the needs of the people. I hear it said over and over again that you must protect the company at all cost or the workers don't have a job. Like fuck the company if it can't function then let it fall and help the workers to manage as they get a new job. You built a social safety net for companies and not for people.

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What fucking debt? We took out money so we can pay for the jets we didn't lend it from you.

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I'd say you're correct. We pretty much run a corporatist oligarchy that fashions everything around corporation survival and scapegoating over public well-being. It's disgusting, but they're able to pay behind closed doors to make sure that research matches up with their goals. This keeps the doors barred with red tape for any other research facility that attempts to prove them wrong.

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so finland takes out a loan in usd for buying military equipment. usa gives military equipment over. usa says loan payments not viable. usa forgives loan foe military equipment.

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Eat lots of meat.

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you might not remember but Hillary Clinton was put in charge of the negotiations for public health care in Bill Clintons first term. She fucked it up so much that she was going to get investigated. investigation never happened.

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Finland take a loan from the open market and not the US, then pays a private company for military equipment. At what point will the US government forgive the loan that we don't own them?

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It was supposed to be modeled after one of the other state insurance systems iirc. I didn’t remember her botching everything, but that was during a time when I was more invested in catching lizards than politics or healthcare.

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I refuse to help because I dont believe you are legitimately a burn victim.
I find it hard to believe that a burn victim would find the time to calmly type out such a well posed question.
Thus I must "deduce" that the "burns" are not all that serious.

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What part of your retarded robot brain thinks that having a burn properly treated is preventative care? Go to the hospital if you don't want to pay tell them you have no fixed address. That's something that they have to treat.

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I agree, but this is unironically what doctors do.

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Br J Plast Surg

.1975 Jul;28(3):185-8.

doi: 10.1016/0007-1226(75)90127-7.

35 eggs per day in the treatment of severe burns

B Hirshowitz,J G Brook,T Kaufman,U Titelman,D Mahler


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not saying hospiis only for prevenative care. most people in usa cant afford to go to the hospital regularly.

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i will try this.

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a majority of americans are overweight and obese

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Burns are extremely dehydrating too

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makes sense i have fluid leaking out of the wounds often.

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>implying the rest of the world isn't climbing up there at breakneck speeds

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europe has been on the decline since the 1800s, nobody in their right mind would want to emulate a european. europe has been on the decline so long that no living european had any family who were around before the decline, whatever it was that made europe what it was has long since dissipated. resting on laurels which were already rotten more than a century ago impresses nobody.

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So one more reason for free healthcare as most of the world considers obesity a healthcare problem that often benefits from intervention by a healthcare professional. I think Americans might also have a pretty limited idea of what is included in healthcare as low level intervention and preventative treatments are something that most can't afford. One more reason why you pay so much more is that you let conditions get much worse before medical treatment. Prevention and early treatment are much cheaper than waiting for a while.

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I was talking about a specific aspect not the whole thing. I also did not mention anything related to history in any way so I don't get the muh heritage complaint. You do also realize that Europe is a continent not a country there are lots of differences including history and culture. We didn't even have the same countries three decades ago.

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europe is a garbage dump, every unwanted human trash on the planet is welcome to get eurogibes for free, so europe is where the lowest of the lowlifes congregate.

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Seeth in you prison population, opioid epidemic, gun deaths, mass shootings, massive medical debt and so on.

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The second you start showing a fever is the second you should be going to hospital. It will be considered emergency lifesaving care by then.

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hydrolyzed collagen

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so eat meat. okay got it

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do what the doctor fucking tells you twat

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I found a paper on healing burn wounds with honey.
And honey was found to be more effective than all of the conventional treatments your doctor might give you.

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Yep. Honey is so high in sugar content (super saturated) that bacteria have trouble surviving. Sugar kills bacteria. Salt does also, but it is too damaging to exposed wounds.

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If you have a serious skin burn just take antibiotics as a prophylaxis. You don't fuck around with that shit.

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It is important to cull the weak and unproductive from the genepool. Run this experiment for a couple more thousand years, things will work themselves out.

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>Seeth in you prison population, opioid epidemic, gun deaths, mass shootings, massive medical debt and so on.
You watch too much fake news. kek

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At minimum recommend him Manuka honey. Goddamn.

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Take 5g to 7g of l arginine before sleeping and 3 hours after last meal and drink except water to increase collagen production. Cycle it for a weeks on and off, and use a derma roller on skin.

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Doctor here,

Seek medical treatment Now and don't listen to any retard ITT, Also could you post a pic ? I kinda Sus that you're either LARPing or at least exaggerating your injury thus why you didn't post a pic

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Sometimes I look at pics like this and wonder if it wouldn't actually be better if all life ceased. Ouch. Imagine how much of this nightmare fuel is going on all around the world as we speak.

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RSO cures burns like nothing else.

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just waiting for it to blister. its going to take a bit it should be good the ones on my face was worse because of no apron.

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most workplaces provide health insurance. the only ones that don't are peasant jobs
also have fun with your 30k euro graduate salaries, while here I can make 150k starting with a BBA

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like hemp seed oil?

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no, not seed oil

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man he is so wasteful. i will have to look for my grandfathers ceramic oil distiller. no need for isopropyl for plant oils. steam will carry plant oils over.

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OP is a larping fatty.

Thread over.

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just go to mexico and get it fixed bro

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is that pinkish area the burn? if so it looks fine.
if it's those few little dark spots that look like zits thats also fine. you're fine.

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Doctor-anon here,

It's not that serious, i would advice you to first, never talk to your retarded nursoid """friend""" again >>14506196 and go to the pharmacist and show him this and ask for some medications, he will know what to give you

one more thing, how long did you have these red and brown dots (the one circled in red and green) and did the brown dots (in green) used to be red like the other ones and changed color or did you always had them ?
Could be nothing don't worry, specially if it's the latter, i'm just curious, and tb h they aren't very clear in the pic

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A few years ago I chopped off the tip of my thumb with an axe and even then I couldn't go to the doctor. I actually posted about it on here at the time to get medical advice. I was able to reattach it and keep it clean and moisturized, and now it's healed. Thankfully, I didn't hit any bone, just the part of my finger tip and nail.

Unless you are either really rich, disabled, or elderly it's almost impossible to get medical care in the US. Especially someone like me. My parents are deceased, so I'm not on their medical insurance, but I'm also too young and not poor enough to qualify for free healthcare, so I haven't even been to the doctor in years. The only time I went was when I had a severe wound infection that wasn't healing. Just that visit and the antibiotics I got cost me a few hundred dollars. I've looked into insurance, but it would cost me over $1000/month.

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That just looks like healing acne and freckling.

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some birth marks some acne. i have skin discoloration over my entire back. goes from nigger to Irish. fucking people think im not fat when i have a deep fryer at home? use your fucking brain.

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Wtf. How do deep fryers explode?
I need to avoid this shit

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same way as a oil fire fucking wanted to make deep fried icecream like at the Japanese restaurant with panko. the coating flaked off and boom.

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Lmao. And you didn't think to take all the precautions?

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>I've looked into insurance, but it would cost me over $1000/month.
Why do people tell these absurd lies? Either you have some extreme preexisting conditions or you're full of shit.

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A cold beer and a day of fishing should do the trick

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ill just buy it next time instead of homemade. fucking homemade just taste better though. spend 3 days making green tea ice-cream.

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t. underage retard
It's not an absurd lie, that's literally what it was going to cost me. You obviously don't know what the fuck you're talking about. It's certainly a higher than average rate, especially for someone my age, but it's by no means absurd. I was going to have to get the shitty public marketplace insurance or whatever it's called. Do you know how much that costs? Most people, even if they're young and healthy are easily going to be spending $500/month on insurance, and that's on company insurance plans that are often negotiated down to a lower price by your employer. If you're buying insurance on the public marketplace, not through your employer, the rates are outrageous. For someone like me who has not been to the doctors or had insurance for several years, the rates are even higher. Also, I had some pretty serious health issues like 10 years ago that appear to have been resolved, but it is still causing me higher rates.

Last I checked, which was back at the start of COVID, I think there were a few plans that I could get for literally like $600-700/month, but those plans basically don't cover anything, and they have crazy copays, so you're still paying a large fee when you go it for check ups and treatment. If I want to actually be able to walk into the doctor without a massive copay, if I want prescription drug coverage, and if I want hospital visits and emergency care covered, that costs way more.

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I'm 37 and you're full of shit. The only way it's possibly that high for you by yourself is if you're over 50, have multiple pre-existing conditions, and make well over $100k per year. I've had both marketplace and employer health insurance and at no point have I ever paid more than $2-300 per month and even that is really high.

>If I want to actually be able to walk into the doctor without a massive copay, if I want prescription drug coverage, and if I want hospital visits and emergency care covered, that costs way more.
Oh, you're actually just retarded. Yes, if you decide to go outside your employer to purchase health insurance directly and you decide that you want to have the plan with the most benefits and bells and whistles then it's going to be more expensive.

>and they have crazy copays
I have never seen a copay over $50 and they're usually closer to $20-30 even on cheaper plans. Fess up son, you have a bunch of shit wrong with you and insurance companies are making you pay extra as a result.

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You do understand than plan costs change for each state, right? Some regions have far higher premiums than others in the country. $1000/individual sounds unrealistic, as that should have qualified for marketplace subsidies.
Your plan is incredibly unrealistic for my region. I worked at one of the larger insurance companies and the plans we were given employees were $5600/individual with a $210 premium for a plan that was for 2. The premiums hit most people hard, but the deductibles hit people harder.

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>choose to live in high cost of living state
>choose to purchase plan with the most expensive benefits
>choose to complain that you're now spending lots of money on health insurance
Health insurance exists to protect you against bankruptcy from massive medical expenses. If you buy insurance and think
>oh, this is so i dont pay as much per doctor visit
then you don't understand what the word "insurance" means. Like I said, I'm nearly 40 and I have literally not once in my entire adult life ever needed to go to the doctor for a single thing. If you have an expensive plan then you're either stupid or unhealthy and I have no sympathy for either one.

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Fire burns on your hand or larger than 5 inches ought to be treated since youre handsof any large size are often exposed and burns leave the largest organ that protects you from outside infections/bacteria open to infections. Its infections that cause issues commonly in bad burns.

So keep your burn clean and covered until it at least scars over and peels. Use aloe and antibiotic creams and soft gauze for covering. When its healed use spf if you don't want the scarring to stick so long but ime oil burns don't leave lasting scars as often. At least when I deep fried my hand there were no signs of it after a year. Only seen cooks have lasting oil burn scars due to repeated burns and the fact that they rarely get them treated by professionals.

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You're a year older than I am, you're not going to age mog me. It doesn't even have to be a high cost of living state. Insurance is expensive, simple as. Just because you don't use your benefits or need them doesn't mean that you won't or shouldn't at least keep up with preventative care (which doesn't incur a cost since PPACA, but digression).

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>significant part
Go to the ER now, anon, for fuck's sake. Don't you know about fluid escape to the third space and shock from burns?

>> No.14509239

>average premiums
Fuck out of here with that weak shit you disingenuous faggot. The "average" American is overweight bordering on obese. Obviously our grotesquely unhealthy population is going to pump up the price for people who don't take care of themselves. As I said,
>If you have an expensive plan then you're either stupid or unhealthy and I have no sympathy for either one
If your premiums are that high then it's because you choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle that causes a bunch of shit to be wrong with you and pump up your premiums.

>preventative care
"Preventative care" is healthy living. Honestly, I usually don't even have insurance. Look at that shit, $500 a month for insurance? Are you retarded? If you're spending more than $6k a year on doctor visits and pills then you deserve to be poor because you're clearly an idiot.

>> No.14509284

They can't charge you more for premiums based on preexisting conditions, I don't know where you're getting this information, but they haven't been able to do that legally for over a decade. Obesity percentage in US is 36%, though the rate of overweight is probably quite high as well. That contributes to rising hc costs, but not as much as other things.
You're clearly in attack dog mode though, so I'll let you have at that.

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>Health insurance exists to protect you against bankruptcy from massive medical expenses.

Is this really how Americans think about health insurance? For most of the developed World health insurance is exactly what he's saying it is it's a way to pay for your going to the doctor and these things in the costs are averaged out over the population of policyholders. That's in a typical public Insurance system. The idea that health insurance is just to protect you from bankruptcy in case of catastrophic injury I mean no wonder America is the way it is if you actually think that way and you think it's acceptable. Also you have no sympathy for people who are unhealthy? You understand that people are born into families that are often very unhealthy and there's practically nothing they can do until they leave home or start caring for themselves with a job in high school. And even that not everybody is going to have the wherewithal or the intelligence or the random chance to do that. I mean I guess if what you're saying is you literally have no sympathy for anyone no matter what condition they're in your like a clinical psychopath okay I can dig it but you're hardly a normal human being with normal affect.

>> No.14509398

>it's because you choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle

Hello mister retarded faget. Welcome to the modern era where we recognize that human beings don't make choices are made up of molecules that obey physical laws. So the idea that people choose to be unhealthy rather than that that's the luck of the draw that's the way it is. People don't choose anything they don't make choices there's absolutely no scientific evidence for humans making choices. I mean certainly people if they have the evidence and the desire they can certainly alter course but it's like a ship at Sea It could only alter course so much and if the weather gets too rough it's not like the captain can just will the ship to not capsize. Jesus fucking Christ a lot of you I don't care how smart you are your like fucking high-functioning Psychopaths. Not that there's anything wrong with that because just like people don't choose to be obese in the strictest sense of what choice would mean you didn't choose to be this way. It's also probably a beneficial adaptation for yourself so you know don't feel bad about it or anything but for fucksake you don't need to pretend that the laws of physics don't apply to human beings. Rocks falling down hill don't choose the direction they're going and there's absolutely no evidence that there's some sort of point where the laws of physics suddenly change and suddenly a large constellation of rocks formed into a human body can suddenly choose which way it's going to fall down hill.

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i had the same oil burn in the same location last august. it will get a LOT worse before it gets better. after a week the pain/itchiness kept me up for three days once the dead skin really started shedding. 9 months later it's a light pink patch and bad memory. i wish you the best anon

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oh i didnt read your actual post just saw the pic, either way good luck anon

>> No.14509449

This thread got from extremely bad to worse and is slowly progressing into absurdity

>> No.14509461

what a load of shit. my eye was bleeding just a tiny bit from the corner and i walked in and was whisked away to the ER. there was a tiny rock in there from when I mowed the lawn. The bill wasn't fucking life ruining and I was treated promptly. You're just a sad european. Cope harder. Any doctor, clinic, or hospital would treat a serious hand wound instantly without question.

>> No.14509493

You're correct. We've been set up to prioritize treatment and acute conditions rather than preventative care with decent nutrition recommendations, diet, exercise, and stress management. People usually wait until they're symptomatic to do anything, which can lead to more advanced and expensive conditions. It's stupid, but here we are.

>> No.14509511

>We've been set up to prioritize treatment and acute conditions rather than preventative care with decent nutrition recommendations, diet, exercise, and stress management

To be fair the system I'm familiar with in Canada is basically the same in spite of being public. Basically that's because the system is so overburdened that the triage means that as long as you're still walking around it's considered well you're still walking around and you know what are we to do about you? Also you have lots of incompetent Physicians who shouldn't be practicing but there's no way to get rid of them. I can sort of see the American system is making sense if you want to encourage people who are capable of taking care of themselves of taking care of themselves. Like a very common occurrence in the Canadian public health system is you have women who are semi-functional who seem to think that because the doctor is telling them their blood tests are normal that they're healthy in spite of the fact of their help not being very good. When these women have children they often don't take care of them appropriately because their problems are all lifestyle induced and they're not like dying there just not eating properly and not exercising properly but they think they're okay because of the doctor does blood work and they aren't acutely in a crisis. Like no one really explained to them that the blood work that your Canadian doctor will do and in fact the current crop of doctors does way less blood work than the ones who graduated and say the seventies, that those tests are basically designed to identify a few things like thyroid disorder or diabetes and then pretty much everything else on the standard blood work is something where if it wasn't in range you probably have something serious except for the liver tests which sort of have more variability. And then speaking of that you can even have a fatty liver and have normal liver enzymes.

>> No.14509535

looks like acid or a very strong base.

>> No.14509540

Your system has a shit ton of holes with wait times, but don't you guys have the ability to purchase a secondary health plan oop to mitigate that? Part of our problem with insurance is having such a complex system of third-party payers wearing the disguise of choice.
We definitely have that problem too, where even specialists aren't picking up on or treating for symptoms because the range still fits in the average enough for them to thumbs up everything.

>> No.14509746

>but don't you guys have the ability to purchase a secondary health plan oop to mitigate that

In Canada you cannot get "extended health" to cover anything that is covered by Provincial Health Care, which they have to cover to comply w/ the Canada Health Act, which they have to comply with in order to get transfer payments to fund healthcare.

You also cannot set up a private clinic to do things that the public system covers. So you can set up as a cosmetic dermatologist (and if you need a dermatologist, you can "book an appointment" for something cosmetic, then have them look at whatever, while you pay, but if you call saying you want them to look at something covered by the public system, e.g. an infection, they technically cannot book you) but not as a "cosmetic" orthopedic surgeon, cardiologist, psychiatrist, GP, etc.

I am not saying Canada has a good system, it sounds like USA and Canada are both garbage, and, at the end of the day, you prob. eat a shit-tier diet controlled by a woman for the first 18 years of your life, unless you are lucky, and by that point substantial damage is done, possibly even prenatally. You can get right by eating right, lifting, etc. but not everyone can/will do this.

Ultimately, the doctor is an evil, we go to him because we're sick, not because we like being doctored, so the best thing to do is to avoid the doctor like the plague.

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https://www.bccourts.ca/jdb-txt/sc/20/13/2020BCSC1310.htm is an 800 page decision that it is unconstitutional to offer private surgery, e.g. knee replacements, hip surgeries, because even if people suffer without them, there is too much "harm" to the "public system" if people are allowed to have private surgery.

It's fucking bullshit. Anyone who is actually wealthy can go to USA, Switzerland, etc to get private care. So as with most socialist schemes, it is only a way of attacking the middle class, to support a bureaucracy, on the premise that "we cant let the rich get better treatment," except the rich (or even those with moderate savings) can already take vacations and get private treatment any number of places in the world.

Canada also employs something like 10x as many ppl in administrative roles per capita, compared with a country like Germany. It's just a big clusterfuck. People who say it is better than the USA have never watched a loved one deterioriate.

My grandmother fell, needed a hip replacement, had to wait a dozen months or something like that, and by that time she had lost substantial muscle mass, function, and she eventually ended up in long term care, where she declined a lot more.

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Lol I get worst burns going to the beach without sunscreen. You are fine OP.

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OP is a faggot who doesn't know the different degrees of burns but felt comfortable exaggerating his injuries

>i need skin grafts
>my wounds are oozing
>the sunburn makes my soi-tits tender ;_;

>> No.14510317

>be american
>burn hand at your wagie fry cook job
>afraid of going to the hospital
>'only rich people are supposed to go there!'
>die of sepsis

>> No.14510463

Go to the hospital and file indigent paperwork. We all know the healthcare system is fucked, you just have to know how to work within it to get by.

>> No.14510688

Aloe vera freshly harvested. Go to a hospital.
Also this.

>> No.14511576

Free healthcare systems don't actually do preventative treatment. They put you onto a waiting list for so long that you'll have to rush in for emergency treatment once you eventually deteriorate.

>> No.14512185

>In evidence-based medicine, research and clinical studies have shown the efficiency of honey in superficial and partial thickness burns therapy, when compared to other dressing products, making it a viable option as a valuable topical agent in clinical practice. However, as honey also appears to delay healing of partial and full thickness burns when compared to surgical treatment (early excision and grafting), its use requires further exploration. More detailed controlled trials are required to establish the best indications, methods and modalities of honey administration for each type and stage of burn. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4158441/

>> No.14512463

This must be some very special honey, honey is full of sugar which is fuel for bacteria, I put some medium grade manuka honey in a small cut and suddenly got really pus and infected. I don't think honey should be used for medicinal purposes unless all the sugar is somehow removed.

>> No.14512779

Yeah, we should totally trust all power to the government, especially healtcare.
I hear the concentration camps have a great dental program.

>> No.14513453

he has a better motivation for learning than any doctor

>> No.14513460

Nice tits but you forgot the timestamp

>> No.14513473

Yeah, no. We don't want your socialism.

>> No.14513504

In what delusional world do you live in kid

>> No.14514434

Dude from spain here. Whenever i see this kinds of threads im just unable to wrap my head around them, i never ever in my life thought of money whenever i needed to see a doctor. Saw a case long ago who tried to go an hero, almost got away with it but got hospitalized a decent amount of time after wich he received help and now is doing better. I just keep thinking about it, imagine trying to end it all like for real not for attention only to fail miserably and when you wake up and get aware of the situation you are in debt like you bought a house

>> No.14514444


>> No.14514457

Yes that is true but think about it, what chemical compound keeps the honey from rotting? Its not like its sealed away from outer interaction while on the bee panal yet there it is. The reason why it kills bacteria is precisely the amount of sugar it has. Concentration is so hard that when enters in contact with a bacteria is sucks all the water killing it. The thing i would be careful is not putting it in a wound full of liquid wich could reduce saturation (mouth enviroment for example) or be careful of removing any dirt and stuff that could help bacteria hide away from the honey.

>> No.14514481

Remove your chest, put a piece of glass or transparent plastic there so that people can see your guts like in a gaming PC with a glass panel.

>> No.14515601

Sue the shit out of that company.
Friers should not just "explode".

>> No.14515615

go to the doctor so you can get documentation and then >>14515601

>> No.14515763

shitty picture but it doesn't look like it's gonna kill you or anything
it might be painful and annoying and the skin will peel off and shit
have fun

>> No.14516326

took me many years to get rid of my burn scars, 1-2 to get it to look "normal" and 8+ to make it disappear. it doesnt go away on its own though ive spent god knows how much money on various topical creams

>> No.14517114

oh, no
this means you're now gay
my condolences

>> No.14517118

kill yourself or stop watching so much fucking tv
I know which one you'll choose

>> No.14517191

36 raw eggs a day

>> No.14517329

>free healthcare
underage bait
any european with a job would know that healthcare isn't free its just a automatic tax cut to a pot in which everyone pays. Europe's system is only better because it limits profit unlike the US system which turns squeezes profit out of everything.

>> No.14517507

That’s how he could die of infection, if he’d take antibiotics without a prescription and without being followed by a doctor he could end with antibiotics resisten bacteria infection that could kill him

>> No.14518529

You are WRONG. Private contractor. I was quoted $1200, and it would only kick in after my yearly out of pocket medical payments passed $15,000. Insurance is a scam and I legit cant afford it. If I get sick and really need medical care I can quit all my jobs to lower myself into the bracket where I can get the Medicare for the poor but this will take a couple days to do. I just hope I don't get hit by a bus or something out of the blue.

>> No.14518609

Aloe is impressive. Idk the science. I’m just a mechanic but I burn myself a bunch.

>> No.14518619

HGH peptides

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