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What are the scientific consequences of earlier puberty in children? Is this a good thing or a bad thing, from an evolutionary standpoint?

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>What are the scientific consequences of earlier puberty in children?
Liberal elementary school teachers will give puberty blockers to kids behind their parents' back.

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like it isnt rare that girls as young as six have their periods. it is still unhealthy to have chidren before 16 because the birth canal isnt wide enough.

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Decreased height is the biggest effect, but mostly earlier menarche is linked to obesity, which obesity is both caused by and causes earlier menarche.

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I hit puberty at 9 and I'm 8 inches shorter than my brother
always thought it was to do with fluoride, rather than hitting puberty early

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>a demographic that experiences relatively earlier puberty is getting larger every year

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This is true, it's quite normal for blacks to experience puberty at the age of 6.

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Mercury poisoning.

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sounds like more groomer propaganda

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It’s time we consider lowering the age of consent

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Surprised that it straight went to groomer agenda, rather than the hyper processed stuff (food, plastics, care products, etc.) containing artificial hormonal analogues, being in a child's growth path, being the prime cause of early onset puberty. That's the physical cause. 90%

Talking of the agenda, yes it's there, but it's more of the coomer media and content super availability to kids that also have a impact on early manifestation of puberty (after all the brain controls the body). 10%

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>Puberty is Getting Younger Every Year
Obesity caused by high-carb western diet with too many refined sugars like HFCS, CS, fructoses, etc.

Obesity also caused by increased estrogens in water supplies from women taking birth control pills and 25% of the population on anti-depressants.

Obesity due to hormone disruptors such as plastics, from food containers, microplastics, off-gassing of plastics in household items and clothing, etc.

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It is well known that less food delays puberty and more food increases it. Also if you had less food as a kid you will be shorter as an adult.

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>decreased height
does that mean only in girls reaching early puberty or boys too? where I live at least so many zoomers soar over people, and im 5'10. it feels like these kids are all getting taller

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its probably not the same because your base values are different. Read somewhere estrogen causes women to get bigger tits but also closes growth plates faster. Thats how you get big titty midgets vs flat lanklets. I would assume even if estrogen works on men we simply dont reach threshhold since its naturally lower.

As for reasons - baby pill for example is high estrogen to kill period. They piss that out and it goes into water. Filtration doesnt filter homrones out so now your water comes with estrogen as a bonus. plastics have estrogen imitating softeners which seep into you trough skin.
The entire enviroment is tainted

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>im 5'10
kek manlet

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It is.

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>Filtration doesnt filter homrones
Does boiling?

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How about the experts prove that microplastics are harmful first instead of fear-mongering about it?

Probably stress or radio frequencies, I think. Not sure what american schools are like though.

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There are strong arguments against significant reductions in plastic manufacturing/consumption without even referring to microplastics, so microplastics are just one more argument on the pile.

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I don't understand what you mean

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>pedo propaganda thread

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I worked at target for almost 9 years, Iv'e seen tens of thousands of people
I've only seen 2 girls like what the article describes and they weren't fat.

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It's an increased risk factor for mental illness since it creates a gap between physical and mental development. Of course, the best way to negate this problem is to start eating healthy, but that's too much to ask for Burgerstanis.

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>young women... BAD!

You understand you're on the SCIENCE board?

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>As for reasons - baby pill for example is high estrogen to kill period. They piss that out and it goes into water. Filtration doesnt filter homrones out so now your water comes with estrogen as a bonus. plastics have estrogen imitating softeners which seep into you trough skin.
>The entire enviroment is tainted
it's getting much worse each year

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>>Filtration doesnt filter homrones
>Does boiling?
No, but repeated distillation does.

Noticed how it is harder to get distilled water lately since democrats took over? Is on purpose.

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More for me :)

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It's mercury poisoning from the vaccines, corn syrup and vegetable oil. Elementary schoolers ovulating isn't normal. But in my japanese animes it is.

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It is? They lied to me!

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Girls shouldn't be begging for cock until at least high school aged. And even that's early.

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puberty in girls is getting younger
puberty in boys is getting older
the water is turning the frogs trans

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Considering that women will hit the wall earlier, it's a bad thing.

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But you guys told me for years that estrogen in the water and our food was a dangerous antisemitic conspiracy theory and laughed at anyone warning about it

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That's not happening, but it's a good thing and you're bad if you think it's a bad thing or say that it's happening. Now shut up and enjoy your sexualized children.

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>pedophile op implies a pregnacy wont potentially kill a 6 year old and the fetus and could have evolutionairy gains with an added "or not", just to appear indifferent

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