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>The idiot physicists, unable to come up with any wonderful Greek words anymore, call
this type of polarization by the unfortunate name of ’color’, which has nothing to do
with color in the normal sense.
--Feynman, Richard (1985), QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter.

Can /sci/ do better in naming the charge of QCD?

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Here's the background: in QED, there is one charge, which we're all familiar with, the electric charge. Mathematically we can call the charge C, such that using + to denote its regular charge and - to denote its anticharge:
[eqn]C^+ + C^- = 0[/eqn]
In other words, a charge added to its corresponding anticharge yields 0 charge, or neutral. Compactly, we just call these charges [math]+[/math] and [math]-[/math]. Moving on to QCD, we have three charges which function in the following way:
[eqn] \begin{align}
C_1^+ + C_1^- &= 0 \\
C_2^+ + C_2^- &= 0 \\
C_3^+ + C_3^- &= 0 \\
C_1^+ + C_2^+ + C_3^+ &= 0 \\
C_1^- + C_2^- + C_3^- &= 0
Where the first three equations represent simple mesons, which follow the rules we expect: charge plus anticharge equals neutral. The last two equations represent baryons, with the first representing real baryons and the second being anti-baryons. Now three "positive" charges yield a neutral charge.

Feynman called these physicists idiots for calling it color. What say you, /sci/? Any better names?

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“color” is actually a great name. the fact that “white” and “anti-white” and “colorless” all mesh with this idea is very clever. Murray Gell-Mann was a very thoughtful guy

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tripolar dynamics

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also, what's [math]C_1^+ + C_1^+ + C_1^+[/math]?
does [math]C_1^+ + C_1^+ = C_1^-[/math]?

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