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The Quark-Gluon Plasma is nanoscopic black holes.
Change my mind.

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Why don't they decay rapidly due to HR?

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absolutely not. the quark-gluon plasma is something that folks at LHC and RHIC have made and can see things like “quenched jets” coming out from. the fact that they can see things that are coming from deep within proves they are not black holes, since black holes emit random hawking radiation that does not reveal internal structure. (or, alternatively, black holes emit information from inside but it is extremely “scrambled” and would not at all resemble the clear picture of things we see coming out of heavy ion collisions)

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those "quenched jets" are clear signals?
If a nano-black hole or pico-scale BH was 100x smaller than the characteristic jet signal interacting with it, then wouldn't that describe jet quenching?

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