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Why are protons so boring?
Neurons and electrons are mentioned a lot and are useful but last night I couldn't even remember the name of the proton.

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500 IQ question

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yo where the fuck do protons and electrons get their charge from? what does charge even mean anyway?

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The Noether current from the QED Lagrangian. Anything else you'd like to ask, faggot?

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charge is a fundamental property of the elementary particles. so electrons are elementary particles and they have charge intrinsically; protons are not fundamental and get their charge from their constituent quarks.

the fact that elementary particles can have electric charge is related to the fact that nature has a local SU(2)xU(1) gauge symmetry, and electric charge emerges as the noether charge of this local symmetry via noether‘s theorem

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where the fuck can i learn more about this. i have an ms in math but i literally only took high school physics

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i like this review, personally

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