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How did man become so smart compared to his monkey frens

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>compared to monkey

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Monkeys remain as agents of God.
We have devoured the firbidden fruit of sin.

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Evidence humans are smarter than monkeys?

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There aren't any structures in the brain that are completely unique to homo sapiens, none that we know of anyway. The main differences in human brain tissue is the larger size relative to the body, and the noncoding RNA expressed. Mammals have retrotransposons which are active in brain tissue, and humans have a different set of retrotransposons than monkeys, as these are very quickly evolving unstable genomic features, and they are likely dynamically changing during the lifetime of an individual. The molecular signatures don't show up as anatomy, but they change the character of the computation involved, if that computation is intracellular, which it pretty obviously is. This is where one should look for the source of the extraordinary cognitive abilities of humans. Stop posting frogs.

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Isn't man a monkey?

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