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/noot/- Nootropics and Supplements(for reading and writing)
Otherwise known as biohacking. Anything worthwhile here? I know natural herbs are more common outside of the us, where they'll prescribe a four year old meth because he likes cartoons more than homework.
I'm interested in the racetam family and certain mushrooms as well.

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There are a lot of noots, we're talking hundreds and those are just the ones that are popular and legal. I haven't found the meme NZT stack yet but I've tried a lot. I don't have ad copy on hand, but I can list off some benefits of my favorites.

Ashwaghanda(KSM 66)
>A herb in the class of nootropics known as adaptogens, these are effective in treating the symptoms of excess stress. Interestingly, they are also known to improve efficiency in excercise, increase libido and alertness.
>A mushroom that literally increases lung capacity, increases energy levels and makes oxygenation more efficient during excercise
Rhodiola Rosea
>Significant improvement in GAD symptoms was found with R. rosea, with a reduction in HARS scores similar to that found in clinical trials. These preliminary findings warrant further exploration of treatment with R. rosea in clinical samples.
> Chronic Rhodiola Rosea supplementation is able to reduce both lactate levels and parameters of skeletal muscle damage after an exhaustive exercise session. Moreover this supplementation seems to ameliorate fatty acid consumption. Taken together those observation confirm that Rhodiola Rosea may increase the adaptogen ability to physical exercise.

Some more that would be fun to google:
Racetams. My favourites are Phenylpiracetam, Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, and Pramiracetam. Special mention to Coluracetam for Schizophrenia and Fasoracetam for ADHD.

Lemon Balm for stress and sleep

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Ah, desoxyn... a REAL nootropic

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If more docs would prescribe this for patients with treatment resistant obesity our fatty crisis would be solved by year's end.

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