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what is it about physics that attracts small dicked racist white people? there's a reason minorities are filtered and its not iq

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I know this is a troll thread but physics is a jewish science, not a white science, and by saying it's anti-minority you are being anti-semitic

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do you actually believe this?

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I am not a troll, fuck off small-dicklet pseud nazi faggot

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All great physicists were either jewish or nazi

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Why the homophobia?

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Elon Musk is African

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I'm gay, so gay, so gay
for you

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>The entire fucking electromagnetism crew: Ampere, Faraday, Maxwell, Hertz, Thomson, Marconi, Volta
all were Christians in the age of secular humanists

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born and raised as a christian

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Cool story bro, where'd you hear it, your private Catholic high school? Dunno if you realized this or not, but they lied to you.

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>"if I dont Google this to verify then I never have to accept it's true!"

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You couldn't even tell me the first thing about what half those names did. Don't fucking preach about not googling or confirming anything.

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Relativity is bullshit.

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Rwnt free

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Just so we're clear, we went from:
>"they're not christians"
>"ok they're christians, but you dont know what they did"
I wonder what comes next after I tell you the christian physicist list is much larger, but those are the ones that I know off the top of my head because their work was a part of the curriculum for EVERYBODY that took a physics course after high school

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You probably shouldn't post images of pepe. Your God wouldn't appreciate that.

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>there's a reason minorities are filtered and its not iq
Intelligence and work ethic are the only reasons anyone gets filtered.

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>small dicked
Citation needed.
Everyone is racist.
>white people
High IQ on average.

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im guessing you didnt go to a good school?

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you just wasted bytes and air writing that

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If by "good" you mean assigns academic merit to people's skin color then I guess not.

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preach, we need Black algebra, nigga!

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My cup of bits and air spilleth over.

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you dont understand racism in my country

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What is it about OPs and always being faggots?

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In the past yes. But look at the roster for MIT and Caltech. Over 50% is Asian and Jews are winning far fewer awards.

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>attracts small dicked racist white people
You made a claim, you provide evidence. I'm saying you're full of shit.
t. Physicist.

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>Jews are winning far fewer awards.
That's because we started cracking down on their pedophile rings, I.E. Epstein, Lawrence Krauss; so they no longer have access to that leeched off white vigor they've been supplanting themselves with by pedophilic child brain-leech aided molestation child-fuck.

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do you know what a projection function does brainlet?

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More likely cause Hitler destroyed Vienna, the Jewish headquarters.

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because all those small dicked "white" people are actually jewish or Italian.
Jewish people are known to have smaller penises than asians. Likely due to the massive historical inbreeding they do.

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All jewish ideas are bull shit. Like debt, and the holocaust.

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>do you know what a projection function does brainlet?
*Do you know what a projection does, brainlet?
I even know how to grammar. Now gtfo, you're an embarrassment.

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>great physicists
>Elon Musk

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Only met a semi racist douche in physics. The rest were all chill. One might have been a closeted /pol/lite. Both were scummy and likely low graders though. They seem to be in it in part to project intellect through association but their real small mindedness comes through.

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Basically chads get all the women and they marry young and even if high IQ they dont have time anymore for science. Socially awkward small dicked social rejects do have time for science. Lemons->Lemonade.

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Physics did not start in late 19th century Germany.

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>there's a reason minorities are filtered and its not iq
yup, it's iq. there are plenty of asians in physics.

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Dunno but I'm a big dicked racist asshole.
7 inches reporting in. That's 17.5 cm for you eurofags.

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Minorities have smaller dicks than white people, blackcel.

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Berg is a European name that was adopted by Jews, retard. Same with Stein, witz, all of this names are European and were adopted by Jews.

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Like half of those guys I know because I am a mech eng major and have applied their analytical models to solve problems. Cope and cry more. You will never get your foreskin back.

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This is what your average plebbit fag thinks when he hears the word "scientist".

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I mean, school rosters aren't even representative of nobel laureates in general. It's possible to be good at school, but absolutely terrible at reasearch, and vice versa. Honestly, nobel laureates/high profile physicists as a proportion of population is a better indicator of ability than the number of graduates. The only group I would deem to be somewhat successful is the Japanese, but even they are underrepresented to a degree.

The most remarkable aspect about Jews in that they're an insignificant percentage of the population, not even 1% in some places.

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Examples pls

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I don't want it. My dick looks cute without it.

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Racists are just naturally better at everything they do. When you combine racism with whitness you get the cream of the crop.

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Because small dicked whites and Asians are one in the same

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Race fantasist go dilate

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>implying only Europeans use the INTERNATIONALLY agrees upon units of measurement
>implying 7 inches is big
Ah, maybe it is for murricans.

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>pajeet is bad at math
What else is new

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Please watch it with the anti-semism.

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Back to /pol/ with you, chud.

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back to r*ddit faggot

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>be racist
>steal minority research
>dont even know how it works but say its mine
>nobody believes me
>i feel good and thats all that matters
>im the best

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>minorities are filtered
This isn’t true though.

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